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Hahaa thank you very much!!! Glad you like it!

it means port forwarding your port, try following this guide

Hi! The multiplayer does work 100% the problem is in the windows security to be more specific the firewall. before hosting the room turn off your firewall and if the connection is still not working you need to port forward the port that you are using for the lobby.

Hi! you can play locally on one router or even if your friends live on the other side of the world, but to make the connection work you need to turn off your firewall and open the port that you used when creating the lobby

Hi thanks for playing! in  order to make the connection to lobby work you need to turn off your firewall and open the port that you used for the lobby

Thanks for playing!

Hi! I’m sorry it didn’t work try to turn of your firewall and open a port in your router that you will use when hosting a lobby.

Hi, the game is on the steam now you can check it out here:

Hi, what macOS version do you have? 


Hi, thanks for downloading Badlands! Just click "Options" button in the menu select "Player Setup" and setup your nickname there.

Hi, yes the 64bit versions are currently unstable they crashing for some reason during runtime, the 64bit version for mac is there only because the release of the new Catalina OS.

Hi do you mean during runtime? You can change the resolution in the game launcher :)

Greet game really enjoyed it !

Thank you for great critique ! There's patch coming soon I'll be fixing some of the things you mentioned :)

Hi, thank you for playing ! I'm sorry but the official server will be down for a couple of days because of technical difficulties but feel free to create your own ! Just simply choose "Create a server" in menu and play with your friends ! 

Hi, thanks for playing! Yes sure thing there is a new update coming with a few optimizations. And pc specs ? Well just don't play it on Intel HD graphics it'll lag as hell :D

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Thank you ! You can interact with objects by pressing "E"

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Hi, thanks ! Please just simply download WinRAR here


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Thanks, I'll try to solve it asap. I'll let you know soon...

Hi, thank you really much for your feedback, but I'm not quite sure what's your problem ".app" file types for MacOS should be something like ".exe" type for Windows so there shouldn't be any problem running it, you're sure you have downloaded right version for your os ?

Hi, i'm sorry but there are no offifical servers yet

OK, that's completely normal. The game'll become diffrent in future updates  ;)

Hey guys Badlands openbeta is now available for download! Be sure to check it out!!

Thank you appreciate it :)

Hi, there will be some official servers that you can join when the new 1.5 version comes out in a few days. Stay tuned ! :)

Dude, check the game description

Cars < Check out new badlands cars feature!

You can find it at game description :)

Thanks! There is a big update coming next week, I've been working over a month on it ;)