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the password is password

A member registered Aug 01, 2017

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also will there be any moving parts?

this is my dream game thank you.

possibly on the steam console.

i have been here since version 3 :D

plz help me tell me how to add it to raft  thx


uhhhh wat WAT WAT DIS?

look at my happy little band denki [:)]

how research?

downloading the new version :D

thx once I get to my computer I'll do dat

also im using file explorer

(1 edit)

im on win10 i cant find app data folder 

wut where is it

where is the saves folder?

cheat money? hum we will has money hummmmm?

dev could you make it modable i want more stuff also could you make it multi player thx

my metal factory :D

i made little hats for my charge bots :D

omg plz add that then we could get mods

i haz had da same problem thx