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Try out the Android app

Introducing the Developer Dashboard.

In collaboration with @gotosleep, now has an Android app for game developers. You can get a quick overview of your game’s stats along with a feed of the official blog!

Download below:

itch droid

The app is completely opensource and you can find it on GitHub:

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if anyone wants to download this app go to your mobile phone and go to chrome and search:

Its not discontinued its still out there. this is an actual app link, i'm not a bot seriously just click it and download the app


Would you guys make an app store for ? It would make browsing thru content much faster and easier to access.

Not found.

It just took me to a try again page

Do you plan on continuing the app?

This app could not be found.

Is it possible to make this an app again? I currently don't have any way to play and download games all because I have a different device. Could this please be a thing again? :D 


Hey, this app never was a way to play games. It was only a dashboard for developers. It’s not clear if we’ll ever make an Android app for playing games. You can already use the website to find and download games that have APK files to install them to your android device.


Hey guys, would be awesome to see this a thing again :D

Same. Is there any explanation?


Hi, this app seemed to be very useful for Game Developers to check on their games while on the go.

Why did you discontinue this?