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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Set work area

A topic by oscarlederp created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 1,073 Replies: 7
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Will it be possible in future to designate the work area for the bots?

I seem to run into an issue where if they stray too far from the tree soil for example they will not chop all the trees as some will be outside the radius. 

If i could set a custom work zone i could highlight the hole tree area meaning the command "find nearest tree" they will look for trees in that area stopping them just wandering off and then stopping working. There are other examples of how this would be useful but the tree example explains it well enough me thinks  :)

This could be handy for feeding folk!


Yep we'll be adding a method of setting the work area. Not sure when but it will happen.

Ah sweet will make managing the bots so much easier

i cant wait :)


Would there be a way to show the circle range of the bot as we train them so we can move them to totally include the work area, like all of the forest ?

Could just have one for each side, would make the chopping faster, I have about 3 choppers per production center

Well, that would work but you'd need more that 3 bots picking up the logs. with 4 bots in tree production. one chopping down trees, one picking them up one gathering tree seeds and the last one planting the seeds from the tray. there are more trees than just the one bot to keep up. oh and one bot to shake them awake.