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Stavros Skamagkis

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Thank you, nice little game you have here. I love the graphics and the music will make it even better!

Hi, since you recommend to us to listen to the "Take Me Far Away" song while we play your game, wouldn't it be cool to contain it in your game? What do you think?

For anyone interested in this, there is a collection of Bitsy hacks on GitHub that contain a hack to exit to another room from dialog and a hack to trigger an ending from dialog. Here it is.

Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Awesome game but could you please add a few screenshots to the page?

Great, thanks for this!

Great game, here's hoping for a Windows version sometime. :~)

Great, thanks so much :)

Hi, could you please make the game claimable?

Thanks for the clarifications, I was lucky and got all editions for free during yesterday's giveaway!

Hi, I would like to know: What are the differences of this PC edition versus the Ultimate edition and the new "Watch Out" edition?

Thanks, Stavros.

Why is the demo version larger than the full version?

Great game, here is hoping for a Windows and Android version...


What platform is the download for? Windows?


I'm surely buying this game when it comes out. Hopefully it won't take very long to come out.

This game is amazing, thanks for making it!

Hi, the web version runs a bit slow on my machine. Would you like to make a downloable version for Windows please?

Oh ok then... I'm just glad I found it by clicking on your name 'cause I don't believe I could have found it otherwise...

...but why Transmission: Lost doesn't show up on your creator's page?

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1000 likes from me.

This game is fantastic.

Okay, as you wish. Thanks for answering so quickly. :)

Hi, thanks for making the game free. Could you please make it claimable?

Man, this game is so much better than Space Invaders, I love it. I also hope you will make an horizontal scrolling shooter game someday.

Very cool. Is this a redesign of Juneb?

Very neat idea indeed.

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Thank you very much, would you like to add the demo link to your game's page?

So dreamy and atmospheric. I love it. 5/5.

Hi, could you kindly add a playable demo please?

Thanks, looking forward to your next TMNT game :D (I 'd wish haha)

Well I just played this for the first time and I gotta say it's fantastic. Way better than the official NES game I played when I was a kid. My only complains would be that it doesn't save between levels and also that I would like the jump to be a little higher because I need very good precision to jump between platforms.

What's your current focus project?

What can I say... All your games look fantastic and their gameplay is very innovative.

At first I was like "geez, this is too easy". But then the difficulty escalated quickly. Great game and very relaxing.

Well all the game modes are extremely difficult for me. For starters, the classic trip mode requires very precise movements to avoid the electric sparks. The "balloon right" mode adds to this difficulty tenfold by making the movement really confusing. The "Electric Avenue" mode eats up my energy way too fast and I lose within 10 seconds no matter what I do. And in the "Balloon Light" mode everything is so dark and I can't see anything lol. I really hope that you make at least some game modes a bit easier because I really like this game and I think it's very ambitious!

Hi, in the Unity web version of the game, my player character jumps when I shoot. Why is that?

Hi, i really liked the game and I have a few suggestions if you don't mid. Firstly you might want to remove the *.pdb files as they make the package unecesarily big. Second, it would be nice to add a few lower resolutions like 800x600 or 1024x768. And last but not least, it would be beneficial for users of your game to add a short description of the game to the page. Thanks for your work.

Can't wait to try this game also. I hope you release a demo soon.