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can't i just download the sprite pack from pictures?

sounds interesting, by any chance do you do tutorials?

I will watch them to figure out what i did wrong.

or do you not have sonic sprite packs in it?

don't worry, if it's not free it will be on igg-games to play it for free.

or some other idot will buy it and then give the ability to download it.


Dude... They are making the biggest update in game history...


I know for a fact this is gona be the BEST update in autonauts history ever!

This is neat of a game!

It's definitely better and an improvement.

this is the only sonic boss builder in the world.(literary)

The thing is i just started game making.

I have to use simple tools because i don't understand things like unity or the stuff yo guy's use.

do you think you could teach me?

i would like to help.

I have a question.

There is nothing to get autonauts a big start right?

I would like to make level packs for autonauts.

is this ok?


what did you use to make this?

i saw one of the pics.

Can you really make a sonic game?

Can you teach me how you made this?

It's amazing.

The controls are on spot.

The boss editor is good.

Sonic's AI is dumb.(He dose not dodge the lasers.)


So what i think what happend is they did not read the controls.

This can be used easy! 

So i think the problem is they can't see the weapons.

Try making a fullscreen mode.

Other then that 10/10!

Ok, The first time it was funny, but now whats going on?

I don't think it's running correctly or it is jut freezing. What is going on? 


I will explain it in a more fleshed out way one i try it.

This should make it easy for you.

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Ok.i understand.I have a few ideas if you don't mind.could you add multi player?or some sort of npc that is smart?and could you make certain gamemodes here is my list of it. 1 Sandbox Creative 2 Sandbox Survival 3 Normal Creative 4 Normal Survival 5 Hard Creative 6 Hard Survival 7 Easy Creative 8 Easy Survival Now Im naming what the Survival Will stand for in autonauts (it stands for you have to harvest stuff and enemys can kill you.also another plant for a new robot assignment.) Creative - (You can get anything even add your own "Creative" Stuff!Or use cheats to get items only avaible to devs!Sounds neat huh?) And the robot idea would be like the robot could defend.oh and if you can add wodden stuff for building.Pleas do.another idea is Automatic day and night cycle.And could you add enemiess and freindly npcs?That's my idea.For now at least.P.S. Great game man! ;).oh 1 more thing!a modding community would be nice.Thx.

Created a new topic Where is the update?

to be honest.it's been more than a month.I've been wating...No...We all have been wating!you said it would be "EARLY" next year!where you correct? i think no.early means like 1 - 5 days.so far that was fake.im still really wating.and i May forget about this game once the "Build your own game universe" comes out.and i don't want that.so pleas.At least.At LEAST.show trailers and yada yada ect!Ok?Pls and thank you.

Created a new topic Make a modding comunity

Can you add another update that adds mod support?Pleas?and a website were you can make your own mods!

Thanks a million!I just don't pay attention,THANKS!

others like me who don't have cash to get the beta tools are waiting.pleas hurry up a bit?i already complaiend at denki for the lack of updates,new content,and moding community.or to make mods in general.pleas hurry.

The lack of new content just,i don't know.i Don't get the point in playing a game that will be updated early next year.

The lack of updates.it's not what we expected.and i have a few words,lack updates = less downloads each day.

and the lack of a modding community as well,can't you just make it avalible to us to make Mods at least?that will keep the flow going.just add 1 more update.the "Modding update". 

umm hi?rember me?yea,when is the beta released to the public?like it dosen't cost anything.

pleas tell me.im getting bored of autonauts cuz of the lack of updates.

Posted in Autonauts FAQ

I want to make a game like this mabye if i could have permison,but i have NO idea how you code a game in any sort,so is it ok if i Could have a tutorial?and if i make it cost moneny i'll make half of it go to you.also i am new to unity so the game Might not be as well.but pleas can you tell me?

Created a new topic helpful

This is VERY helpful,the reason why is nothing is out there that allow you to make maps,persanoly i used this to make island the player spawns on!i love this!

i am sorry,i did not understand that you were beta testing,but i have a few helpful tips,you know igg-game?any good game the cost moneny will be on there.so look out to make sure it's not on there.And i will not make any more mean comments.ceya dev!

nvm i can't delet this post

i will delet this

Oh i tought you were...srry dev.i understand know.

Created a new topic make it all free

if your gona make monney of something like autonauts,really?you made a editor and all,but autonauts don't cost monney!evrything is free on that so should this!you understand why i am saying this right?just make the specail tools an update!

wow i am the first one to comment btw if you go on you funding problem topic i told you a sulotin!be careful to not let them know m k?

denki read what i said you will like it!

you know what will happen if you make this game cost monney right?igg.game whould make it free making it to where you don't get monney at all,so what i suggest you do is make another game that we don't know 'bout cost monney!that way you won't get ripped of by igg-games!

so do it stealthy and don't let the game you make with money to popular or els the same problem will happen,so just make a bunch of "Common" games that cost monney,don't let them know you creat it or els,you know what...Popylarity!i know pop is good sometimes but can be bad like the sims 4 is on igg-games!so just be careful and don't make any of your games"on your studio that everyone knows"cost mons!there is your solution to get your funds to keep developing without making it cost mons! your welcom!

- scintillate you fan/game lover P.S. best game ever!

Replied to wolf653 in research

anything els?

Created a new topic how did you make this game?

how did you create autonauts?if you can tell me the program,coding,ect i might be able to help you 2!btw i don't know codding..(Exept scratch coding)...

denki did you see my topic?iy's called what to add in 1.61 you might like it but it will be tough to do it all in 3 days!

or just go left or right a bit

well maby in the next update?after 1.61!it was a hope not a "you have to do it" thing OK?

Created a new topic What to add in 1.61

- multiplayer,not by force!

- more robots and more controls over the robots.

- a freind system.

- username creator system to find freinds or to go on multiplayer!

- more structers.

- more items to make.

- add humans that can work for you.

- add food patch!weed dose not grow in this only carrots!

- add new item carrot!

- add guard bot

- add humans who will attack you

- add swords

- add monsters

- add human guard

- add monster guard <Have to capture it,can do work for you to!>

- add music changeer,to change to the music you want,only background music,can't change the SFX!

- add a player search system.

- add gamemodes for serves

- pleas make mods

- give players the ability to make servers and host / run them with a save they have,can save but not as the same name like this (Server (#))

- add better homes and more stuff

that's all of my ideas!