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Why in Goods name does every body want multiplayer. I rather enjoy a solid single player game with lots of content then crapy laggy multiplayer thats short on all ends.
Seriously implementing a good functioning multiplayer in games isn't that easy. Its mostly a huge effort of time that could have been spent on so many other things that will do a game better then trying to please a handfull of gamers that cry for multiplayer.


I would be happy with lan multiplayer cause yea if there were 24/7 public servers i wouldnt like that but just for playing with friends trough hamachi i would want that

These are all very good points, but I think I'll have to agree with art on this one.


Same I'd like Lan Multiplayer/Private Hosting

yes, I agree

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I agree with Greuslich15 . Screw worrying about multi player.  I'd much prefer the devs focus on game play. I mean come on folks. What the heck would a friend be able to do?

Besides, this is about building friends to play with us.... :)