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Expanded Hinterlands Discussion

A topic by Minoh Workshop created Oct 14, 2022 Views: 2,905 Replies: 28
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A thread for your convenience. Do with it as you please.


thats the face of a man whos gonna piss on an anthill 7 days in a row


Gotta have your P breaks

alright, i checked many iterations of the new locations, but i'm still missing something. i think it has to do with the ex-husband but no clues on what to do about him if that's it even. for anyone intersted though, getting the shed in the same run before you find the new feathers will add some more hints in those scenes, but it's mostly add ons to point out at the shed's secret again. beyond that, while i managed to fix that tree i'm not sure if it connects to anything, maybe i forgot some of the lore about the tapirs, then there's also the slug that shows up sometimes. maybe i should check out ThE aNTHil again, surely it has to have a new clue there.

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"maybe i should check out ThaNTHil again, surely it has to have a new clue there."

good idea. follow that detective's intuition of yours

I think I ended up at the same spot as you. Since the tapir god's salt is what lets Storm purify the tree, my last idea was that it would also let him exorcise/cleanse the ex-husband, but no dice. I also have no idea what's up with the slug. What even is the trigger for that? I only got it once, and it seemed like it came from re-visiting the colonel's estate before going to the tree but I'm not certain. And what would the significance of the slug be? afaik, you can only visit the tree on the last day so there's nothing to do with the slug after you get it because there is no "after." Hm.


i've seen 4 different iterations of the slug scene: 

- revisiting the colonel state will have P kill it

- revisiting the state and returning the pelt will have P relocate it and get bitten

-doing neither, it will give up before doing anything

-just returning the pelt, and learning of the sleepwalker brand P is protected from it

i might be off about some of the conditions but those were what i took notice


if only i'd stop to read the files, in my defense they weren't easily accessible as they aren't updating to the global list. anyway, the sea slug is a familiar to protect burial grounds

All the variations and different lore drops for the many variations are so fascinating. Though I still struggle to decipher what any of it really means. Maybe re-reading it and giving it a few days to sink in will help.


it's a fascinating form of story telling. it's simutaneously frustating and engaging from not having it all spelled out for you, but allowing to infer your own conclusions about what is really happening.

Deleted 334 days ago
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the missing children is refering to the shed. if that shows up in the short version, it means you already done that.

it would seem we are 3 now that didn't find this new achievment


Ok so that achievement is bugged. I figured out what the problem is and will release a fix soon. Thank you for reporting it

Well, my guess is visit all the new location or complete all 3 task at the same route.


Spoilers for the achievement below:

I did a little bit of digging into the code to see what the locked achievement is and it has the internal name 'all_hinterlands'. As far as I can tell, it is supposed to be unlocked when you have visited all of the locations in the hinterlands across all runs, but it fails to unlock because it checks if you have visited as many locations as there are total locations, but there are two unused (?) locations in the game files, the "Strange shack" and the "Truck stop" (which was mentioned to have been scrapped in another thread).

So it doesn't seem like a lore achievement, I think all of the main paths in the new content have been found and discussed here!


We're going to publish a hotfix soon.

There is some lore to the achievement.

Following the fix, if have previously seen everything as I have, reloading a save and going anywhere in the hinterlands seems to unlock it now. It's called This Darkened Earth.

oh man the anthill is the last place i done since i dont have a speedrunner route. Its a good end for the update since u get to appreciate the men will be men humor at the end of it...

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Not related to the hinterlands, but I figured now's the time to ask. Is Luke interested in Khenbish sexually? How about Robert, and Themba -- are they sexually interested in Khenbish?

Based on wat i read past events, luke can be anything he can by bunch up some one liners to get laid, kota seem to jokingly flirt him in the wrestling event, while robert and themba... i cant find any or forgot if they ever approach him that much

Just a error report, seems save when visiting a place in hinterlands will cause error in version


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Full traceback:

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    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

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Minotaur Hotel

Thu Oct 27 13:49:05 2022



For many years, I've never managed to settle for any species for a fursona. Taking in consideration how i connected with Pedro in the first way around "The Hinterlands III" and now some time after the "Feathered Line" expansion, I've come to the conclusion to make myself a peacock. I'm making this my avatar now. I didn't color, as i prefer to do just the line art usually, and the options i had for coloring just didn't give me results i'd like, but there it is.


That's really cool that this game inspired to make your fursona. ❤️


I have to say that Hinterlands was one hell of an unforgettable journey in its first iteration and The Feathered Line cements that further. There were already hints of some dark history with Pedro and Oscar and the people directly and tangentially related to them and this really reveals more when you delve into the new content while also adding new elements that just left me bewildered but wanting to solve the mystery. Originally the shed scene left me to ponder if Pedro was abducted in his childhood as another victim of the plague of disappearing children and was rescued by this grandpa and now, I'm fairly certain that is likely the case. I'm still not clear as to what adult Pedro experienced at the shed, whether it was some shadow of the past he relived, a repressed memory coming to the surface or if part of his inheritance from grandpa P, Percy, is recalling a memory with a strong emotional connection without the use of a feather. Maybe even a rite master and student connection? I still have no idea what Pedro saw that he described as God.

I find it interesting that much of this new content brings out what a neglectful father and grandfather Percy was/could be when most of Pedro’s memories of him being positive with most of the negative being more from family history and mostly brought about by grandpa's obsession with finding the hotel. It seems Percy had other obsessions and vices. It goes to paint Percy as more complex and flawed than just someone who was correct about the hotel but who no one believes with just a streak of misfortunes. Though I can't help but recall what Mrs. Piedade said lying to oneself (Pedro) that the Hinterlands was the home of great men or wise women and that can easily apply to grandpa P.

This also sheds more light on Peleus’, P’s father, anger at the nun cheese as a reminder of the hinterlands. Not only was it Percy’s futile hunt for the hotel but him being neglectful as a father in general, especially in a dangerous land. Leaving him vulnerable to be tormented, possibly abused by the cabra cabriola that seem to stalk the hinterlands. Same with Pedro though why neither seem to share the same fate as the human children is unknown. Maybe it is as Mrs. Piedade speculates and the cabras don’t like the taste of mythicals. Though maybe they still get something out of instilling fear, trauma and torment into children? The feather that tells of Carol’s story leaves implications that Percy and Zeze were friends though if I had to take a guess, I don’t think Percy knew that Zeze was a mythical. It might explain why Pedro doesn’t remember him as someone who probably babysat him. And chilling, I think the implication is that, even if they’re not hungry for mythical meat, he might have sexually abused Pedro as a kid. The explanation is the charm and/or repressing trauma. I still don’t know why they would go after Carol as presumably an adult. She seemed to always be afraid that when she eventually did leave the brothel, it was disguised as a man. She and Percy must have been very close for a long time since she did have some comforting relationship with Peleus and Peleus did later check up on her after she left the Hinterlands. 

The Feathered Line also raises a major question that I don’t know if many people have asked themselves. How is that neither Percy nor Nini knew of Oscar? I sort of just assumed that it was just Percy’s really bad luck and recursion that conspired to even learn of Oscar’s existence even as false hope. However, it seems to come up more and more that Percy had to have known about Oscar. Mrs. Piedade knew about him and if Percy was looking into the child disappearances on and off, he would have as well. Most damning of all is the feather story of Helen and of Storm’s conception. Percy knew her and seemed to warn be trying to warn her. For as much as Pedro was sure that his grandfather would have helped Oscar out and prevented much of his childhood suffering based on his appearance, Pedro is wrong. His grandfather, for as much as Pedro talks him up was a piece of shit through and through. The question is why? Was Percy also using Oscar as bait for either the children nappers or for a hotel owning minotaur? Maybe he didn’t want to associate with Oscar because he knew that he was cursed and he had burnt his bridge with Skinless Tapir previously. 

The tapirs themselves are something I’d like to learn more of. Who are they? They’re described as dreameaters which is interesting because that’s a myth that’s tied to Asian Tapirs. I’m not aware of any cultural indigenous myths in the Americas that describe them as dreameaters as well but I’m not knowledgeable in the matter. I don’t know the history of the dispersal of tapirs it if all tapirs have a common ancestor, for Minotaur Hotel to imply, if the Asian myth that tapirs eat dreams, which Brazilian tapir mythicals native to the land have the same ability and are related to likely Asian tapir mythicals that spawn the myth is a nice touch. Like they were once of the same tribe that spread and were separated in the distant past and much like humans, we’re all still one people, despite living in different parts of the world. Though, what is up with that god in the cave? I don’t think it was the Skinless God though I wouldn’t put it past him to fuck with Pedro some more. Could it be the same god that Pedro sees at the Shed? They both require the salt curse to be lifted so they could be the same. Though I’m pretty sure it was the Skinless God that cursed Valéria/Helen into having Oscar the way he was born and it makes his apology for Oscar’s life make more sense. And there’s so many little details where with Oscar with what he says in some lines in TFL with previous content and in chapter 18 with details given in the cave that I could ramble about. 

Lastly, there are the curses that are added. I think the one inflicting the Coronal’s remains is likely because of eating the dreameaters, now he’s trapped in some waking dream. Then the olive tree which I still don’t fully understand. There’s some connection to everything that’s happening but I’m still not clear as to how. The dead baby (child?) tapir mythical is clear though I’m not sure how it got there. Did someone find it eventually and bury it or did the Cabras find it, chewed on it a little and just hid it there? Was it hiding there and that’s where it died? Then there’s that snail, why a snail? Symbolic of a thing that should be easily killed with all the salt around somehow still being alive and biting? Also, what was Oscar looking for? What connection could he have to a missing child from decades ago? Maybe someone related to his mother but I wouldn’t think he cared. 

 Those are some of those major things that stuck out to me from The Feathered Line content. I know most of this is likely incoherent rambling but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there.


Something else I thought about that I forgot to mention. I started to wonder if Grandpa P's death wasn't just some random act of violence. I'm not sure what the timeline of his death is but I feel like it might have occurred before the Coronal's death. Had it been around the same time as the Coronal's death, I might have dismissed it more as an opportunistic killing since the Coronal isn't around to protect Percy and was killed by someone who was prejudice at him just being a mythical. However, I'm starting to think that maybe Percy was getting closer to the truth of the missing children if he was still investigating or was maybe deemed to know too much. While I don't think this will become a murder mystery or a vengeance story, I'm wondering if Percy was killed by Zezé. If Nini wasn't bed ridden, I'd suspect her as possibly having something to do with his death as well. Based on the feather memories, it seems possible for Nini and Zezé to conspire, even if Nini doesn't know Zezé's true identity.

There's also the possibility that Percy's death was an assisted suicide, knowing that he would never be able to find the hotel and thought that this might give Pedro a chance at finding it and at least making his life better. I don't really think this is likely.

Maybe it was just a random remark but... CAN we get a snack for the old man?


I just realized something about Storm. He wears punk-inspired clothes but also has an accent that resembles a country accent in English. Would it be appropiate to say that he has a cowpunk aesthetic?

I can't think of a combination required to find Ashen Feather. Can someone give me suggestions for finding it? I feel it has to do with the cemetery being on the last day.


You need to:

  • Do the skinless god's questline (Salt Plains, Flooded Town, Salt Plains) so that Oscar inherits the purifying salt.
  • Do 3 things to get Oscar's affection up (like getting him the nice clothes at the tailor, then visiting Storm's home and then P's family home), which leads to Pedro giving Oscar a feather when they go to the cemetery.

Oscar will purify the tree while holding the feather, which will partially burn it — thus it becomes an "ashen" feather.


Thank you!