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archers only? nice!

you can beat the game with any two units if you have some good strategy(not counting the Crow)

you can aggro the king with cavalry, which makes it stop respawning all the undead

clear cookies and reload

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Oh wow, Dragon's Breath lights trenches? That's cool!

how does this work? I get that you're supposed to click, hold, and shake to randomize the dice, but is there any downside to just clicking all of them after rolling

Wow, this was hard. Worth it though

on a completely unrelated thought, it's rather interesting to note the slight difference in filesizes between the different releases.

is there a particular reason why there are only 32-bit releases of the Linux release?


also jbox this is yay

Hey! This is a really good game. (a lot like ksp)

Release date?

Hello Denki, I realize that this has been asked before, but what is a general relase date for the next version? It doesn't have to be specific- within a month or so would do. There are many players of autonauts that would be thrilled to find out a general release date for the next version.

how do you install on linux?

I launched it from the official app.

I launched it from PS. does denki have a rooted chromebook with linux?

I have found a new problem where autonauts cannot run in xenial linux. It just crases, but the window pops up. maybe I just haven't installed something:)