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on a completely unrelated thought, it's rather interesting to note the slight difference in filesizes between the different releases.

is there a particular reason why there are only 32-bit releases of the Linux release?


also jbox this is yay

Hey! This is a really good game. (a lot like ksp)

Release date?

Hello Denki, I realize that this has been asked before, but what is a general relase date for the next version? It doesn't have to be specific- within a month or so would do. There are many players of autonauts that would be thrilled to find out a general release date for the next version.

how do you install on linux?

I launched it from the official app.

I launched it from PS. does denki have a rooted chromebook with linux?

I have found a new problem where autonauts cannot run in xenial linux. It just crases, but the window pops up. maybe I just haven't installed something:)