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I wish we could edit our character.

A topic by SkeleBones created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 246 Replies: 4
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I wish there was a way to change what out characters look like. Like change hair, coloring, clothing, and hat.


We're planning all sorts of things so keep a look out :)


Awesome, I always get lost in my industrial area because there are a bunch of basic bots (which looks a lot like the player) everywhere. You should make the folk be able to make you different clothes when you keep them happy. For instance say you keep them happy for a few days (in-game or other-wise) and they make a random piece of clothing for you that you have the option to wear

Nice ideas! I also was kinda wishing that we could get some customization in the game, because I wanted to have glasses mostly. But I now think that it would be cute if we could give the worker bots clothes to wear as well!


I'd be happy with color swatches to start just to distinguish job types.