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Not me resisting the urge to make "horny" jokes.

That answers my question. No further information is necessary.

What type of hyena is Cole? To me he looks to be either a striped hyena or an aardwolf, but I'm not sure.

By Your Hands OST - Distant Memories

Indeed, Indeed.

Thanks! We really appreciate it! I think about world building a lot and Nemo also helped a lot building the world. Really, a lot of world building is just looking at real life history and applying it to fictional worlds.

By Your Hands OST - Regained Memories

Kamil was a genuine friend to all three of them. That said, he knows that Tucker is mean and a bad influence, and he doesn't partake in the bullying that the terrible trio do.

3 arcs/acts for each route. None of the routes necessarily tie into each other since the events of each route are so divergent from each other but love interests might play a role in other routes (like how Owen plays a role in Brendan's route for example).

And I can't do anything about the skip thing. Just don't skip during animations.

Each route are mostly  unique to each other. Only a few days share the same scenes across all routes (The first half of Day 2 is mostly the same across all routes aside from a few dialogue changes) and the rest of each route are different.

For the first question, look at this doc here.

For the second question, Tucker was pretty keen on making sure that all members of the offensive team knew each other so he made sure that they met at least once. When Kamil joined the team, Tucker introduced the offensive team to him. As for how Tucker met Kamil and why Kamil joined in the first place, those will be revealed at a later point in the story.

Yes, he does. I haven't figured out an exact weight for him though.

Hello everyone! This is the official Q&A for Kamil's Act 1. Ask any questions related to the game, be it story, characters, development, etc. Just be aware that none of my answers can include spoilers so I might be vague if a question invites a lot of spoilers. This thread closes on October 2nd PST, so ask your questions before then.

By Your Hands OST - Sad Memories

If you're talking about the current build, Brendan's route goes up to Day 6, Kamil's route goes up to Day 2 in the Patreon build and up to Day 1 in the current public build, and the rest of them go up to Day 1. You can go through part of Day 2 in all of the routes but it's mostly the same apart from some dialogue changes, and it stops midway in all routes except Brendan's (and Kamil's in the Patreon build).

If you're talking about the final release, I have no idea. My guess would be 15-18 days but that's not final.


Part 10

Part 9

By Your Hands OST - Bitter Histories


Here is a link to all the sex positions of all the LI:

Some characters are only one position while others are more valuable.

And you can thank Nemo for the writing. I just make sure he's writing well and do the art and coding.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! Brendan has some issues but so it's good that you still like him in spite of that. Maybe I should increase the number of save files, but I also think you should have a good idea on what path to take soon.

I want you guys to watch this opening so you can prepare yourself for Brendan's update. Just trust me on this.

I'm glad you're enjoying all the new stuff!

just keep pressing Ignore every time you receive the error.

this error happens when you switch routes in the middle of Day 2. It will be fixed soon.

I just want to say that I LOVE Rachel and Olivia. Rachel is just so endearing while Olivia is a #GirlBoss. I also want to say some spoiler-y stuff that I've hidden below.

It's frustrating Mikey that acted the way he did to Cory's confession, but he is a high schooler living in a time where queer people weren't as accepted as they are today and where the internet was in its infacy. Yeah, he's not going to know what to do, especially in the moment. It's also why I don't mind Cory kissing Mikey that much, even though I would have usually wanted to yell him out in other contexts. For that scene in the car though, I like to imagine that the song playing was this:

I know this song came out in 2004, and the game takes place in 2003, but fuck it, it works really well. But yeah hope things don't get too awkward for Wednesday. Oh, who am I kidding? It's going to be awkward as fuck. But it will be entertaining nonetheless.

By Your Hands OST - Erotic Histories

Upvote if you want to see an update to this game with a pirate metal soundtrack

By Your Hands OST - Sweet Histories

Great work Keo!

Posting more of the let's play.

I just realized something about Storm. He wears punk-inspired clothes but also has an accent that resembles a country accent in English. Would it be appropiate to say that he has a cowpunk aesthetic?

Ah really cool! Thank you for doing all this!

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By Your Hands OST - Learning About Histories!

Yes there is a route for Kamil. Select the choices "I'll meet you over at the practice field." when Kamil calls you during Day 1 and "Alright, fine. I'm sorry about earlier." for the next choice. Pick those two choices and then you'll have the option to hang out with Kamil during the route selection choice when Kamil asks you if you want to choice Tucker's party.

By Your Hands OST - Our Histories

Try to delete the save files and persistent data of the game and install the new version. Ren'py saves save files in multiple places so make sure to delete all of them. If that doesn't work, download a previous version of the game, change the font text to white and go back to the newest version. You can download an old version of the game here:

Try downloading the new build. I'm pretty sure it fixes that bug.