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Great concept! Though i did find the AI to be very poor and unrelable. The controls also felt a bit klunky, and a feature to bring more soldiers into battle would be nice along with being able to create defences for your bunker.

Ive gone into the room that requires the crystals and i am wondering if that is the end. also the other door by the unfinished bridge, can it be opened?

same here

hey! I found another fix, just install the launcher and it works fine, only problem is that ps4 controllers don’t seem to be supported.

same problem.

Downloaded it, now I have 3 files to choose from and im lost.

it seems that you have a broken download, atleast that's what most of these comments are saying. I downloaded the 64 bit file and it was a empty zipped folder. it had nothing in it, might want to fix this soon.

Thanks! I’ve played through it 3 times trying to find a different ending. That good be a cool addition for your next game though. Keep up the good work!

Amazing game and loved the story but this left me with a few questions.

first of the bat, is there multiple endings? the one I had gotten just didn't feel right.

and second, is there actually a story here? or is this something you just slapped together in your free time?

also I spent 40 min on the parkour lmao.

thats why we need COMMUNISM

you should add cosmetics that you can buy like a create your character screen for $5 and even more customization for $10


yes as much as we all love how its free donations are just not gonna cut it for funding in the long run stuff like unity costs money and if they game costs even as little as $2 it would help them a lot

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I'm currently working on a wiki, and before you all yell at me i know there is already one but i would be honoured if you checked it out (atleast the crude sawmill part is finished)


i have two questions first is it just one person working on the game or do have a whole crew? another one what is your main language and where are you based?


the game needs cats


so i have a question currently you can access a workers inventory from anywhere on the map, will that be changed or was it done intentionally?

Hey Denki!

in my opinion you should make the game cost $5 - $10 as much that i love that its free you would be able to accomplish so much more with actual funding. also multiplayer should be added but not at the moment wait until you are happy with its current state or you've hit writers block or have nothing else to do on the game. i would love to hear a response and thanks for reading