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A topic by TrinexxSlayer created Sep 24, 2021 Views: 227 Replies: 2
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In the title screen you can access a global files list of everything you got across all your saves.

Here's a list of everything you can get on each category, for completionist sake. Feel free to share any files i might have missed.

This list is up to date with build 0.6.1


-Asterion's Sentence

-Oath of Servitude

-Argos' Contract

-Labyrinth's Constitution

-Argos' diary: 80th entry

-Argos' diary: 81st entry

-Oath of the Binding Rings


-Internet access

-Mythical Gym

-Lounge screens

-Outdoor swimming pool

-Poolside Bar


-Nostalgia Poems

-Olympians' Trial: Hades

-Olympians' Trial: Hestia

-Olympians' Trial: Demeter

-Olympians' Trial: Ares

-Olympians' Trial: Apollo

-Olympians' Trial: Artemis

-Olympians' Trial: Dionysus

-Olympians' Trial: Hermes

-Olympians' Trial: Zeus

-Olympians' Trial: Hera

-First Tablet: Crescent Moon

-Second Tablet: Arrival

-Third Tablet: Audience

-Fourth Tablet: Young Woman

-Fifth Tablet: Fiend

-Sixth Tablet: Child

-Seventh Tablet: Ichor

-Eighth Tablet: Labryskeeper

-Ninth Tablet: Lyre

-Tenth Tablet: Seafoam

-Eleventh Tablet: Barter

-Twelfth Tablet: Offering

-Thirteenth Tablet: Dying Embers

-Fourteenth Tablet: Redeemer

-Fifteenth Tablet: Folly

-Sixteenth Tablet: Ritual

-Seventeenth Tablet: Pyre

-Eighteenth Tablet: Skyros

-Goatskin-bound notebook

-Torn illustrated page

-Folded Note

-Typewriter Scrap

-Agape, Eros, Phileos

-Cryptic Memes

-Geography of Northeastern Myths

-Rusty knife

-Cracked sunglasses


-Handwritten scrawl

-Bronze bell



-Wine bottle

-Rusted Cross

-Minotaur painting

-Tumen Nast carpet

-Zulu vase


Is there any more added to the list in build 0.6.1? Just curious

yeah, there was 3 more i found. it's been added to the list