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Files List

A topic by TrinexxSlayer created Sep 24, 2021 Views: 586 Replies: 10
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In the title screen you can access a global files list of everything you got across all your saves.

Here's a list of everything you can get on each category, for completionist sake. Feel free to share any files i might have missed.

This list is up to date with build 0.6.2


-Asterion's Sentence

-Oath of Servitude

-Argos' Contract

-Labyrinth's Constitution

-Argos' diary: 80th entry

-Argos' diary: 81st entry

-Oath of the Binding Rings


-Internet access

-Mythical Gym

-Lounge screens

-Outdoor swimming pool

-Poolside Bar


-Nostalgia Poems

-Olympians' Trial: Hades

-Olympians' Trial: Hestia

-Olympians' Trial: Demeter

-Olympians' Trial: Ares

-Olympians' Trial: Apollo

-Olympians' Trial: Artemis

-Olympians' Trial: Dionysus

-Olympians' Trial: Hermes

-Olympians' Trial: Zeus

-Olympians' Trial: Hera

-First Tablet: Crescent Moon

-Second Tablet: Arrival

-Third Tablet: Audience

-Fourth Tablet: Young Woman

-Fifth Tablet: Fiend

-Sixth Tablet: Child

-Seventh Tablet: Ichor

-Eighth Tablet: Labryskeeper

-Ninth Tablet: Lyre

-Tenth Tablet: Seafoam

-Eleventh Tablet: Barter

-Twelfth Tablet: Offering

-Thirteenth Tablet: Dying Embers

-Fourteenth Tablet: Redeemer

-Fifteenth Tablet: Folly

-Sixteenth Tablet: Ritual

-Seventeenth Tablet: Pyre

-Eighteenth Tablet: Skyros

-Goatskin-bound notebook

-Torn illustrated page

-Folded Note

-Agape, Eros, Phileos

-Rusty knife

-Cracked sunglasses


-Handwritten scrawl

-Bronze bell



-Wine bottle

-Rusted Cross

-Minotaur painting

-Tumen Nast carpet

-Zulu vase


-Typewriter Scrap

-Cryptic Memes

-Geography of Northeastern Myths

-Waterlogged Cross


-Brand of the Dreamwalker

-Defiled Feather

-Aged Feather

-Cross Necklace

-Sickle Sternum

-Lithopedion of the Hinterlands

-Sea Slug

-Ashen Feather

-Cyclops Skull


Is there any more added to the list in build 0.6.1? Just curious

yeah, there was 3 more i found. it's been added to the list

Can you give me clues on the mementos I had a hard time looking for? They are:

-Olympians' Trial: Apollo

-Torn illustrated page

-Geography of Northeastern Myths


It would be great if you could as I'm already exploring the expansion.

so, the olympian's trial are all rng from exploration, so i can't help with this one

geography of northeastern myths is easy, just gotta got to the non-fiction section of the hinterlands library

epinikion is a reward for finishing khembish's hangout scenes, so just ask jean for a cook and spend time with the boar boy. 

the torn illustrated page i don't know,, unlike the epinikion i can't use the context clues of it's description, could be a random reward from the valley, like most mementos. maybe it's a reward for finishing asterion's project. but i could be wrong and it be something else entirely

I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help


Has anyone else had issues with the file list? There is another bug I need to fix so while we're at it I'll see if I can fix this for you, sorry for the inconvenience Trinexxslayer

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oh it's quite alright. good thing i already had this list going, so keeping track of things should be easy in case i have to get the new stuff again.

btw, may i suggest you guys to implement sub menus? particularly for the tablets and the trial votes. not now of course, but at least look if it can be done for another update

hey, i managed to fix it myself. i figured what happened isn't that the files weren't being updated but the "other" category button wasn't being unlocked, and as such i couldn't select it to see the files. so what i did was start a new playthrough from scratch and somehow i have it available now with all the items i had encountered before. i imagine is that there is an specific point in the story that unlocks the button, but the saves i had prepared were already past that point.

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So far I only have 5 items left to find:

 olympian's trial Apollo as you said is rng (still trying to get it)

torn illustrated page (assuming it is also rng)

sea slug

cyclops skull

ashen feather

The last 3 items I have no clue as I'm trying some combinations in hinterlands 3

Edit: I forgot about the typewriter scrap

the 3 are from the cemetery on the last day from hinterlands on different conditions