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I see crude scooter and crude wheels are a clue to more to come, so what are the plans for faster transportation, and what will be the case with deep sea water? I wish there was a faster way to get across a bay, as my village for the folk is going to be there.

Also, how do I update to the version 6? KatherineOfSky (who I learned this game from) said it didn't break her save file so i feel safe transferring it to version 6.

Edit: I've found the change log and i see that you've added bridges, and that makes me greatly happy. :D


The best way is to use the official Itch app which will always keep you up to date (it's like Steam). Thanks

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Now how do i transfer a save file from the downloaded version to the itch downloaded version?

Edit: After actually downloading it and trying out it through the itch app, i see that it already intergrated my old save file


There is no need to, all versions use the same save directory.