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You can dig up mushrooms with a shovel.

I did something similar before by placing a folk on an item, such as a stone, then placing other folk on top by right-clicking on the stone.
A solution to fix this bug would be to prevent players/bots from placing folk on top of other objects (not including stone paths).

They have to be placed in a Crude Hut.

If they are crying then either you did not put them in a hut correctly or you found a bug.

Strange. The milk goes away when I feed the folk. Are you sure that the folk are in a hut?

Yes you can. I suggest checking the changelog before asking if something is possible.

You can either re-download the newest version or download the itch app to update it automatically.

Well we can sort of do that already using a while loop, but we will get more abilities in the update on Monday.

The next update is on Monday. From what I can tell, it will improve the script editor and fix some annoying bugs.

Or maybe a tractor? I definitely didn't change the game files and find buggy tractors or anything... *cough* *cough*

Autonauts community · Created a new topic New Animals

I was going to suggest new animals to be added to the game, but after messing with the save files I found that it was already part of the plan. Here is photo evidence.


So I might have just ruined the surprise of some later pre-pre-pre-release, but at the moment they aren't very interesting. Chicken apparently lay eggs, but the item is buggy and turns invisible when you pick it up. Otherwise, right now they act just like cows. And their models obviously aren't complete. This leads me to believe that they will be improved and actually added to the game or deleted from the game and forgotten forever.

You're supposed to right click blueprints in edit mode to delete them.

I think this game is more about production and advancement than combat. Maybe a better idea would be some way to make mods for the game, so other people can make stuff like this while Denki works on adding more to the game. It's a bit too early to start talking about multiplayer and hordes. After all, it's still in Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha 4.

I have some suggestions that I believe would be useful when making Workerbot code.

1. Selecting Segments of Code   Many times I want to copy, move or delete large segments of code, but in order to move or delete large segments of code, I need to move/delete each individual piece. And as far as I know, there is no way to copy code. I simply want to be able to click and drag to select multiple pieces of code that I can move somewhere else, copy, or delete.

2.  Repeat Loops - I often want a Workerbot to do something multiple times before going to do something else. The repeat loop would work like a while loop, but instead of a condition, it would have a number that you type in.

3.  If/Else Statements - I'm not sure exactly how this would be implemented, but I thought it would be nice if a Workerbot could check whether a storage was full, or what item it's holding.

4.  Functions - This one is actually unnecessary, but it would be nice to declare a function and call it from different parts of the code instead of making the code so large.

5.  Try/Catch Statements - This final one would be the most exciting and useful one of all. The Workerbot would try to run the code in the try section. Let's say it was meant to chop down trees. It would try to look for the nearest tree, go to it, and use held item. If there are no nearby trees, it can't get to the tree, or it's not holding an item, instead of the waiting/error symbol appearing over its head, it would interrupt the code and go straight to the catch section.

These are some of the more practical suggestions that I think of, and I really hope at least a few of these are added to the game. If you feel like the try statements are too much power to give someone, I would recommend making it something for only Advanced Workerbots that would be made out of metal. Either way, keep up the good work!

Thank you for your help, I found the folder.

When you use a rotated bench saw, the wood chip particles do not go in the direction of the output. They always go towards the right.

There is no 'Application Support' folder in there.

Are you sure? I looked there and the folder 'Denki' doesn't exist.

I would like to know where the game's data, such as the world save files, is stored. I know that on Windows it is at C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/LocalLow/Denki, but I don't know the Mac equivalent.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Stuck Folk Glitch

I put a folk in a hut, but then I decided I wanted to move it elsewhere. I realized I couldn't pick up the folk, so I tried deleting the hut. Deleting the hut did set the counter on the top-left back to 0, but I still cannot move him. Now he is lying hungry on the floor forever.