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This thread is for non-serious discussions, memes, and other funny stuff about the game you want to post. Be respectful and have fun!

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If you have drawn any of the characters in Barachoda Bloom or made anything related to the game, first of all, thank you! It means a lot that someone out there would create content based on my stuff. Second of all, please post in this thread. It's good to have all Barachoda Bloom fanart and fan content in one place. Also as Barachoda Bloom is a NSFW game, NSFW content is allowed here. I will ask you to provide a warning if the content you provide is either triggering or of an extreme kink, and that you link to it instead of posting it directly on the thread if it features such content. 

I guess I'll post some drawings I drew of the game before I started development.

Ugly old art Ahmed.

One of the first drawings of Ahmed and back when I wanted to make an RPG.

Ugly old art Rahmir.

So ugly that I'm only linking to it instead of posting it here (Actual reason is that I'm too lazy to download the image). Very different from our Rahmir, his name's not even spelled correctly. For the record, our Rahmir's not 24. I'll tell you guys his age at a later point.

More ugly old art Ahmed.

I'm not sure what's going on with the outfit. It's the Marines except the soldiers wear satchels and get to wear custom badges? Maybe he's just an adult boy scout. Also, he's not 28. Basically any description for the characters that were written before 2022 is just wrong.

And more ugly old art Rahmir.

This one's still terrible, but it is less terrible than the last Rahmir art I showed you. I will say that this does make it obvious that Rahmir wears makeup. Albeit, our Rahmir only wears a little eyeliner, something similar to this, not as much makeup as I used to give him. The reason why it's not so obvious in his current sprite is that I'm trying to emulate an 80s artstyle with BB and it's a little hard to indicate that a character is wearing eyeliner without making their eyes look bad. Maybe I'm being stupid. If you can make it so that it's clear that Rahmir is wearing eyeliner while also making him look good, but not too good, then be my guest and show me.

Barachoda Marine Spin Off?

So if it wasn't obvious from all of this old art, Rahmir was originally supposed to be in the military and still in service at the start of BB. His original backstory was essentially that Rahmir just wanted to be a Marine to escape his family and just barely qualified. He had a miserable time, as you do in the Marines, but Ahmed made him feel better and helped him become a better person. I dropped it while writing All in Love because I realized that writing Marines was a pain in the ass. You do 3 hours of researching Marines, making sure your story isn't inaccurate, and talking to actual veterans, and when you finally show your work, you immediately get hit by someone telling you that the Marine Outfit is factually incorrect. I also changed it because Rahmir's motivation was pretty weak and I preferred the backstory where he and Ahmed were childhood friends

Hey, isn't he supposed to be blond?

Oh yeah, Ahmed was originally in the Special Forces. I think I chose that branch because it let you grow your beard, but since Ahmed's Muslim, which you should have figured out by some of the words he says, he should be able to keep his beard regardless of what branch he's in, as I read that keeping facial hair is okay if it's due to religious beliefs. Then again, his hair is too messy for a Marine, but I don't think much of my audience cares too much about that. By the way, this probably inspired me to do that last scene in All in Love. If it didn't, then I at least thought back to this piece.

Ahmed's Character Profile! Oh, wait...

Why does this UI look familiar? Anyways, I was actually this close to developing Barachoda Bloom back then, before I decided to join Bara Jam 2021 and work on All in Love. I'm glad I decided to wait on the project because boy, this is a large project. I don't know how I would be able to deal with such a project without prior experience. What I do know is that every character would have had balloon bara tits and the game would have been called Barachoda Chelera.

Big Nose Ahmed

I don't have a lot to say about this, other than it doesn't really look like Ahmed. He looks too brutish and Ahmed's not exactly a soft man.

Shams totally not drunk in Japan

A piece of art I made for a Discord event. This one's cute, but I don't like the body on Shams. It's too muscular, I guess? Also Shams's not Japanese, so why is he wearing a Kimono? And his arms are too long.

I'm too... dignified to sing this song

And proto Mr. Jones. If you compare this body to the body I gave to Jayden in All in Love, you'll see that this one's a lot thicker and bulkier. There's a bunch of anatomy mistakes, so that's part of the reason why Jayden looks a lot different even now. His hair is different, and that's for two reasons: his hair color makes him look way older than his actual age; I couldn't find a consistent way to draw his hair multiple times. However, if enough people like it, I'll eventually add it to the game as an outfit or something. Although it would help if he was actually in the game first.

Cute Ahmed and Proto Jones Chibi:

Nothing much to say about it other than that if I do include chibis in my game, the proportions will look a little different. 

Ahmed's gift:

Based on a rememberable for all the wrong reasons scene from the weird-ass Castlevania Judgement. Also who the fuck is that guy on the right?

Rahmir's two favorite parts about Ahmed:

I actually posted this on my Twitter, but before anyone knew what the fuck a barachoda was (actually they still don't know do they). But I like this drawing because it describes Rahmir's and Ahmed's dynamic perfectly. I wonder how many people looked at the thumbnail for this game and just stared at Ahmed's pecs for a while. Even when I'm drawing romantic scenes, I still draw the pecs super huge.

Barachoda Chelera Concept Banner:

I wasn't kidding that I was going to name the game Bara Choda Chelera, had I tried to get a build out in 2021. Composition-wise, this isn't too bad, it's just a little boring and doesn't say too much about the characters on the right. Also, Proto Jones and Shams are here for some reason. Me having a fixation for guys well over twice my age? Ridiculous! This is based on the cover art for the Tokimeki Memorial Sound Collection. There's a couple of Tokimeki Memorial references in Barachoda Bloom, but I'm not sure how many people who play my game know enough about Tokimeki Memorial that they would even get the references.

Everyman is here!

I think the worst part about BB's page is that it doesn't make it clear that it's a dating sim and that there is more than one love interest. I think seeing this image will clear things up that it is a dating sim. This one's pretty weird in terms of composition, I mean why the fuck is the man behind Ahmed and Shams so small?  Also, while I'd like to make every man in this image to be datable, as of now, the only characters that are planned to be datable are Jones, Ahmed, Shams, Hasan, and the guy on the right of Hasan. If you want to see the other guys be datable as well, support the project and I'll try to put those other men as datable characters. Also, I know a lot of you want an amazing banner that features all of the datable characters and so do I. However, I'll be frank and say that I'm simply not that great of an artist. I suck at composition so if I try to make a banner like that, it will crash and burn. I'll make a simpler banner in the near future, but eventually I'll make a nice banner that has all of the datable characters. 

And finally, we have the initial cast round-up. Ahmed doesn't look that different from how he looks in-game. Except that his uniform is still not accurate. Sham's body is still not what I want it to be. And who the hell is the pony-tailed man with the nice bum? Well, time will only tell. Also if you noticed, Not only did Jones have a different hairstyle, but he's also wearing a military uniform despite BB taking place after All in Love. Spoilers for that game, but at the end of All in Love, Jayden quits being a Marine. The original ending was that he was supposed to continue being a Marine so that he could look after Ahmed, but I realized that it was really backward for Jayden after everything he had gone through so that's how I came up with the ending for All in Love today. Still, he does look pretty hot in that uniform. If only he could just wear that one time in BB. Oh well.

Also, as part of being Renzo's Space Cowboy tier on Patreon, I got these two nice headshots:

And that's pretty much all of the art I have. There's some more art I could show, but that stuff would spoil some stuff that would happen in BB. So if you have any art or anything else you want to share with the community, please do so!

A general thread to talk about the game. I would say that you're free to talk about spoilers here, but what is there to spoil really? If there's anything you want to talk about, post about it here!

Thank you, MinoAnon. I love Minotaur Hotel, so it's a great pleasure hearing that from you. And yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to, if slightly nervous, seeing the reactions to Barachoda Bloom. I'd say today would be a good time for me to rest.

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Hey everyone! I love this comic! But one reason I love this comic that I didn't really realize until now is how the relationship between Miles and Boomer. In most love stories, sex comes at the climax (heh) of the relationship, after both parties have said their I love yous to each. In most stories, if two characters have sex the day they meet, they'll never get together by the end. But I think that's quite unrealistic, wouldn't you say? A lot of people start out looking for a hookup but end up finding their perfect match that way. Certainly, that's common for us gay men. Having the mindset of "sex should only happen after a relationship begins instead of before" makes you liable to be disappointed in hookup culture and the whole idea of casual sex. While I wouldn't say that Dating Apps like Grindr are by any means perfect, they're still our culture.

So I find it refreshing that this comic starts out with a hookup between both parties who are initially uninterested in each other romantically but then start to grow feelings towards each other. First time reading this comic, I knew these characters were going to fuck, but I didn't know if they were going to stay together and I can't say any other story has made me feel that way. When Miles talks about sleeping with several guys and revealing to Boomer that he's someone he actually likes, that's when I really started to like Miles and felt a connection to him. I legit thought Miles was going to leave Boomer near the end of the story, so it was a nice surprise when it turned out they talked it out and resolved their issues. It gives a nice twist to the typical romance story where the relationship develops through sex, and sex is not a byproduct of the relationship. So good on you Nanoff for making a romance story that manages to not be unique from all the other romance stories.

I'm actually really excited for the short story you guys will release soon. I'm currently playing Elden Ring and I love the dark fantasy world and lore of it. I know MinoAnon is a huge fan of the Souls games, so I'm looking forward to what kind of content you'll create.

I'm more excited for this story than I am for the next update for Minotaur Hotel. Don't get me wrong, I love Storm and P, but I also feel like currently Hinterlands 3 is so big, that I'm honestly quite satisfied with what we got. Yeah, I'm still looking forward to it, but I'm looking forward to the short story even more. I'll be waiting patiently for when the short story arrives.

Hey guys, I stopped allowing ratings for this game. The reason for this is that there won't be any major updates to this VN anytime soon and so traffic for the game has been pretty slow recently. If you want to add a rating to this VN, just DM me on Twitter at @ChellayTiger and I'll temporarily open ratings again. 

This is what should happen if you play the SFW version particularly if you're playing the Speedrunner.

What I want to see for erotic content for Asterion? 

I just want to see his fat ass up close. I want to see see the MC grabbing his ass to reveal his hole, before he eats his ass, fingers it, hotdogs it, before he finally fucks it. I want to hear Asterion be really submissive with his moaning, reacting to every little touch the MC makes. But later on he could get really into it, and enjoying every moment and eventually being a little more in control. I really like sex against the wall, that's really hot. Doggy Style and Cowboy style are also super hot. As for kinks, I think leather would be fun. Spanking and rope play could also be hot, but maybe later on when Asterion gets over his trauma? Other stuff I'd like to see is nipple pinching, shower sex, and Asterion sucking our dick.

But yeah that's just what I want. I'm a pervert, and that's okay.

Keep up the good work!

Hello CYB3AR! I'm glad you really enjoyed my VN. It's good to hear you like my writing and my characters. I wasn't sure if people were going to enjoy it since I didn't exactly have experience writing before. But I got a lot of help from others and so I managed to write well for the first time. I'm also glad you like my art a lot. As for Hardy dying the way he did, that's part of why I wrote his death like that. Having that false hope makes the gut-punch later in the story sting that much more. You may not like it, but that's what I thought was best for the story. The other part was that I feel like too many characters in non-action stories die because of illness. I feel like if someone close to you died because of reasons like that, you'd still be upset about that but you'd be more willing to accept it because you were given time to process it. It's just a lot more tragic if the death was sudden, like with how Hardy died. Jayden and Ahmed will be featured in future projects, so they will be given further character development, especially Ahmed. I won't spoil anything, but Jayden may or may not be furthering his love life in the near future, hint hint wink wink. Anyways, you should totally make your own VN! They're tough to make and finish, but very rewarding. And it's quite flattering you think I'll become a big name in the future. It's kind of my dream for people I admire to become my equals. But that will take some time. For now, I'm good just working hard on my next project.

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So I just read Khenbish's content and I really like it! I find Khenbish to be really relatable and I like the development he gets in this update. I felt kind of weird about the erotic scene. On the one hand, I felt like the scene was really long on the other hand I wanted to select all the options and really invest myself into the text. I don't know what to think of it. I also feel like the CG provided should have been rotated because right now the text box covers Khenbish's face so you have to press the H key to look at him sucking Tuan's cock (I provided an edit to how I think the CG should have been presented). I also would have liked to have seen some cum. I do like Tuan though, he's a nice mentor to Khenbish and it was sweet reading the erotic scene between the two. I also liked Khenbish's father. At first I thought he was going to be really terrible but he turned out to be a decent guy. Overall great work!

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I see! Thanks for the wonderful response!

Great read! Question about how asexuals and how they fit into this. Are they also "perverts" when they get really into their stories?

I'm accepting commissions right now and I'm available, but I'm not sure if my art style is something you'd want. You can look through my own VN right here to decide how you like my artstyle. Unfortunately, I don't know any other artists who are open for commissions atm. If you do want to commission me, just email me at Hope you find someone to draw your OC!

Thanks for all the kind words, Arufuredo. I'm glad I managed to show the stories of those who don't get their voices heard often. I'll keep at it and hopefully make even better VNs!

New build fixes this!

Ah, Strange Flesh. The one game I wish I could beat one-handed, but can't.

Oh tits. I'll try to fix this as soon as I can. thank you for telling me this!

I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the story! I'm also glad to hear you're looking forward to what I make in the future. Thank you.

Thank you for the kind words. I do kindly ask you to edit your comment to give a spoiler warning. Most people haven't read the ending yet so a warning would be nice.

Glad to hear you're excited about this build. Hopefully, I won't disappoint you.

Can I use this soundtrack for my upcoming VN once I buy the asset pack?

Anal Sex

Since we're posting bugs, I found this minor bug while doing reading through Wolf's scenes. This is supposed to be the scene Wolf II btw.

I missed the last Q & A session, so I'm really excited to ask these questions. 

1. What countries do you get the most traffic from (Aside from America)? I don't know if you have like a google Analytics for Minotaur Hotel, but I'm really curious.

2. What kinds of projects do you and your team want to do after you finish Minoh? I know Nanoff is making his comics but what about the rest of you guys?

3. What sex positions are each of the characters? I know both Asterion and Luke are bottoms but who else?  I hope Oscar gets a scene where he gets to bottom, I really want to see his hole.

4. Is a premium version of Minotaur Hotel a possibility? 

5. Besides the Hinterlands, what's one thing that you guys were surprised at the fandom reaction to?

This is awesome! So glad you're encouraging fans to do stuff with your work and inspiring them to do wonderful original things in the future! I personally would like to do several fan mod stuff, but I'm so busy with my current projects that I can't work on fan stuff, unfortunately. Keep up the good work everyone!

The top right sprite's always bothered me. Not because the art is bad, but mostly because it just looks like a guy wearing his underwear. Considering who he is, he really should have a more intriguing appearance. Like a more extravagant outfit.

Wow, that art of Kota by Alpha0 is HNNNNG. I wasn't too keen on Kota the first time I read through Minotaur Hotel (mostly because I'm not really a dragon person), but with his new redesign and the new hangout scenes he'll be getting, I think I'll warm up to him with this new build. Also, I'm glad to see my boy Khenbish is getting some love in Build 0.6.1 (Even though I'm 99% sure nanoff pushed you guys into making content for him). And I'm also glad you commissioned dilukha to make that art of Khenbish, he definitely deserved it considering how big a fan he is of the game and how good he is at art (At least, I think you commissioned him, I haven't seen him post that piece of art before on his Twitter). Anyways, hope the development of the game goes smoothly!

(1 edit)

We fixed that in the current build!

So far the game does not have NSFW content. However, we'll eventually put out builds that have explicit sex scenes. Just be patient for when the game develops.

Hey guys, so far the VN doesn't have any music in it, so just listen to this on repeat while playing the game until we add music okay cool: 

Great to hear you loved the VN! All in Love and War will have a build that will continue and complete the story in the near future, it's just going to take some time since I'm really busy with stuff. 

My next project will have beefy old men, Marines, and age-gap relationships, but it will also be non-linear and be more lighthearted, so take that as you will.

I'm glad you guys are getting some valuable work done! The last build was amazing, so I understand that you would like to scale it down in scope for the next few updates. I'm looking forward to learning more about the various guests!

Haha, glad you like those moments. I may or may not have more of those in the next build.

That's a very creative interpretation of the use of the nickname. You make it sound very intimate. I could see why you wouldn't want your friends to call you that. Expect to see the rest of the story soon(ish)!

Haha! Jaydy is a nice nickname, maybe you can get your friends to call you that. I'm glad my VN is pushing the right type of buttons for you.

Based on a comic strip from Menage a Trois, a webcomic made by Gisele Lagace. Also here's some accompanying music: