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General Art + Fan Content Thread Sticky

A topic by Minoh Workshop created Feb 14, 2020 Views: 17,591 Replies: 159
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Developer (1 edit) (+10)

===Before you proceed, we reiterate that Minotaur Hotel is an 18+ game. This thread in particular has explicit adult content, including but not limited to male nudity and sex. If you are below the age of consent, easily offended by these subjects or in a public space where people can see what you're browsing, please leave this page.===

Ever since we started Minotaur Hotel nanoff made a number of promotional pics and drawings of Asterion which aren't in the game. We also received lovely pieces of fan art. It isn't much, but I wouldn't want those to be forgotten or to become hard to find amidst our Twitter profile.

So we are making this thread. Anyone is free to post MinoHotel fanart, safe for work or otherwise. I do request that you give attribution to the author of the drawing whenever possible, alongside with a link to their online profile.

===Fan art===

By meestline, one of our editors.

By @CobaltCerberus

===Let's Plays===

===Nanoff's Twitter Drawings===

Instead of posting them all in this thread I will link back to Twitter, so this whole thing isn't too long.


Yes, you can shitpost here too.

"Please don't turn me into bread" by @NerusVN

Again, feel free to post your memes and fan content, if you have any. Minotaur Hotel is under a 4.0 Attribution Creative Commons License -- that is, you can make derivative content, it's all good.

For now I won't impose additional rules on what or can't be posted here -- this is subject to change as we go along.

Have fun!


Small promotional pic I did for build 0.2.5's release featuring Asterion trying to use a phone.


Source: @CobaltCerberus

Also, an abomination by @NerusVN.


By SystemicGaze AKA 1earth - Looking forward to your next update <3


Source: Edogasteru

Source: IJustANikk


I finished one of it, here it is!





by @SystemicGaze


This is awesome. I love the feeling it has and the night sky






Sad bonkers


sleeping Asterion WIP(probably as far as I'll get)

I ran out of steam pretty fast with this, just wanted to depict him peacefully asleep unlike the poor fits he has in his sleep >.<


Peacock and friend yes. already.


Another WIP of Asterion feeling those little humming birds egging him on, maybe he just needs a little push~?

Not sure how I'm gonna draw MC yet though. Trying to be as vague/ych as possible to allow imagination to fill in the gaps lol


Drew a couple of images recently









Just our moo in a swimsuit


Courtesy of Gemah Lupus-Ratus.



Poor Moo, his face says it all... LOL

(1 edit) (+2)

i know right? Greta's questions made me feel irritated and uncomfortanle, even if i tried to get over it repeatedly. At least she was helpful.


Shitpost, hope this is allowed.




It do be allowed.


... and then I died of the cute. I hope you're happy now.


This is as cute as it can get!🐂

(1 edit) (+7)

A friend of ours made this, so we decided to post it here.


It's funny, even if it gjves me a slight headache.😉


Cherish the moo. Protecc the moo.

Forfeit all mortal possessions to the moo

Sketch of Greta at full power i did as a shitpost a couple days ago

What does it say? 


"Where are you going, child? I'm not done with you yet."

which language is it?




I mean Greta always looked a bit off to say the least. But this just takes it to a whole new level! It's like Greta's Basics!😂

Ngl, I always imagined the Jaws theme playing when Greta comes in in the lounge scene

I imagined the theme of The Exorcist, or Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Uptown or Downtown themes (with the zombie sounds) 


An Echo/Minotaur Hotel crossover:

(1 edit) (+11)

What's this? Looks like someone has prepared a holiday surprise for you! Too bad you can't open until Christmas...

Art by our beloved artist Nanoff, commissioned by yours truly.


Seeing a happy moo fills you with...determination.

It's an awesome look!


Right?! RIGHT?! I was gonna ask to have him with a more embarrassed look, but when Nanoff showed the sketch with this face I M-E-L-T-E-D.


Here's the full picture. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!
Even if you're on fucking lockdown, try to make the most of it anyway and have an enjoyable evening.


Just realized this hasn't been posted anywhere, so uhhh... have a 1 month late chocolate-flavored Christmas Asterion.

Developer (2 edits) (+3)

Based and, dare I say it?, moopilled.


I wrote a explicit  MinoHotel fanfic! A holiday special based off my comm from Nanoff. 

Also have this meme from a recent convo I had. 


You had me at Asterion dressed as Santa handing out gifts to the guests


Very wholesome, romantic and spicy in all the right ways. Really good stuff, and thank you!


It was such a good read. Nice work with the story, I was hooked from the get go. Seeing the bull so happy...glorious

Pretty late replying it was a great story the characters felt accurate and the scene with Little Star had me squealing like a girl the picture playing a big part in that. Also,, is this story in friggin' 2nd person! To think the first story I'd read in that perspective is something like this, what a world, a glorious world.


Another crossover fanfic:


Yup, it's another fanfic; shorter, this time. I'm experimenting with a few things, but I hope you'll like it anyway.

This one features this art by Nojulo. They are kinda new, so make sure to check them out as well.


It's 4pm, time to shitpost


I FELT THIS seriously I feel like I failed him 😭


Shitpost aside, I think obsessing over the ranking like this is a bad idea...

The purpose of the ranking was that we wanted to know what the average affection value for all players is around the end of each build, so we can plan the content for the next build better (if the average value is 6, with the max being 8, then we know that 7 is a good threshold to give a reward for players that are being extra nice to asterion without excluding people that didn't minmax to get the best outcome).

We were going to have the game print out a number that you put into the poll, but we figured the ranking was more fun.

However, seeing how people obsess over it and want guides to get the best possible ranking and feel like they fucked up if they didn't get the maximum, even if they still got a really good score, gives me conflicting feelings. The idea I had for MinoH is that there is no best route, no optimal way of doing things  (eg. even if you trick Argos at the end of 0.3, which is arguably the best solution to that puzzle, you still have Asterion become unavailable for R&D as a trade-off, and tricking Argos will impact an important choice in 0.5). If there's an objectively best outcome, then players are going to stop making the choices that feel right to them, and instead going with whatever gets them the best result. I feel like the ranking ends up doing this, so I considered taking it away, or at least not making such a spectacle out of it at the end of a build.

But... people really like the feature, and I don't want to punish people for being invested in the story (which conflicting feelings aside really warms my heart), so I feel like taking it away is not the solution. Maybe, we should introduce a trade-off to not make maxing the ranking the optimal, objectively best way to play the game.

So, in 0.5 getting the maximum ranking will require spending in-game days with Asterion that could be otherwise spent on other side quests. This way, going for that maximum rank means you're avoiding optional content such as getting extra guests and improving your staff's stats and getting R&D and exploration rewards.

I hope this takes pressure away from getting the max ranking and instead makes it an incentive for going in blind, making the decisions you think are meaningful, and makes getting the maximum rating a fun goal for a subsequent playthrough.

I know this is in response to a shitpost but it did make me get a big thonk, so thank you guys for posting.


Just a cute trace of the in-game sprite. Hope I did him justice. :3



this is fucking cute 

very cute asterius


POV: You are having one of those weird dreams where Asterion just won't put a shirt on and is teasing you constantly.
(Posting like this in case the digital version doesn't pan out lol)


And... Done! Chocolate and Vanilla flavors also available by clicking the image.


Here's some fanart of the big moo going about to clean the hotel~

D'aww The little string tied to his tail is a very cute detail!


More fanfiction? Yes. 

Be warned: this is kinkier than usual.

(these links are for the same story, just pick your poison)


What about.... fanfiction you can play?

Get Anír Soma here on!


recently commissioned a friend to paint the scene from Hades described early on in the game. I think he captured it perfectly :)

Original can be found here-->

Gorgeous, and breath taking. Kudos to the artist. 


A fanfic I wrote:


Don't know if it counts as fanart if you're the main artist, but why not.


A pin up by our friend GigaSaddle, developer of Pervader!


Gorgeous and breath-taking.

Hmm, I was thinking, would be necessary create a new tread for memes, or may post here?

Memes go here as well. As long as they are moo-pilled


I created a new thread for memes just now. The forum is getting so lively that I'd say it justifies it, plus I like seeing the funny things people come up with.




Plush Asterion

Cute little moo

Alone on a friday night?

Pink moo

Not exactly a fan art, but I tried to recreate Asterion in HeroForge


He looks cute, love it! 


by alpha0, commissioned by RodrigoJacoboS



recently finished build 5. lovin this boy <3
"why does he look at me like that?"

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Handsome and expressive. Thank you very much for this piece! If you post it on Twitter please do tell us so we can share and retweet it for others!


thanks! no promises, but hopefully i will continue this into a finished piece.
yeah i did post it on twitter. here's the link.

goodness this vn is heartful! i'm touched by the chemistry the mc and asty developed!
hopefully it won't be long till build 0.6! (but of course i'm not pressuring the team. take as much time as needed~)


This scene near the end of the 0.5 version impressed me greatly, so I wanted to recreate it - what a better place to do it in then a game like Planet Zoo, which has some great world-building tools! Also, with the help of Paint.NET for some additional lighting, and creating the fire by manipulating the... lack of fire available in the game...


Is it upside-down?


Yep! Just a simple couple of flips, after producing the image. I used the flipped version of the original to design it in-game, and then flipped it back!


Haaaa so I made some fan art of one of my favorite characters. I'm not the best at drawing but this piece felt right to me. A thanks again for the awesome game

Looks like he's constipated and feeling it. But it also does looks good!


lol yeah I see it, but thanks for the compliment. Next piece hopefully would top this one 100 more


ok one more one more. This is king moo with his rightful crown of stars. Something I thought of from all the stuff late game

Cute! I love it!

(1 edit) (+4)

Storm: I don't get it, how is this going to help us find the hotel?

P: Elementary, my dear Storm. Ants have to travel for food, hotels have food.

If we follow their trails, we will surely find where the food from the hotel is.

Storm: Where did you get that hat?

P: You said those clothes made you feel like out of a movie. So i "borrowed" it from the tailor to feel what it's like.

Storm: This is boring, the only thing this anthill is good for is peeing on it. All kids are doing it.

P: Hmm.


Storm: I'm doing it.


LOL (Nice Art BTW)


Thank you. I had trouble including Storm in the shot. I wanted to make him bigger but, kinda ran out of space

Storm looks quite good! Kudos!


A Poem For Asterion

I See your fur as White as Snow, 

your muscles trained by your bow.

I hear the sound of your lyre,

your hooves as you climb ever higher.

I feel your hand in mine,

your strength divine.

I taste your lips sweet as wine,

your cooking just as fine.

I Smell your body it is like the sea,

your scent strong and princely.

I Love you my handsome Moo,

I Know you love me too.


such a nice poem. I'm  glad you shared this with us.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you this is my first Poem I kind of wrote it on a whim I was inspired one day and just wrote. I let the muses guide me :)


I wanted to thank you again. You gave me some inspiration to do one myself. Here is what i thought of. Hope you like it

Poem from Asterion

You lavish me with gifts fit for a god

Viewing me nothing more then perfect, Never Flawed

Yet I am a fool dressed in garnished Gold

If you are willing to listen to my words, yet I be so bold

If we are one, both princes equal of power. Let me prove my right

Test not my past, but the present 

And call me the Emperor of Pyrite


Another poem I shall pen

I hope you also write another again

That's so sweet!!!

(2 edits) (+1)

I'm planning to write another Poem for Luke and a Haiku for Kota : ). I'm finding it surprisingly fun because writing it from the protagonist's viewpoint is challenging and fun.  Any input form you guys would be appreciated for ideas for other poems. 

How about a Satire for Greta and a poem for Storm? 

I was thinking if I did storm I would write it from P/Pedro's perspective. Greta would be challenging  I don't have much to work with so I'll probably do her later

No idea when I'll finish this so I'll just post this here before it gets lost in the WIP pits. I've played Hinterlands III like 6 times...

omg this is so good! Your art is amazing


Looks breathtaking!


Can't wait to see how it looks when your finished : )


Whooaaa that looks good!


Kota's Haiku 

Dragon's Dance

There by the River

Fire and water dance together

Water now alone

(1 edit) (+3)

So, uh

MinoHotel make gud gaem

I like

And I write thing


...Okay, back to working on Anders after I scream from self-consciousness for a bit

(1 edit) (+15)

Finally finished my first actual fanart of the game.. Argos has not left my mind ever since That scene. Thank you devs for this wonderful story!!

here's the twitter link btw


Seems like I have a new wallpaper for my phone.


Oh, I'm truly honored~

(1 edit) (+1)

my heart skips a beat! This is so good! But the link won't send me to your page. What's your username?

Edit- nvm found it ❤

thank you sm!! and thanks for the heads up on the link too, lol

This is superb!!


Jesus christ, amazing work!

It makes me really happy that a character like Argos, who isn't exactly a popular species furries are usually drawn to, gets fanart like this. Thank you so much. 


No thank you so much!! I guess it's just because I like scalies a lot, but I absolutely loved his design from the first moment he appeared. Both that and all of his expressions are so lively. And that's without counting how much I like him as a character too.


A Poem written by P/Pedro for Storm/Oscar

Why ?

I am not good or kind I'm nothing so grand,

how can you say what I need to hear while holding my hand.

I am not strong you saw me break and cry,

how can you call me strong and look me in the eye.

I am evil, disgusting and vile,

how can you look at me and smile.

I am unable to ever repay what you did for me by the sea,

how can I deserve the gift you made for me.

I am an asshole a dick and a cunt,

how can you love me just being blunt.

I don't deserve to be loved especially by you,

how can I be loved when I can't even say that I love you too.

eeeeee another great poem! 


I wasn't planning on writing Storm/Oscars poem  so soon but I got stuck on Luke's Poem LOL.


Back of the sheet of paper the poem is written on is mostly full of marked out words and a few doodles a few phrases can be made out.

I am an asshole a dick and a cunt,

how can you look up to me runt.

Why the fuck am I trying to rhyme something with cunt you know what fuck it I'm committed now.

Why is this so hard (Scribbled out) said it could  help with (illegible) but now I'm just fucking  frustrated trying to rhyme something with cunt.

I can't decide if I'm going  to burn it or give it to the kid.  Fuck it I'll just keep it hidden for now. I swear to God if anyone finds this I'll (Scribbled over)

Why is writing this stupid poem making me cry I hate it why do I have to feel things why do I Have To Remember. ( Some words were smudged because they got wet).

(6 edits)

A poem for Luke's Brother The Astronaut

Challenger 1281986

Twinkle Twinkle little Star,

How I wonder how you are.

Up above so bright,

So far away from the night.

What a beautiful ball of flame you became,

Everyone shed a tear when none of you remain.

From the sky you fell and crashed.

Not even two minutes passed.

Your remains in the ocean they did land,

Your funeral was beautiful, dignified, and grand.

Your memory shall forever be cherished,

But we dearly wish you had never perished.

(Changed the ending I didn’t like it and flows better now.)


Wow, morbid. LOL

That’s the point LOL.

Who can tell me how can tell how many died (the poem has all the info you need). First to answer can have a sneak peek at my next poem : )

Wow, the poem is pretty haunting, good stuff. 

Now seeing as its referring to the space shuttle challenger disaster, my first answer would be seven, but I want to say that the answer is actually eight if we are including Luke's brother.

winner winner Gryphon dinner.

Does anyone else read it in a little kids voice in their head or is it just me. Also wow a really tired me is super fucking dark I wrote this shit while I was half asleep.

Deleted 25 days ago

My jaw dropped when I saw this on twitter, its amazing.

i just can't get over how great this piece is.

Truly a talented artist.

Why was it deleted?


It's because the image I posted here was dilukha's, who had already posted it a few messages above. I hadn't seen it in the thread because the page failed to load properly. Later I noticed my goof and deleted my own post.

Oh, ok.

A poem-ish piece inspired by that bread scene:


Pull the ingredients out the cupboard

Oust them from purposeless, idle slumber

Today, you perform something divine

Start your labor, show him the end of his

Watch as the yeast mix with salt and water

Ancient thing, it is-- function long forgotten

Gently, you add your own sugar to the mix

Only just, providing it with what it needs

Pour the flour to make an amorphous mass

Result takes shape, but no firm form of its own

Sticky, it clings to you upon your first affection

Undeterred, you relent and prove intention

Knead and toil until you render it proper

Assuming its figure, safely set it upon a bowl

At last, prudence and patience implores a pause

This last stretch, not about you, nor yours to traverse

One can only go as far to pray, to hope

Rise... little star

I’m glad more people are inspired to write more poetry and am excited to see what people will write. I just recently started writing and glad other people tried it too.


I wrote a short story based around the idea of a master who may be a little ruthless but only towards protecting Asterion. I only meant to write about 10-15 pages, but it turned out to be about 30. Oops.


AO3 link for anyone who prefers that over


I think Jean is funny


Pin on Drag Queens Who Give LIFE


The worst thing about this image is the implication that Asterion can get pregnant


Maybe it can be the other way around


I mean, one of the dev team also wrote the very NSFW Orc Breeding stories, this may not be out of the question... :thinking_hermes:

Mind, I'd be a little surprised since it seems like the devs have toned down the horny from the original idea of the story, but who knows.


Minotaur breeding by  Nemo0690  when? 

we´re starving 


Not breeding but if you wanna see Nemo tackle a Minotaur


bold of you to assume that i haven't read it


holy hell xD Jean stooped to no ends to make sure you minotaur husband

(1 edit) (+2)

I commissioned this phenomenal art of one of the game's DILFs (Dutiful, Intelligent & Lovely Friends), because Themba is a lovely giant man whomst I want to smooch. 

The art is by the wonderful ArtisticWFLynx on Twitter, which you can also find here in higher resolution and for retweeting purposes!

ʸᵉˢ ʷᵉ ʷᵃⁿᵗᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ʰᶦᵐ ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ ʰᵃᶦʳʸ


And Hairy indeed. Chef kiss*