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Thank you.

What happened to the change logs you used to post with each update?

Replied to kendric in Autonauts FAQ

I know how to teach(program) my bots kendric. Thank you for trying to be helpful. But I think the language barrier is causing a misunderstanding.

In programming some code is known as 'Control Structures'. Things that allow us to do things like:

if x=0 then

     do this


     do that instead


I'm asking if there are plans to introduce Control Structures to the teachings of our autonaughts.

Posted in Autonauts FAQ

Are there plans to add control instruction sets to the bots? For instance 'do this X times' or 'do this until that' type of instructions?

Replied to Greuslich in Autonauts FAQ
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I agree with Greuslich15 . Screw worrying about multi player.  I'd much prefer the devs focus on game play. I mean come on folks. What the heck would a friend be able to do?

Besides, this is about building friends to play with us.... :)

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Keep working on it devs. Looks fun.

How do you play? I can see and get to the top 2 images on this page here but nothing I do changes anything. It's just the very top screen shot here during play. I can open menu's but that's it. WASD don't do anything despite the launcher saying that's how you move or whatever.

Can you explain whats supposed to be happening?

uhh... Hi, great game so far.... Actually I love these type of games. Reminds me of Gnomoria a lot. Oh and 'I want more!!!!!' lol Just kidding. Well, no I'm not kidding about wanting more. But I am kidding on the childish demand. Cannot wait to play.