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Small promotional pic I did for build 0.2.5's release featuring Asterion trying to use a phone.

Hello everyone, I seem to have found a solution, I'm taking a guess you guys are using phones with an old version of android or a device using an arm architecture, I compiled a different version, let me know if this works for you:

If it does we'll add links to it alongside the other android release. If it doesn't... I'm out of ideas.
Sorry for the trouble!

Hello Otis, glad you're enjoying the game. There's a loophole in Asterion's contract that forbids him from being nude against his wishes and as of the current build this hasn't been altered yet. As the story goes on this might change!
Additionally we put a workaround to let players mess around with the game, look into the VIP room posts if you're really inclined to play with Asterion nude at all times.

Hello dude, thank you for asking. I've been tinkering with an Android version the last couple days and have a functional port with our custom UI working and all.

Problem is that the buttons as they are are pretty small for a phone screen and navigating the menus is a little complicated. Yeah I could release that right now but it would feel like a rushjob. Minoanon is making some changes to the first two builds as he's writing the build 03 content so we're actually looking into making a 0.2.1 release with those new changes sometime later, along with an Android port with a more mobile-friendly UI. We're gonna make a devlog soon about it soon.

Hello Jordan, I'm willing to bet you're getting this issue when loading an old save with the new build (02). Due to changes we're doing on the backend of the game there are compatibility issues when loading from old saves, which is why we advise to load files saved at the very end of the build.

If this is the case, load your old save on build 0.1, get to the very end of the game (or the little teaser at the end, that works too!) save, and continue from build 02. Alternatively you can start a save file on build 02 and use renpy's skip function which should get you up to speed really quickly. On all builds starting with 02 we now let you know when it's safe to save, sorry about that.

Hey  PaleAngel, thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. I can see how the text scrolling can be distracting, so I just added a text scrolling option that slows down or downright turns off the scrolls on the dialogue box for the next build. I'll be adding it to the rest of the UI like the inventory and team management screens as well.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

While Minoanon is addressing the Luke kerfuffle I'd like to go over the second half of your post. I'm juggling the idea of making a more detailed screen for choosing your player background considering the features we're going to add to build 03 (for example, your background giving you passive bonuses, tweaking some of the mechanics, giving you access to different guests, or exclusive dialogue choices)
I think it might be distracting if in the middle of the introduction of the game where we're trying to set a mood, we were to frontload all this information about the rest of the game. I get where you're coming from, there's value in making an informed decision, but it  kind of ruins the mood that scene is trying to set and spoils some of the things to come.
But hey maybe I'm alone in this, so this is something I'd like more people to weigh in on. Should I add a screen giving a small description of the different backgrounds, or should I leave it as it is to not ruin the mood?

(Also, I feel like I should clarify that ideally no background will be better than the other, especially on the subject of Asterion's affection). Player characters of different backgrounds should be able to win Asterion over in their own ways, so while the current maximum affection is only attainable by players with the arts background... who knows? Maybe on the next build the tech players have a chance to do something that really impresses him. We want to validate player choices and make sure everyone gets their chance to shine so this is not something you have to worry about.)
Thank you for bringing this up, we found it honest and constructive.

thanks, pal

i'm having a lot of fun helping out with this game, I'm glad it's showing

The customization options will be slowly unlocked as the story goes on. 

For example, at one point Asterion could bring up that a previous master would prefer his horns in a different shape. The player is prompted to choose a different shape (or stick with them the way they are). Asterion will respond to your choice by getting happy, proud, sad, etc. 

Some can be unlocked automatically, for example Asterion would be working out wearing a loincloth and the player will suggest some modern gym clothing. 

Other accessories can be found by sending parties to explore the labyrinth or by interacting with different guests. 

At the start of every day you'll have the option to open the wardrobe menu and choose Asterion's outfit/fur color/etc