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Can you add a function where they do it while a storage thing is above 5% full? I'm stockpiling too much stuff so i want to automate incineration but i still need some tree seeds. If you could let us set a number for how full or empty to stop on I would love you. Also if you could save code so it would be easy to make multiple bots do the same thing. Last thing, I promise. Could you make it so we can change the color of their antenna so we can differentiate our charger bot in a sea of dead bots. Is it apparent I like coding?


Why not use the Code Blocks that are aviable and set the bots up to collect nuts untill the storage is full and when it is they collect them an incinerate them. That's how i do it, got 400 in Storage and all over this will be destroyed.

And to differentiate between Bots, just give them Hats, like Plumber-Heads for the Charging, they are Red and very obvious then.

love the hat idea.