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your most welcome! :D and you've done an amazing job! :D 

INSIDE THE KRUSTY KRAB!?!?! | 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab

this was an awesome game! very freaky but an awesome idea of a game! very well put together :D 

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a very very eerie game! 100% recommend to anyone but need to be able to handle this amount of creepiness XD really good job on creating this! :D

just played the first part of this game! and i love it! some of the things they say are hilarious! very well put together! cannot wait for more from this! awesome job!!

Hello Will...

This was an awesomely creepy game! gave me goosebumps! i hope this isn't real either XD but really good job on creating this!! keep up the great work :D

I HATE WALKING HOME ALONE! | Late Night Wanderer

this game was a joy to play! so many things that relate to real life! i was just dreading walking round corners! this was very well made! nice job! :D


This was very very creepy! well made and i wish i knew what the text said but nevermind! was a fun little game so great job on creating this!! :D

This game was weirdly awesome! had such an awesome time queing and talking about KFC and McDonalds XD not sure why haha but overall good job on creating this game!

i found this game very entertaining even tho i think i broke it at the end XD overall really good job on creating this! :D

your welcome!! :D

i hav literally just gotten into this and i have to say, its amazing so far! the visuals, the audio, that very creepy lady! not looking forward to the next ep :'D really good job on creating this! :D

Hey! you are most welcome!! :D i look forward to more from you :D

i enjoyed this game even though i found it difficult and also definitely did not get my brother out XD but was very fun! good job on creating this! :D

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this was a very spooky game! had me on edge all the way through!! :D really awesome job on making this! :D

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I am really glad you enjoyed! :D and i look forward to upcoming updates on this game! :D

i really like this game! it has a lot of potential and is also very hard! XD if this gets worked on a little more this will be a very awesome game to play! so far, i like it! good job on creating this! 


This was one freaky yet awesome game! the visuals were beautiful and the sounds we perfect, definitely kept me on edge throughout! really good job on creating this! 

Your welcome dude! and oh awesome! glad i could help! :D


i have not played a game like this yet! very well done! nice graphics, nice sounds, awesome gameplay! i loved it! good job Dan! :D

AAAAAH WHAT'S HAPPENING!!.. | The Tomatoes are OK

Dan is back with another crazy game!! i really enjoyed this game dude even tho i got soooo confused in where i was going haha! but that made it more fun for the game :D really good job on creating this dude! :D

Hey, you are most welcome! :D i am glad you enjoyed and i look forward to your future projects! :)

this game was so amazing! definitely something out of the ordinary! really good job on creating this game!!

thid game was very very creepy! you have done a real good job of creating this! :D

back in the snow looking for a way to get outta there! i am so confused but i love it! knowing my luck, i will be trapped there forever haha! awesome game no doubt about it!

the last video i post on here! this game is just immense, cannot wait for future updates on steam! really good job Mr dev! :D

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Sent you a mail :)

Replied to Marco in Easy Red comments

Your most welcome :D and you can message me via Email? or discord? :D

i really do love this game! it has so much potential and has had so much work put into this! lots of respect to the dev for how much work he has put into this! :D 

i am 

Cool! :D sounds pretty awesome! i think i will stick around this game! :D

This would be amazing to play on PC :D 

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this was a very fun short game! the visuals and audio really mixed and the monsters were freaky looking! good job on creating this! :D 

Replied to Marco in Easy Red comments

Hey! well i would like to say your doing an amazing job! keep up the outstanding work! i am very happy to hear you like the videos :D many more to come! :D

So happy that i downloaded the newer version! so much better and i'm really happy the way this game is turning out! :D good job Mr Dev! :D

i am glad you enjoyed the video! :D  and i am looking forward to the next one! :D sounds like you have a really good plan for this game which is awesome! and if i think of some ideas, i will let you know! :)

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Awesome! :D 

Replied to Marco in Easy Red comments

haha thankyou! :D and damn! feels like i'm living back in the stone age XD i will definitely update the game! :D thankyou! :)

I HAVE NO OBJECTIVES!... | Easy Red | Part 3

I had no objectives in this episode which was weird... but i didn't mind! still fun still awesome! :D

this game was always making me feel on edge like there was some big jumpscare building up, even though there wasn't, it kinda made the game even better! :D good job on creating this!

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man it felt so good to finish this! the whole feel of the game was really well put together!! :D

this game has a very strong eerie atmosphere to it and its amazingly creepy XD i am really dreading coming into contact with the monster :'D Really awesome job on creating this game!