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I bought it, play it, love it, want more!
*maybe a Sandbox mode,with a huge map,and one Goal like (breed 1000 Villagers and/or build a "Monument" [with 5000 Planks,rocks and Steel])
All in one, ive played tro the whole game ,finished it about 4hrs and 22min.

...and now, need to find out how to play an endless one with given maps/options/levels..

DeV! Keep it up! Thx for this awesome Game! there a way to "save" current game? bcs it takes to much time to  make the whole thing automated,then you need togo to work,and coming back,and you need to start a new game again :3
*Thats bit boring..may you can add a "save-game"? pls.

Can you make for the "last level" the "Ressources" infinity pls?
(Rocks cant respawn i know,but would be nice if they regrow after short amount of time..)
(Same for the Woods, may smaller woodgrounds,but with respawning/regrowing...)

*Or better (maybe), copy just the final level and make it "sandbox"-like. (Infinity ressources)


Thanks for the suggestions! I just started working on a new soko loco, and I'll definitely add an endless mode and much more in that one. Hope you'll be as excited for the new version as I am!

half a year and no soko loco 2 :c

it is almost done!