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I sprinkled Bloodborne and Dark Souls references everywhere, I'll just say that.


We don’t have an estimate yet

Not yet. We'll make a post when we're closer to completion.

We’re still developing the game! For now only the demo is available. Don’t worry though, you’ll get all future versions of the game guaranteed if you’ve made a donation for us at this point.

It's auto-enabled on this version of the game.

Thank you! And a Happy New Year to you as well!

They're all based on Greek lyres, though heavily modified from the standard design.

The left one is a chelys-style barbiton. It's by no means a traditional chelys, but still it's chelys-style.

The right one is inspired on the U-shaped lyre from Hagia Triada Sarcophagus while mixing it with the Minoan symbol we call the "horns of consecration." I don't know how I'd classify it, but perhaps the closest would be calling it kithara-style (though not with the movable crossbar that Luthieros has on their kithara model).

Haven't played the game yet but I thought I should say that your Patreon page isn't active and people can't subscribe to it, you might want to have that checked out.

I went a bit about the process of redesigning Asterion's lyre here, have you checked it out? I can try and answer any specific questions if you have them.

It's the handsome friend...

Sorry for taking a while, I was busy with irl stuff.

In short, some mythicals originate from humans being modified to be more animal-like, and some were animals modified to be more human-like.

P and Argos, for example, both originate from lineages of humans who were transformed. As such they can still have kids if they pair up with humans,  and sometimes the "mythical gene" can skip a generation.

Meanwhile Themba and the grootslangs do not descend from humans in any way, so they can't have kids with humans.

That's what I meant for the longer answer.

If you're asking if mythicals can reproduce in the hotel, then the answer is yes. They can, just the same as humans.

If you're asking how mythicals reproduce, that's a longer answer and I can get to it later today if that's what you want.

That's a good idea, I'll keep it in mind.

Human reproduction is possible. They left some exceptions to the rule.

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The Hotel's rules (through the contracts the masters signed over the centuries) are a mess of makeshift things piled up on top of each other. When it comes to this point in particular, previous masters made it so that most (but not all) life could not reproduce above the cliff wall. That's why, very specifically and since the first build, we make a point of saying that there was no fungi/mold in the hotel when the player arrived. This doesn't affect beneficial gut bacteria, FYI.

That is to say, if someone has an infection when they reach the hotel it'll stop multiplying in them and recede. Some conditions may be cured by this, while others would only go into remission.

For the first and second, you need to play the stories with ONLY the right kinks enabled. You'll need to activate two specific kinks per story.

When you click on the locked bobblehead options you'll get a hint on what kinks you should turn on.

If this isn't enough of a hint I can say more in a while.

I'm gonna pass your comment on to Eymon, but in the meanwhile here's the songs!

If you want to take a peek at the game before downloading it, recently plover310 made a LP of the demo!

Here's a link.

It comes with an option to censor on-screen nudity, but the story and the text remains NSFW.


Roddio is tired so I went ahead and made a playlist. Here's some of my favorites:

If you're on desktop just press "H" and it will Hide the textbox.

We'll probably add a clickable option for it at some point, since there's also Android players.

Me too! I want him to sit on your face!

Thank you, you're very kind.

We have such sights to show you.

So true bestie.

We'll have more introspective moments for sure!

About the bug, we'll take a look at it, thank you for bringing it to us.

So far I don't have any story with bondage planned, but I might still change up some of the stories I haven't started writing. So I'd say it's possible we might have bondage, but not guaranteed.

A high level Sex Drive player, I see!

Thank you! Eddio made it himself!

He has two versions, yes.

If you're using Android, just install the .apk and run the app.

If on Windows or Mac, unpack the .zip files and run the executable. If you're using Mac you might have to mess around with the security settings to allow the game to run.

Or you can install the app and it should handle all of this for you.

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"Almost"?... It can't be... Sex Drive was supposed to make everyone fail NNN...

Hey, that's a good idea... I don't know if we'll add more kinks to the list of toggleable ones, but I can certainly keep this in mind for the stories I'll still write. I did want to include a guy smoking a cigar... Thank you for the suggestion!

No, but I took note of what you said and I'll see what we can do in the future.

For those of you just tuning in, not sure whether to give Sex Drive a try or not, just check Eymon's and Eddio's work! Or leave it playing on the background while you're having fun with a friend...









The plumbob stays on during sex.