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Stavros Skamagkis

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I agree, the 2nd enemy is very hard to defeat, even while your action is not determined by luck but by your reflexes and timing to choose the best action on time.

It was, it's a top quality game and it deserved it.

Amazing work, I love it, well done!

Sure, it would be very nice to see it polished and published at some point.

As for how I found it, I received an e-mail from with your reply, that's how I remembered it after so much time :~)

You are welcome, you reminded me to play it again :~)

As for converting it to a Windows executable, it's easy enough with a specialized tool, just use this guide:

...and why not put your game up for purchasing at some point since it's truly of decent quality :~)

Hi, are you planning to make this download available again at some point?

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see what I can do :~)

Hey, long time no see, right? :~)

Sorry about that but I got caught up with other matters and didn't really have much time to play games.

So I took another spin at it and it turns out you are correct, it was just that I was clicking on the power-up more than 1 time and that's why my game was ending so quickly.

However, I think the game is very hard from very early on, and that you should make it a little easier for the player to reach a few power-ups early on before speeding up the point losing rate.

Cheers, Stavros. 

Awesome, thanks for making it free!

Hello there!

Pretty cool game you have here but... whenever I click on a power-up

on the upper-right corner of the screen as per your suggestion

in the Intro screen, the game ends. Why is that?

(Oh, and the shortcut keys A,D,F,G don't work either).

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Regards, Stavros.

Many Thanks for the assets,  I hope that they will prove helpful for my Game Dev projects!

Regards, Stavros.

Hi, your game looks really interesting but would it be possible to offer a Demo for download so we could try the game before we buy it? Thanks in advance.

Regards, Stavros.

Hi, this app seemed to be very useful for Game Developers to check on their games while on the go.

Why did you discontinue this?

The opposites are attracted lol! :D (Very cool game btw).

Hi, what platforms does the download work for?

Hi, a description of the game and a few more screenshots would be great, thanks.

Great, thanks!

Hi, a few screenshots please? Thanks.

They 'd better be ;) You have great talent, and it's only your first game!

Amazing!!! Added to my playlist. Looking forward to more games from you :)

Really cool idea! Added to my playlist.

Thank you, nice little game you have here. I love the graphics and the music will make it even better!

Hi, since you recommend to us to listen to the "Take Me Far Away" song while we play your game, wouldn't it be cool to contain it in your game? What do you think?

Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Awesome game but could you please add a few screenshots to the page?

Great game, here's hoping for a Windows version sometime. :~)

Great, thanks so much :)

Hi, could you please make the game claimable?

Thanks for the clarifications, I was lucky and got all editions for free during yesterday's giveaway!

Hi, I would like to know: What are the differences of this PC edition versus the Ultimate edition and the new "Watch Out" edition?

Thanks, Stavros.


What platform is the download for? Windows?