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\o/  Hooray!

Thanks for the feedback. More programming commands are a big request and we plan on adding more some time after initial release. Changing the terrain will be available from first release. The Folk will play a much more important role and not just be a pain to look after. When you say have a bot return to its shelter do you mean to put itself into bot storage? At the moment bots lose their program when stored (this will be fixed in the first release) but even if it could do that you're then left with the problem of how it would come out again :) The first version that comes out will probably be PC only but a Mac/Linux version should follow shortly afterwards. We're hoping the price will be in the range you suggested.


With regards to storage of bots, it was just an idea that at least I know where they have gone once they have completed their assigned task so you don't have to look around the map.

Looking forward to the mac release. Let's hope we don't have too long to wait, in the meantime I'm very much enjoying the release as it stands. Many hours of playing already!