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try to enlight the 4 torches around the village. (dont get catched by the "Black ghosts" because,they kick you out of the game, the white ones,they just respawn you back to start)... btw, the secrets are somewhere on the map..dont try to find it when the timer is running^^ try it,tell me if you missing something :)

maybe add the new wiki also to this site...^^

Hej Jupiter_Hadley!
Thx for (try) to play my game..there was an error in the scriptcode of the mouse@pointing@tile line,so after you clicked enything to fast, the script just freezes...my bad, i will try to fix it soon and hope you try then to beat this short little game.
*Btw, i will make a second one of the same but with just only 1color (on black background).

True, but CookieClicker is also not 1bit, but hej ^^ its a game.