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also, if you could make it so touching a red doesn't immobilize you and ruin the flow, so when you hit the bottom of one it's game over, that would be great

you know the soundtrack is bad when i can only play with my headphones off

how do you get fertilizer

how do you get fertilizer?

make them more expensive to make because the shark gets irritating after a while

after like ten seconds of the loading screen hit escape then the go to the main menu then reload the save

your game is great, but it gets boring after 4 or 5 hours, so maybe new buildings like chests or sideways supports so you don't need to put pillars or something? otherwise, great game. i've told a bunch of my friends because i want it to grow, it has so much potential. sorry i couldn't donate, I don't have a paypal and i'm broke :/

Please make it so that a wall will protect a foundation from the shark so you dont have to worry about it, and maybe storage to keep stuff in, and more buildings/parts. this game has SO much potential and i really want to see it grow! you guys are doing a great job and have mad an awesome game.