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Build a bucket - equip it and left click in water.

I'd be happy with color swatches to start just to distinguish job types.

If you go to building mode (E) then go to Delete mode (PC - Del key) (Mac Function + Delete keys) you can click on a building to delete it. If you then leave delete mode (escape key) you can reselect the building as if creating a new one and place it where you want. The building will be replaced without having to construct it from materials. 

**Warning - This will screw up any scripts that use the building.

Sorry. Missed the "Library".  (Users/YourUserName/Library/Application  Support/unity.Denki.Autonauts)

The folder may be hidden by the system. Here is another way to get there...

In the OS X Finder click on "Go/Go To Folder..." in the menubar (Command Shift G shortcut)

Type in ~/Library (Tilda forward slash Library)  - Then click the "Go" button.

From there Go to Application Support / unity.Denki.Autonauts

Users/YourUserName/Application  Support/unity.Denki.Autonauts

I'm looking forward to the scripting options growing. Conditional Branching, Repeat Until, Repeat While, etc.

Already have a doodle pad with ideas for scripts :^)

It would be nice to be able to save worker scripts in a library and then have the ability to apply them to a new/different worker.