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Right now we have only number (32KB) that tell nothing to new and younger players. Besides people prefer to see then read.

You could add lines to show how many blocks of code we can put inside. Lines bellow available space would be darker grey and if code reach that "dark space" that cause "out of memory". In that way player will see how much space for code they have and it will be easier to optimize code to fit available memory.

Replied to Denki in Autonauts FAQ

To be honest, animations right now are cute as they are. They fit perfectly to the game setting.

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Top side is visible from any direction so in my opinion the icon should be placed on top.

For games like that, infinite world is a problem because the bigger "visible" world, the bigger performance issue and developers can't predict how far players go. Other problem is traveling and transportation on big distances.

I think that better choice would be looped world like planets. In that way you don't have borders and still maintain fixed size of the playable area. Adding layers (underground, next planets) can expand playable area to enormous size and add different environments without worrying about smooth transitions between them.

Replied to tjmorrow in Autonauts FAQ

Search Youtube for gameplay. There is everything explained and it will be faster to understand.

May I have a suggestion?

Further in development please try to make GUI minimalistic as much as possible. Try to show crucial informations directly inside the game and avoid windows.

So far you're going in good direction like showing item on storage (it should be showed on top to be visible in any direction, not only when output is on south) but there is always field for improvements.

Build clay furnace, put 2 log to make charcoal. Put metal ore and charcoal into furnace to get metal. Build metal workbench. Put 2 metal into metal workbench to get metal plate.

Posted in Flooring bug?

I don't want to create new topic but I would like to ask.

 Why only few items need floors and others don't (and can't be built on floors)?

It shouldn't be like some items have to be placed on floors and other may be placed on floors?

Replied to OGambino in Autonauts FAQ

It won't work because Bot can hold one tool, but it's not full of it's capacity. So after taking wooden shovel, the first loop keep repeating because Bot can hold more but at the same time he can hold only one tool.

Delete first "repeat" and leave second one. In that way Bot will take shovel and start repeating second loop until shovel break.

Right now we can program bots only by showing them what to do. For easy tasks its's enough but for more complex tasks and with multiple bots it's quite troublesome.

My suggestion is to add list of favorite commands. Just put command from robot onto that list and then use it in another program. That way we could not only copy/paste programs from bot to bot but also modify them without needing of starting from beginning.

Second suggestion is to add ID for building nad show it in commands. Right now we can see in program "Go to Workbench" but we don't know to which one. We could have ID like "Go to Workbench #123" and also on building menu "Workbench #123".

P.S. BTW its great game even it this early state. My 4 year old nephew already learnt how to play and love it. Factorio is still too complicate for him but Autonauts is just perfect. Watching how he is playing, I thing that games like this can be future in programming education in elementary schools.