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Ok cool. Thanks for letting me know.

I was wondering how do you use the synthesizer? I know you press the "E" key to open the menu, but after selecting the base and then the augmentations under the cure menu, I press the synthesize button and nothing happens. How do you use this machine? Am I doing something wrong? How many items go in each slot? Is it only items like fruit and crystals, or can potions go in as well? Thanks for any answers. I can't wait for this game to be complete. I really like it.

Do you plan to add this to steam when it's finished? Could you please consider full controller support when the time is right? I can play mouse and keyboard games with no problem, but nothing feels better than a controller in hand. Also I hope this game blows up huge! I really love it and I hope that it comes to consoles like the switch and 3&2 ds. Really awesome game!