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Cows don't eat

A topic by Entropy0 created Jul 31, 2017 Views: 1,315 Replies: 14
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So as far as I understand it, to get fertilizer I need to collect the cow droppings after they eat the tall grass. Problem is: They jsut stand in the grass with an exclamation mark above their heads instead of eating it.
Picking them up and moving them or cutting the grass and letting it regrow doesn't change anything :/
I'm on v5.

When cows have an exclamation point over their head it means they are "full" milking them with a wooden bucket will make them slim and hungry again, although I wish that over time they slimmed down by them self after a while since not having enough milk storage  could halt seedlings since they now require fertilizer. 

Hey, uhhh, what do I do with the buckets of milk now? Should I just make a new bucket for every time I need to milk a cow? Sorry if this is obvious, I'm a noob

theres a building called milk storage that stores a good amount of milk, or you can directly feed it to residents.

Oh, thank you! I probably should've checked the buildings BEFORE asking a silly question like that

Can you give the milk to the Folk to drink?  That might help with the milk storage issue. 


Yes you can. I suggest checking the changelog before asking if something is possible.

Yes indeed you can. Doesn't make the milk go away though. Could this be a glitch?

Strange. The milk goes away when I feed the folk. Are you sure that the folk are in a hut?

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Maybe that's why. I'll try and see if it works.


It didn't work. :( I don't know what to do! The folk simply cries and doesn't accept the milk!

If they are crying then either you did not put them in a hut correctly or you found a bug.

No worries, it simply happened to be that it didn't ask for food.


I tried giving the milk to a person and they didn't like it.

They have to be placed in a Crude Hut.

some likes some dont. but they should be in a Hut too :)