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Stavros Skamagkis

A member registered Jul 07, 2015 · View creator page →


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The graphics on this are amazing.

For some reason the primary controls don't work. E.g. arrow keys and left ctrl for attack. Only the secondary controls work, AWSD and left mouse button for attack. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.

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Hi, what are the controls for the online build? I'm unable to find the attack key. Pressing right Alt popups the browser's settings menu and then attacks, but I'm unable to play like this.

Hi, a few in-game screenshots or a gameplay gif would be nice to better see how the game looks like, thanks.

Hi, I like Dig Down but what's the objective of the game?

Great, thanks!

Looks great! I love the low-res Spectrum graphics.

I always use SDL for my C++ games. You can add it to the list if you want.

To the moderators: Can you please make this topic Sticky so that people can find a comprehensive list of game development tools?

This is great help, thanks a lot!

I would like to know how the playe's sprite moves and how it collides with the existing blocks with the board, thanks a lot!

Hi, any chance you could publish the game's source code? I want to make a game in PuzzleScript and it would be great help.

Love this game! Some screenshots on the game's itch.io page would be awesome.

Good news, I deleted my browsing data and it worked! Thanks a lot! :D

Yes, exactly. It is showing a half black and half white screen. Too bad cause I wanted to play the game :(

Then I did good that I bought the game from here because I wanted the grayscale version so badly :)

Hi, does the Steam version of the game contain seperate editions for Color and Grayscale modes? Thanks

The game doesn't load at all :( I'm using Chrome.

Nice relaxing game for a five minute break from the problems of life.

Great game, reminds me of the old Game & Watch LCD games! And thanks for making it free!

Solid soccer game. Are you planning to add a downloadable version for Windows?

Thank you, I'll definitely add some content and some music later. I'm glad you liked it though, even with it's apparent flaws.

Nice game, I like it. Hope you continue working on it.

This reminds me of Blobby Volley.

Hi, is the game playable with only one player, against AI?

Hi, my name is Stavros. I started programming at age 16 when I made a luck game with PowePro's scripting language.

Later on CS university where I learned to code in C and C++ I made another 2 games which I plan to release soon, a Word Guessing game for 2 players and a mastermind clone with time limits and scoring system. 

Then I made an automated media importer for the home theater software MeediOS. Here is the link to the plugin's forum thread. I was making this for nearly 3 years and it was my only project that was used by many people and received sufficient feedback. Unfortunately MeediOS is dead now so I stopped developing it.

Later, after playing a ton of mods for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion I decided to make my own mods for Fallout 3. They are Unmarked Quest Objectives: Treatment and Unmarked Quest Objectives: A Nice Day for a Right Wedding. They both add quest objectives and map markers to the game's unmarked quests.

Lately I made another two games, a small 3-minute long game made with Bitsy which I published to itch.io and a tetramino puzzle game with powerups and spells (named Magic Bricks) which I plan to publish soon after some finishing touches. The first took me about 1 hour and the second took me about 1 month to make.

Here is my itch.io page if you are interested.


The graphics of this look amazing and thanks for making it free :)

Which edition of Construct 2 did you use? The Free Edition or the Personal Edition? I need to know if I can publish my games to itch.io with the free edition. Thanks.

Looks very nice. Can't wait to try it out!

Glad that you are frequently working on it. I'm so fed up with abandoned projects...

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Looks awesome, can't wait to try it!

Very fun game. After a while it gets kinda difficult to get all the eggs.

Thanks for the advice, I have only made 2 games, one big which I haven't yet released and one small which I have released.

I don't want to get famous or anything but I want to make more games so I can become more capable at programming and get hired by a game development company maybe. And if I can make some people have fun with my games in the process, the better.

The thing is, with millions of video games available these days and with no marketing budget, it's kinda hard to get attention to your games.

Thanks for playing :)

My only published game has really crappy graphics and takes about two minutes to finish. Try that one for bad.

I just have a feeling that even if I manage to make the most awesome and complex game ever, almost no one is going to give it a try, so why even bother?

Thank you :)

I enjoyed the scenery though it was over quicker than I expected. The music was pretty catchy too. 4/5 from me.

Hi, how long will it take me to finish the game?

Hi, I made a small game and submitted it to Finally Finish Something 2018 game jam. In the upper right part of the game's jam page I can see that 7 people have rated it. But I can't find anywhere the actual ratings. How can I see my game's rating in a jam? Thanks in advance.

I was hoping to make an ending but unfortunately Bitsy doesn't allow what I wanted to do.