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I have an issue with a code I'm trying to build. They keep getting stuck after adding to the foundation because it can't add anymore if it is already full. The only way around this is for the foundation to be completed so it stops trying to add to it. The issue is if I have a work order that exceeds the number of bots I have deployed: i.e. if I try to build 10 bridges with 3 bots each for each type of resource, then those 3 will be stuck adding to different foundations while waiting for the others to bring the rest of the items (they never will cause they are stuck too). The only way around this is to either have more bots per resource deployed than foundations I want to build or find a way to reset the "Find nearest Foundation" part before it gets stuck on "Add to Foundation". Maybe in the next update we'll get to have conditionals or a skip command, but I'm pretty much stuck on this. Also, even if the "Find nearest Foundation" were to loop, I am pretty sure it would just go back to the same foundation and get stuck again. Why can't I make a bot to automatically program bots, that would make copying and pasting between bots so much easier.

Ok I've added the problem of multiple builder bots getting stuck onto our bug list. It shouldn't really be doing that. Hopefully when that's fixed it will solve your problem?