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Press esc on your keyboard and the menu will pop up

If you're playing on windows you should get a window before you start the game with quality settings and stuff. There's a tab right next to that that says input and there you can change all the key binds

It seems that bots are no longer able to deposit materials into storage, so far it seems to be effecting everything ( Don't have any cereal things so not sure about that) my forestry are quickly descending into madness because the bots (and the player) can't put anything into storage and they get stuck at the storage because they can't put anything into storage so they can;t complete their loop

If you need help with any part of the game Autonauts FAQ should have you answer and if not them just out your question up and someone should respond fairly quickly

My suggestion for limiting production is to just grossly over produce like say have them make something like 1000 poles let them go a little past and them turn off the bot that makes the poles until it dips below 1000

Lol my entire automation would fall apart if magic storage was taken away


I don't have the best computer but i can barely get a decent frame rate

Could just have one for each side, would make the chopping faster, I have about 3 choppers per production center

Here ya go

I really like the peaceful atmosphere, and with the amount of bots I think the game will already have it's issues with larger amount of bots 

Needs much optimization

I've tried this but it hasn't worked for me so far

That would be awesome the game is still very early in devlopment so who knows what they might add

Awesome, I always get lost in my industrial area because there are a bunch of basic bots (which looks a lot like the player) everywhere. You should make the folk be able to make you different clothes when you keep them happy. For instance say you keep them happy for a few days (in-game or other-wise) and they make a random piece of clothing for you that you have the option to wear

Not working for me,  just to be clear I place a fence blueprint and them walk on it which is working, but I cant't place more fence blueprints in the deeper water

For now is there any way to cross the ocean?

Yes if you have tools for them to grab you can program them to pick them up when theirs breaks here's the programming (sorry for the bad quality, I'm getting a new computer soon)

How do I cross the ocean and access the other islands. It looks like there are plenty of resources and am excited to be able to build resource centers all aross the map

Ok awesome much thanks I'm try to get to the other parts of the world and it's annoying to have to check in and replace tools everytime

Hey currently trying to make it so that my Lumberjack, tree spot diggers, and metal miners pick up tools after they're break but it doesn't seem to work to well could you tell me if I'm messing up in the programming or if thiis just not possible.

Love this game so much, so smooth, runs well and is so fun. Love the game play currently stack at 191/192 and am so excited to find the last one. Different birds that fly differently would be cool but I understand if you want to keep the game simple. Can we expect updates in the future or do you have other projects

Love this game so much. Helicopter flight is so fun and challenging. Please keep the updates coming