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Ah my bad, thankfully it's a harmless one but I'll fix it for the next build, thanks!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It's a minor error and shouldn't break your save or anything, I'll fix it for the next release.

Thanks a lot for the kind words, I'm glad to see the overall opinion on the new sprites is positive.

I meant to say I tried to keep him slender in the devlog, but i guess it's the muscle memory (pun intended) from drawing a lot of really buff men that fucked me over. The game benefits from having some body type variety, so if I can make a small revision and make Nikos a little more slender (mainly making his forearms and biceps less pronounced) without a ton of effort, I'll give it a shot.

Maybe the new smug sprite should be kept for when Argos is wearing his pelt, and I can go back to the previous one in any other case. Expressions are pretty easy to tweak.

Hola! Muchas gracias por la posdata, aunque quiero aclarar que yo solo hago los sprites y programacion, la mayoria de la escritura la hace el resto del equipo

En cuanto a si puedo añadir algun día el idioma español,

1) Es una tarea inmensa, la novela es larguísima

2) Mas de una persona se ofreció y quizas con ayuda podamos, pero va a tener que esperar que la novela este completa. Hay veces que hacemos pequeñas ediciones en el contenido de los builds iniciales y yo refactoreo el codigo de forma bastante frecuente asi que no seria recomendable hacer trabajo que despues se tenga que editar de nuevo

I like the idea, at the very least the font color could change according to background. As for banners, I don't know if it's a good idea to add one for the MC, it might look distracting. Additionally I'm not sure what pattern we could go with since we risk diluting the MC to just his background every time he opens his mouth if there's, i don't know, binary code scrolling through the screen (if you have the tech background). Maybe just the labyrinth pattern asterion has but with the respective background color, though it might be better to keep that one for Asterion and his brother alone.

There's literally a link to a VN I do the art for on in this page

Hello everyone, I'm really sorry this happened! The last two weeks have been really hectic for me, I rushed out the bugfix before I went on vacation and when more issues came up I wasn't there to fix them. The latest version ( should address these

I'm back! We have put out a version that fixes the issue. Sorry for the wait.

Pedro is terrified.
(Quico maybe?)


Nude alt

Happy Halloween! Hope we made your day a little more cursed

Has anyone else had issues with the file list? There is another bug I need to fix so while we're at it I'll see if I can fix this for you, sorry for the inconvenience Trinexxslayer

Ok so that achievement is bugged. I figured out what the problem is and will release a fix soon. Thank you for reporting it

Glad to hear, hope you enjoy the update!

(1 edit)

From what part of the game are you loading?

If this is too close to the start of the hinterlands you might have some issues, if you have a save from chapter 15 right before hinterlands III starts you might be good.

We discussed this with the team and it's a really good point, in hindsight it would have been a good idea to add a choice for Pedro to make where even if he meets the requirements, he doesn't pursue a romantic relationship with Oscar.

Unfortunately we put a lot of work into writing dialogue variations that apply depending on how much time Pedro and Storm hung out together and we'd have to go over all of them to account for this, we planned the rest of the game around this, and there's the matter that people with old saves won't have these options set up... it's a good idea, but to be honest we would prefer the time and effort that would go into course correcting and implementing it to instead go into chapters 19 and 20. We have a game to finish, I think we've spent too much time tinkering with the Hinterlands chapter alone, wouldn't you agree?

We will keep this in mind for the rest of the game though, so thank you for bringing it up.

Hi M3tav0X, that is a valid concern! I'm with you there that Pedro's story should be able to have a happy ending regardless of the nature of his and Oscar's relationship, so worry not. Seconding what Minoanon said, you will still be able to get Pedro to join the hotel after chapter 18 even if he and Storm don't end up in a romantic relationship. Spending time together during Hinterlands III is one of the factors that nudges him in that direction but it's not the only one, your performance in the other quests also has an effect on this.

In fact Pedro joining instead of Nikos will be the most likely outcome (I expect most players to not have Nikos join on their first playthrough since the method to get him is a lot more complicated).

Hey Kenta, I haven't made assets or code to account for symmetry unfortunately.

It's always a joy to hear that reading MinoH gets people to go check out literary fiction. Very glad you enjoyed it.

Well Luke does say that there are online communities for meeting and fucking mythicals (drinking game if you pick the "drink if you've fucked someone without a charm" option).

Hahaha I included the option to change clothes for the first one because I figured the speedo on its own looked ridiculous but I can understand how the Hawaiian shirt on top doesn't help much and it all still looks like pic related

I might add it to the next build

Hey Craft, glad to hear you're enjoying the game.

While we will add more management days to future builds (there's a ton of content now and very little time to do everything because we're future proofing it for when players have more time) there still won't be enough time to do everything, and the Hinterlands 7 day limit is fixed.

We discussed this a bunch of times on the forum but our overall design philosophy with Minotaur Hotel is that if there was an optimal way to do everything and recruit every staff member and complete all the character routes and do all the hinterlands quests, etc. then there would be no reason to do anything but stick to the optimal route. It gets players in a mentality where they check items off a list and don't really get immersed into the story. While I understand the frustration of not being able to do everything on one go, I think it makes your choices as a player more meaningful. Hope it's not a dealbreaker.

Oh it definitely is not the most likely outcome, unfortunately. I think it's somewhat justified considering his particular family history of being fucked over really hard by divine mandates, he's in a position where he's a little more open-minded than usual about breaking with orthodoxy.

To address your original post, Khenbish acts a little differently in the drinking game if you don't complete his route, which is where a lot of the memes come from (since he didn't have a lot of scenes aside from that one, his intro and some R&D/exploration interactions). There's a funny story about this: I had originally written the scene with the dialogue you now get after his route is finished, where he's more open about his experiences (we didn't have all the kinks of the character straightened out yet); but Minoanon did a couple rewrites to make him more reserved and critical of the other guests (which was a good call and is the version everyone read before this update). For the latest build I dug up that old version and put it back in if the right conditions are met.

Based on this tweet by Koi Giraffe:

Boomer's Big Date (the main comic) is done, if you mean the sequel BMZ strips, they're currently on hiatus while I post the comic Outclassed (I'll probably put it up on itch when it's finished, just 5-6 more pages to go). Once I'm done with Outclassed I'll go back to weekly strips with Boomer, Miles and Zoomer.

Khenbish and Tuan both stripped down in the latest build, it's only fair

Why didn't I think of this

In any case thanks for the response Chellay, we're taking all this feedback to heart for when we do make a sex scene between Asterion and the MC (oh it's happening), glad we had this opportunity as a test run to see what works and what doesn't

can't help it they're fun to draw

I hate that I know what this is

Incredibly based

Though he's getting the hang of it, Asterion still needs assistance operating a computer sometimes.

Storm is canonically 21 but still i couldn't resist

Drew a little something to celebrate the boy getting his route finished

>is everyone getting stuff like this before we see the next main chappy?

Nope! We're going to have a couple more updates like this one (albeit shorter, we went apeshit with Khenbish because he doesn't get much to do in the main story otherwise), but we'll definitely get chapter 19 out before everyone's hangout routes are finished. We've had enough time to rest after 0.5 and to plan where the last third of the main story is going. 

Ok, for the people who encountered similar problems- these happen when saving the game at a very specific point (after picking your background but before finishing the prologue). I put a definitive solution to this shit with the version. If your save file is affected, just downloading the new version will solve it.

I'm super sorry you encountered this, it's such a specific border case that none of the dozen or so people doing playtesting the build caught it

Nevermind I fixed it

I found exactly  where the issue is: you have to save between getting your background and either ending chapter 1 or going into the VIP room for the error to trigger.
It's very specific which is why none of the poeple playtesting it found it.

Now that i identified the source of the issue I'm rolling out a that should fix the bug so it doesn't happen to anyone else, AND would handle your messed up save file so it doesn't throw an error, no work on your part.  There's nothing wrong with the save file itself so don't worry about that, renpy just has a hard time parsing the save name.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for helping me fix this.