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Sega : We have the best game in the world

Re Logic : Oh Hell No!

Calamity mod makers : ._.

Thorium Mod Makers : Well i don't see a 100Ft Mechanical Worm.

Nintendo : Ok

(The mod makers are from terraria)

Sonic 2 : Well i'm out.

Before they play the game


Minecraft Pro : A new game? Let's try it out.

Terraria Noob : A new FREE Game?!

Terraria Pro : A new game, Let's play it. 

After they play

Minecraft Noob : *He never played the game*

Minecraft pro : *Rates 5 Stars*

Terraria Noob : It's an easy game :D

Terraria Pro : Where are all the challenges and bosses?

- What would You say? -

I did that several times.

It does not work, i cannot press "Start" After generating my world, and making my tribe.

I cannot start the game, sorry, i don't know how to fix this issue.

Yes, I hope the lag issue is fixed tho, i'll tell you more, I'll be right back!

(If i don't message you on this again, it means there is no lag or i am REALLY happy with the game)

Well because we always wait, we need something new, i'd like to see what the community would add!

I'd really like to see new challenges to this game, But where are all the mods?

If you say this game can't handle mods, your really wrong.

Many games can't handle Poorly made mods, if autonatus got the attention of a good game developer, i'm sure we might get mods soon!

We got a realism here!

Good for you, i play that way to!

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Beta Testers

Denki, don't be mad, but i have an idea.

Almost every game version should have beta testers right?

The version your working on, do you think you could grab a handful or a lot of players, and they could test the version of your game, give you bug reports and suggestions, it's up to you tho.

Not me.

After a little bit, i create loads of buildings but then the lag hits, and i'm on full performance, i think there might be a bug or something.

It really depends if OBS will record that game/ software!

Btw i do try to make videos soon, sometimes i don't get to it :)

Thanks :)

I have 0 subs so :| I'll try.

Yay! I'll get to it as soon as i can!

If it's OK, can i record me playing autonauts and make it a YouTube series?

*que the quack sound*

You know what... i have no idea what im doing so...

Can't help there...

Hey... Why is there? So much crap?

When i use GM there's.... only a couple things...

Just the game and...

The game maker file...

What happend, or did you use Drag And Drop?

It's... Not game maker 8.0 or 8.1 -.-

:| Is this using GAME MAKER or Drag and drop GAME MAKER?

Hey, how could i help?

Hey... I don't know if you know, but GM is something that does use actual coding lanquage, right?

That's for... "Advance".

Anyways, im doing the official tutorials on Godot.

So far godot seems more easy than i thought.

Npcs? Well i may not make one yet, i found out what a node is.(im such a noob)

umm, i thought it was just you denki.

Poor cows. Look what the player did to the poor cows :(

they slammed the poor cows.

I find voice tutorials much more easy as the show you what to do.

Ok. But do you know Any game development tool or website that starts of like scratch and then starts teaching you real codding?

I have no idea what scratch uses, but it's really easy!

And i know java script is also a codding language, C++ Is just C+ Upgraded!

And notepad++ Can be used for c++, right?

Anyways, yes i am young. not even a teen,(i only give these types of hints, if im a teen i would say i'm not an adult yet.)

Anwyays thanks!

i've used something like C++ i think, for something on it was a code monkey to make 2 or more robots talk to each other. it would go something like this

Bot 1 Say "How are you?"

Bot 2 When i receive message "How are you?" Say "Good thank you!"

Nither Just Started.

Im using game maker.

Thanks and bye :)!

Nice game and pls reply.


Autonauts community · Created a new topic Everyone wait!

Guys, wait for him/her to make the update!

We don't know if it's crashing or breaking!

Give him a break!

I don't care how long this takes, i'll still play! And i'll still wait for the next update!

I mean if you can wait 2 years for terrain to get an update then let these guys get years!

But i'm not even a teen so, i can't use monney. ._.

Wich is better for a begginer like me?

I like 2d games more then 3d games, is unity for 3d or 2d?

And does it come with simple tutorials?


thanks for telling me!

I do have GM.

And i found something called GMate 1.2!

It's really... not my launquage.

There's spanish?

But the basic stuff that i know is there so i can still do it.

I also use it to load engines.