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Replied to Waity5 in QNA

wait what? No ghost?

Mabye it's too big.

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they are both non final versions.

So uh yeah...

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do it now!

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And this one... : https://discord.gg/dshjR6c

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Oh here is the discord : https://discord.gg/VabD5rj

Look, i'm sorry i don't pay attention.

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go to here for the sprites or game STUFF! Or if you don't trust it, https://hunterrothman2.itch.io/swapped-sides-dev-copys.

Replied to Waity5 in QNA


A scratch version...

For a GM game?...

That's a bad..."Idea", But i'd give it a shot.

Maybe we can meet someone who WANTS to help with the game maker version...

Give me a minuet to make all of the sprites 1 pack.

Replied to Waity5 in QNA

Uh, a unused account yeah...

Replied to Waity5 in QNA

how is that....


Umm. Please add mouse support.

I don't like using the keyboard.

To hard ;n;


A 2D minecraft game?


Replied to Waity5 in QNA

are you willing to help the game's development? yes or no?

if you could make this on scratch i will send you all the sprites.

Replied to Waity5 in QNA

To become an admin on Swapped Sides, go to this link.


Replied to Waity5 in QNA

Get demo 2.

At least that game is complete.

it's most likely going to be in this summer, so yeah...

Ask when it's SUMMER!!!

Oh and to stay up to date on what im working on, visit my twiter page!


Created a new topic QNA
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Q Why is the game so poorly done?

A I just started.

Q Will this always be free?

A Maybe, It's to early to decided. For all i know it could be discontinued before something major.

Q What happens when you make and update?

A I re-write the game. Almost Nothing is the same.

Q Can i be a beta tester?

A If you have a demo version, you are.

Q Are you still working on the game?

A I might discontinue it due to the lack of help. It also may be canceled.

I care.


I see where the developer is heading.

But i can see "Some" Issues.

No, not with the game.

With WHO uses this.

I hope you have to get this by reaserching. 

Make it...More fun and re playable.


Posted in I'm back!

Created a new topic I'm back!

Hey denki, everyone else.(not much people know me)

I just wanted to say i'm back. :).

I also wanted to say denki, Great job.

I most likely won't master unity.

But i might master "GM 8.1"

Who else knows it?

I'm pretty bad right know, i know little coding.

So yea...

Have a good day denki.(or night if your reading this past 12:59 am.)

Posted in slight problem


do you have win war?

you have Cosmoteer to?

Posted in slight problem

you need scratch 2.0!

It's the offline version of scratch!

Read the install instructions.

C'mon man!

some people"like me"don't do that.

but i do something different.

i wait a week and then i check.

there is USUALLY something new.

Created a new topic Denki, Please Read This.

I'm sorry about one of my early post.

It was..."Discouraging". And it was..."Uninspiring"...

I'm really sorry, But.

There is one thing that you should know...

I can never make anything better then you.

My biggest post i regret is..."I'm losing hope".