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The new UI looks great!  Looking forward to leveling up :D

Yeah being able to turn off blood would be great!

I don't know what other kinds of violence there would be to turn off, to a certain extent people getting shot and falling over are unavoidable in this kind of game

It would be nice to have a "no swearing" option eventually for people who want to play the game with their children

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Sounds good!


I had a scrapper ship offer to scrap one of my cards for $20, I couldn't remember whether there were any cards I wanted to get rid of so I said Yes to take a look at my deck, decided not to scrap any and clicked the X, and it left me at a blank screen.  I exited to the main menu and then clicked Continue and it went back into the game fine.


I like the change, reminds me of Overland

No Steam Marines 2?

No, but I assume it will be eventually

If I buy it on Itch would I need to buy it again to get a Steam key?