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Thank you!

I can't think of a combination required to find Ashen Feather. Can someone give me suggestions for finding it? I feel it has to do with the cemetery being on the last day.

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So far I only have 5 items left to find:

 olympian's trial Apollo as you said is rng (still trying to get it)

torn illustrated page (assuming it is also rng)

sea slug

cyclops skull

ashen feather

The last 3 items I have no clue as I'm trying some combinations in hinterlands 3

Edit: I forgot about the typewriter scrap

I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help

Can you give me clues on the mementos I had a hard time looking for? They are:

-Olympians' Trial: Apollo

-Torn illustrated page

-Geography of Northeastern Myths


It would be great if you could as I'm already exploring the expansion.

Understandable, thank you

I enjoyed the game as it was fun. It was neat to find the right path to get the specific achievement even if it took a while. I enjoyed the pieces of lore along the way that made the game fun. I was thinking if you guys could add more achievements in the next few updates. That would be great if you guys can. For example, I was thinking if there would be an achievement for MC to find a conclusion between Asterion and Argos in future chapters, (in a specific path when Argos' identity is revealed to MC). This is just a suggestion though. as there are many achievements to find. It's fine if you don't have to do this for us.

Is there any more added to the list in build 0.6.1? Just curious

I had played Minotaur Hotel twice with Arts and Leader as the MC's background but I don't know how to unlock that section under Files. What is it?