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I've recently tried playing this game. I didn't read anything before downloading as my friend found it for me, and, as a game creator I know says, "assume the player doesn't read anything and is an idiot."

That being said, here are my problems:

  •  I didn't know how to find metal shards. That's the only part of the survival I had difficulty with and it seems to be an important one.
  • I felt like you had to get too close to items to hit them.
    • I understand that you want me to actually hit it, but I felt like I was jamming my face into them in order to hit them.
  • Not only that, but I was unable to climb the stairs in the houses I came across. 
  • My death when I tried swimming was surprising.
    • I feel like you should give it a green tinge to make it look toxic or actually let us swim.

It also took about a second for my character to turn when I moved my mouse, although that may have been me putting my graphics settings too high.


Thank you for great critique ! There's patch coming soon I'll be fixing some of the things you mentioned :)