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Found it listed on Steam this morning.  Wishlisted and anxiously awaiting the release.

You're very welcome.  I think you have a little gem here and wish you all the best.

I sense we are getting closer to release.  I have been following your progress for years and I am really looking forward to playing the game.

I know that you still haven't announced the publisher yet but I was wondering if this publisher is one that would offer outside investment in Autonauts.  Is this something you can tell us?

Great.  I will be watching.  If it's an investable platform I just may get my checkbook out.  Good luck guys!

Cool guys.  Any funding news?  Have you figured out the best way for you to bring the game to market?

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I am Richard from Boston and Florida.  I am a game investor at Good Shepherd.  I have recently invested in "Transport Fever", "Crush Your Enemies", "Diluvion", "Milanoir" and "Where the Water Taste Like Wine".

I really like Autonauts a lot and was trying to get the developers to submit the game to Good Shepherd.  If accepted, I feel that Good Shepherd would be most helpful in getting this game produced and greatly successful in bringing this great game to market.

Whatever path the developers choose, I wish them great luck in this venture.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!  Best of luck in 2018 :)

Hi guys,

I did suggest Good Shepard to you a while back and I still feel that they would be most helpful in publishing your game.

I have mentioned Autonauts to Paul Hanraets and he thought it looked interesting.  Partnering with Good Shepard would allow you to work on the development of the game and not worry about the difficulty of financing it.  They have a great track record and lots of resources that would help you.

I hope you will reconsider submitting it.  Give it a shot.  What do you have to lose?

Best of luck guys,

Richard Andre

Game Investor

You are most welcome.  Please let me know how you make out.  I look forward to your success!

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I think this game has great potential.  I would like to recommend that you submit it to Good Shepherd.  They have the skills and resources to bring it to market.  I am an investor in Gambitious/Good Shepherd and have seen what they can do.  I feel they might just be the answer you are looking for.  I and other investors would be happy to invest in Autonauts through Good Shepherd.

Good luck,