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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL... | Autonauts | #3

A topic by JayPlaysOfficial created Jul 31, 2017 Views: 506 Replies: 8
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i am soooo terrible at this awesome game! can anybody help me? Mr Developer, please can you help me? :'D also soon as i uploaded this video like 20 minutes ago, the next update popped up XD haha! 

Did you try pressing space? I know I have trouble with bots sometimes like this.

hey i did yes haha but i have no clue on the teaching stuff haha! i got some help off somebody which fingers cross it works :D

You have to teach them by showing them and doing it, The forever makes them do it endlessly (until you have to shake them up again) and the repeat you drag into the commands list to help simplify the instructions!

Hey thankyou for the advice! got a lot of learning to do :D

its all about having fun and learning day you know, youll be automating Farming Metals and then metal plate :) im also new and now starting to make some metal plates...

that is so true! i don't really wanna watch other videos to find out how to do stuff but at the same time be stuck in a constant loop haha! cannot wait to start building up a little, could do with some metal too! XD

i watched videos of other games but not this one since everything even the game is on progress :P

Goodluck to your channel :)

true true :D and thankyou so much! :D