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This may sound weird but i was quite scared to what they was gonna do to me, i thought they were gonna bash my head in and kill me at the end :'D very fun game, goo job on making this game! :D

I cannot believe that just happened to me.... terrible :(
But still fun tho :'D 

This game was ultimately terrifying!.... and i loved it! good job on creating this game!!

i really enjoyed this game! its really good how this can actually relate to real life! just... not good when people leave you :( anyways really good job on creating this game!

true true :D and thankyou so much! :D

that is so true! i don't really wanna watch other videos to find out how to do stuff but at the same time be stuck in a constant loop haha! cannot wait to start building up a little, could do with some metal too! XD

Hey thankyou for the advice! got a lot of learning to do :D

hey i did yes haha but i have no clue on the teaching stuff haha! i got some help off somebody which fingers cross it works :D

i am soooo terrible at this awesome game! can anybody help me? Mr Developer, please can you help me? :'D also soon as i uploaded this video like 20 minutes ago, the next update popped up XD haha! 

The second part to this game was more terrifying than the first! what a game this is! good job on this!

this is absolutely awesome! if there was more things added, would be even better but i know this is still very early :D this is actually better than raft!! good job on creating this game!

this game is soooo terrifying! this has to be one of the best games i have played so far!! well done on making this :D

i really enjoyed this short game! made me laugh! :D very good job on creating this! 

this game was super super fun to play, love the idea of painting and selling the masterpieces! Well done on creating this piece of art! :D

Thankyou for making such an awesome game! and yay! super helpful!

We have finally just got ourselves a worker! buttt.... i have no clue how to use them XD anyways this game is just getting so much better!

thanks man! appreciate it! and you absolutely nailed it my friend! :D

Created a new topic I LOVE THIS GAME!

so far, i have found nothing wrong with this game but i gotta say! i love it! this is so much different from alot of games i play and this really does make a change! very good job on creating this game! 

this game was awesome to play, i thought it was pretty damn hard but fun! very good job on creating this game! :D

this game is very unique! using sounds and ambiance created such an on edge experience! i would love to play more games like this! good job on creating this :D

loved it! amazing game! that thing was creepy as hell!! nearly made me sh#t myself haha! well done on making this!

this game was awesome! i loved it! grandma was very creepy haha! good job on creating this!

This game was really fun! :D the idea that the object changed was a pretty nifty idea XD good job on creating this!

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Love it, love it, love it! this was a very different game and the way it played out, it was really nice and smooth! good job on creating this game!

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This game is really fast! but amazing at the same time! too bad the transformers didn't stop by :'D but really good job on creating this game!

this demo was just amazing! loved it! :D really good job on creating this game!

oh this game! so funny but hard at the same time! good job on creating this though! 

this game was absolutely brilliant! love little games like this and i hope games are made like these more often! very good job on creating this!

this game was incredible! really different and actually really fun, i love the blue beam thing! that was awesome! well done on creating this game :D

Hey! i love the new update! the new map is really good and luckily, i had a better run on this video :'D Again, very good job on this!

Hey thanks for notifying me :D imma check it out now :D

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Hey not a problem :D and that's fine dude :) thankyou! :D

Created a new topic INCREDIBLE!

I absolutely loved this game! yeah i'm a loner on this but it was so much fun to play and there were so many different things to do on it! :D good job creating this game! 10/10

Hey no problem! :D that would be awesome thankyou and oh right haha! a second video might be necessary when the new update is released and thanks alot :D very much appreciated!

This game was awesome! pretty damn difficult but awesome! very nice job on creating this game! :D

very cool game! loved the challenge of defusing a bomb! but damn does it get trickier and trickier! well done on creating this masterpiece!

aaah! such a cool game to play, 10 seconds ain't alot of time to complete levels which is a fun challenging thing :D well done on creating this game!

very cool game! nearly fried my brain trying to think on this game haha! well done on creating this game!

Super glad i have just finished this game! after 4 whole episodes! the hard work paid off! haha, very cool game, was super happy to play this, good job on creating this!