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I've recently tried playing this game. I didn't read anything before downloading as my friend found it for me, and, as a game creator I know says, "assume the player doesn't read anything and is an idiot."

That being said, here are my problems:

  •  I didn't know how to find metal shards. That's the only part of the survival I had difficulty with and it seems to be an important one.
  • I felt like you had to get too close to items to hit them.
    • I understand that you want me to actually hit it, but I felt like I was jamming my face into them in order to hit them.
  • Not only that, but I was unable to climb the stairs in the houses I came across. 
  • My death when I tried swimming was surprising.
    • I feel like you should give it a green tinge to make it look toxic or actually let us swim.

It also took about a second for my character to turn when I moved my mouse, although that may have been me putting my graphics settings too high.

Can you add a function where they do it while a storage thing is above 5% full? I'm stockpiling too much stuff so i want to automate incineration but i still need some tree seeds. If you could let us set a number for how full or empty to stop on I would love you. Also if you could save code so it would be easy to make multiple bots do the same thing. Last thing, I promise. Could you make it so we can change the color of their antenna so we can differentiate our charger bot in a sea of dead bots. Is it apparent I like coding?

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Now how do i transfer a save file from the downloaded version to the itch downloaded version?

Edit: After actually downloading it and trying out it through the itch app, i see that it already intergrated my old save file

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I see crude scooter and crude wheels are a clue to more to come, so what are the plans for faster transportation, and what will be the case with deep sea water? I wish there was a faster way to get across a bay, as my village for the folk is going to be there.

Also, how do I update to the version 6? KatherineOfSky (who I learned this game from) said it didn't break her save file so i feel safe transferring it to version 6.

Edit: I've found the change log and i see that you've added bridges, and that makes me greatly happy. :D

It's good that it's been fixed, but my solution in the mean time was to double on the move to storage

The robot in question is holding planks at the output of the top crude bench saw.

As you can see from his coding panel, he's past the "Move to General Storage" but he's still standing there (The waiting symbol above his head is because the storage is full). I've tried redoing his code, and moving the storage boxes; which also made me redo his code. He was working fine before I realized he was making more planks than storing and fixed his code. All I added was going back to pick up more planks and then storing them.

For now to keep my guys going I'm going to ignore repeats and do the whole motion coded (Well, I'm not getting rid of the repeat that keeps him from doing it forever (Which I forgot to do in the picture)).