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they turn yellow cause its wheat

This game is awesome, and I can't wait to see what future updates will bring.  Just some ideas:

add wheelbarrow: can be used to carry a larger quantity of items. (crafting: like one wheel, four planks, and two poles)

add railroads and carts: can be used to automate the transport of materials

add maybe some way of using the Folk to help you, cause they need to get up and do some work instead of laying there all day :D

Extremely intense and action packed. When i saw the puffer fish by the balloons, i almost had a heart attack. The amazing puns kept me on my feet, and the sea band kept the mood. The drama and intense story never bore you, and the graphics are next-gen. Worthy of a triple A title. A must buy for any serious gamer.

Amazing game! Needs more recognition! Better than Battlefield