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Hum... Ok! I'll see what I can do. Keep in mind it'll be months before we start on any sex scenes, but once we do start I'll try. I do have one idea already for a bondage scene, we'll see how that goes.

It's very convenient you asked that, actually. Just a few days we got a build working on Android. nanoff wrote an explanation about it, here it goes:

"Hello dude, thank you for asking. I've been tinkering with an Android version the last couple days and have a functional port with our custom UI working and all.
Problem is that the buttons as they are are pretty small for a phone screen and navigating the menus is a little complicated. Yeah I could release that right now but it would feel like a rushjob. Minoanon is making some changes to the first two builds as he's writing the build 03 content so we're actually looking into making a 0.2.1 release with those new changes sometime later, along with an Android port with a more mobile-friendly UI. We're gonna make a devlog soon about it soon."

So yeah, we are getting closer and closer to an Android build.

Don't worry, that was an important point you raised. I went ahead and edited the post to add it, as I believe more people would have that question.


We thought using the name field as way to trigger the VIP Room would be non-intrusive and somewhat similar to putting in a cheat code. It also meant people would have to create a new save file to do it, which means at least their first playthrough was as we intended.

That said, we figured that playing as "Anon" would be bothersome to some people and that's why we left an option to change your character's name in there. So you'll only have to play as "Anon" for a minute or two :) Sorry for the trouble.

We are working on it, but no estimated release date just yet.

Well, each and every one of our characters is made with a father's love, we can't have our little noodle torturer looking bad, can we? Writing content for Argos is a lot of fun, always.

Well... I don't want to give too many spoilers, but... yes. Mino Hotel started as an interactive story on 4chan. Luke was one of our earlier characters and, suffice it to say, he does go through quite a few changes in attitude as the story goes on. As others raised points here I chose not to mention this fact because, well, the story has to stand up for itself without me explaining it.

But yes, thank you for the support, and you can relax knowing that it is constructive.

About Tech... Right now Luke doesn't interact differently based on the player's background, for the most part. There's only one or two lines where that happens in his segments so far. But that's not to say it will remain this way. We will see! :)

Hello, Ryezun. I'm happy to see that you liked our project so much you're willing to go as far as donating money. That kind of support means a lot to us! But we prefer to keep Minoh as a non-commercial project. It's just a little something we do on the side as a highly collaborative passion project.

It means a lot that you brought this up, but we have no plans of monetizing :)

Oh, I think you will enjoy what we have planned for Luke! Hahahaha. That's all I'll say for now...

Hello, PaleAngel. Just tonight we were discussing your points and -- well, it is my hope that Luke's upcoming chapters will be a remarkable experience. We want it to be quite a ride! :)

About the text boxes, I brought your point to nanoff and we will take a look at it. Thank you for putting time into writing your perspective

Hello CryingCroc. What I told RockJock in response to his comment applies just as well to you: thank you for putting your time and energy into writing this. When I've been putting so much time into writing for Mino my perspective can become a tad narrow, having someone reframe things really helps a lot and you did a wonderful job.

As I said to RockJock, hopefully by the time we have build 0.3 we will have some changes to how we structured Luke's and Kota's content.

To close off, I have to say I'm just happy to know you have faith in us, and I hope to keep on giving you and everyone else reasons to continue believing.

Hello! First off, I have to thank you for such a well-structured and precise critique. Your response gave me quite a lot to think over the holidays. I won't promise you the world but I have been keeping your points in my head as I've done some edits over the last few days. In particular your points about your agency -- the team and I have discussed a few possible solutions for this.

Hopefully we will have something that addresses your points by the time build 0.3 rolls around. Again, thanks a lot!

Hey kingyokai. nanoff addressed the matter of the player backgrounds. Now, regarding Luke... In a way we made a bet with him. He has a very hard-hitting first chapter, we could say, that indeed constructs him as the loud, tactless American stereotype. Our plan -- and perhaps I am revealing a small spoiler here -- is to subvert some aspects of that as his character arc progresses.

This discussion was productive to me. For now I'm going to incorporate some of this back into what I was planning for Luke -- mainly, I think I'll expedite some of his character development over his next pieces of content.

After Build 0.3 is out I'll look back into this issue, and if you want it'd be great to hear back from you about what you think then.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for your point, Sukrin. I think this is a matter where listening to different perspectives is really important, you see, because nanoff and I aren't American. Even if we follow the news about Trump we don't get the whole picture of the day-to-day.

Do you think what you've felt towards Luke is something many other players are likely to feel?

Your comment is reassuring in a way. Luke indeed is the kind of guy who hides his issues under many layers of vices, and that's something we intend on addressing on his chapters (they are optional; you can pick which guests you hang out with, you'll see this content if you choose to.)

I can say Luke is a character for whom we have some fun ideas. As you put it, "maybe get him drunk and have a candid conversation or something like that" is definitely something we can do!

Thank you for your feedback.

Hello everyone. As stated here, I'd like to open an invitation for people to discuss Luke here, as inspired by Kingyokai's comment. I think his honesty was quite refreshing, and I'd like to instill a similar sentiment that we, the Minoh dev team, appreciate honesty when we receive feedback.

An important point I'd like to stress is that we have plans for Luke which, we believe, will be quite satisfactory in due time. So we definitely have a strong compass and believe we can pull it off, but it's important that we have a good grasp on what people think about Luke so we can navigate it well -- and recognize ahead of time if our plan needs any reconsideration.

So... What do you think of Luke? Did you like or dislike him, why? Was he fun, or did he make your experience less enjoyable? Feel free to structure your thought however you find the most appropriate.

Hello! Responding first to one of your first points ("i'm not sure how far this criticism will go"), we always try to keep an open mind when we receive feedback. We want to make the best game we can.

Now, before I write an answer to your post per se, would it be ok if I posted a screencap of what you said on Twitter? I would like to have other people see it to give their own perspectives -- see how many share the same point you expressed. If you are ok with that, after we get more input I will explain a bit of how we are writing Luke and what role the backgrounds play in the game.

I guess we weren't too clear with that question and how we put it in the game. The guest that leads the lounge is determined by the choice you made at the end of Build 0.1, in which you pick someone classy or fun while looking at the fireplace. Classy means Kota arrives first and leads the lounge, fun means Luke does.

Thank you for your comment. It is useful for us in planning how choices will be structured going forward.

An amazing game, even more impressive knowing that this is only the first build. The characters are captivating in all ways: endearing designs, interesting (and mysterious!) backstories, and absolutely heartwarming interactions between them.

The plot maintains that same standard of quality by adding in juicy mysteries that kept me thinking long after I finished the game. It's one of those stories that keep crawling on your mind for a long while.

I can't wait to see where the story is headed!

This is a good initiative, leafo. Thank you.

I came across a few ideas for Suggested Tags while browsing Itch for assets. There are Suggested Tags like Dragons, Aliens, Ghosts, Monsters, Vampire... Which makes it easy to find asset packs for these monsters. I think it would be good if there were more Suggested Tags following this line. I didn't go as far as making a comprehensive list but "minotaur", "werewolf" and "kobold" have a handful of assets which could justify making them into Suggested Tags.

There are also games with those those tags which by itself could justify adding them: "werewolf" has 47, "minotaur" has 14, "kobold" has 8. More suggestions: "shapeshifter" (6 games), "angel" (25 games), "cryptid" (20 games)... "demon" has 123 games and "demons" has 83, so ideally "demon" would become a suggested tag and "demons" would be merged with it.

Another idea I had recently came from exchanging a few experiences with devs making NSFW games. There are Suggested Tags for Gay and Lesbian content, and a few more for sub-genres... There's also LGBT and Trans. What is absent is a "Bisexual" tag, which could be particularly useful from a commercial standpoint: it clearly conveys to would-be customers that this game has NSFW content "leaning both ways," which some devs and players might consider a plus.

This also relates to another issue: there is, seemingly, no agreed-upon tag for "heterosexual" content. People seem to use "Erotic" as a catch-all for sexual content and, in the absence of "Gay", "Lesbian", "LGBT" etc, it is assumed the game only contains heterosexual content.

So this creates an issue: a game with only gay/lesbian content can use "Erotic" and "Gay/Lesbian". A game with only heterosexual content uses Erotic. But a game with both uses "Erotic" and "Gay/Lesbian", which obfuscates the fact it also has heterosexual content. This highlights the use of a "bisexual" suggested tag and raises the point... It would be beneficial to have an agreed-upon tag exclusively for Heterosexual content, although I do not know what it should be.

On that front, LGBT and LGBTQIA are very similar in concept, and perhaps could be merged... LGBTQIA is the more encompassing concept, while LGBT is the more restrictive. In theory LGBT could be merged with LGBTQIA but LGBT is the more commonly used tag (more than 1k games) while LGBTQIA is lagging behind (98 games). So I'm not sure what should be done, if anything. Still, this point was raised by a few devs so I felt it would be reasonable to mention it.

That is a very interesting option. Yes, it's possible muscle might be a worthwhile tag! But we are stumbling on an issue lately which is... We only get the referral data for our top 20 referrers and they are so far ahead that any new tags we try remain with their performance hidden. We might test that out with the help of other VN makers though, who knows? Thank you for the suggestion!


Regarding the ranking, here's how it works: it is based on how affectionate you were to asterion

If your affection is positive, you'll get Great or Grand, otherwise you'll get fearsome or ruthless. Which of the two depends on whether it's an int or float value.
Whichever one you got, the other two categories depend on how hard you went on your decision to be nice or mean to him: you start on Calf, and as you go up (or down if you've been mean to asterion) you'll go through bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Then you jump to the next category: Peacock, starting on bronze peacock, then silver peacock, etc.

So, for example, Bronze Peacock is higher than Platinum Calf.

Why is peacock the next category? You'll see in Build 0.3.

Currently the highest ranking achievable in the game is Great Gold Peacock (which is only achievable by the Arts background, because there's one dialogue choice exclusive to it that can fulfill an old dream of Asterion) and the second best is Grand Silver Peacock (achievable by all backgrounds.)

Why go through all this trouble? We want to know how the average player is treating Asterion is so we can balance the game accordingly. We could have had you enter a numeric value into the survey but we thought it would be too mechanical and this was more fun. Plus we know who lied in the the Feedback Form thanks to this, because they put rankings which aren't achievable just yet.

All of that said, don't bother thinking too much about optimizing your ranking. If you got as far as petting Asterion you can be sure you are on the right track. We are doing our best to give you guys information on how well you are doing in-story, via Asterion's reactions, and the ranking is just a fun thing on the side.

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems like you are experiencing a known issue. Save files from Build 0.1 that weren't late enough into the game have that issue. Below is a way to fix it -- go back to Build 0.1, make sure your save file is just before the teaser for Build 0.2, save, then start Build 0.2.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

If the bug persists you can restart the game -- use the Skip button, it should get you through the game in less than a minute. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. We are look into ways this issue won't happen again in the future.

Luke will become the manager to the lounge if you picked "Someone Fun" at the end of Build 0.1. We realized people may wish to change their decision, so at the beginning of Build 0.2, alongside the SFW Mode prompt, you're again given the chance to go with either Someone Classy or Someone Fun.

Now... Petting Asterion is a small secret and the VIP Room is a big secret. I'm not spoiling the surprise just yet, but you can go to this thread right here where you can discuss the latest build and talk about how to access the secrets.

People already learned how to pet the moo, but I don't think anyone found the VIP Room. It ain't easy!

(2 edits)

This thread is meant for general discussion about Minotaur Hotel.

You may discuss and speculate about the story and the characters, share experiences regarding which choices you made and the outcomes, work together to find secrets and rare scenes, discuss about the VIP Room and so on. You may divulge spoilers -- it is assumed that people in this thread have played Build 0.2 to completion.

How to access the VIP Room:
  1. Start a new save file.
  2. Pick "Anon" as your name (the name of the Hotel's Master in the original Minotaur Hotel script)
  3. You will hear a chord confirming it worked. Later on in that scene, when the player character goes to sleep, you'll get access to the VIP Room.
What can you do there?

We left some goodies in there to make replays more fun. Mainly, you can set what's Asterion starting body type and, if you do pick the fully healed option, you can pick what his starting appearance will be. This allows you to replay the game with whatever configuration you want from the start. You can also reset your name so you don't have to play the game as "Anon."

As a cute little bonus we left some messages there too and you can meet a character scheduled for the next build, Gruggy the Kobold.

How to "pet Asterion"

When Asterion tells you about how he can change his fur color, ask him what color he wants. If he feels comfortable around you he will go in more detail about how he feels about it and you'll be given the chance to say "I won't hurt you." Pick it.

Hello everyone.

This time we have a Feedback Form through which people can give us their input on how to improve the story. But we figured sometimes discussion is necessary, which is why we have this topic. Here you can point out issues, discuss how you think Minotaur Hotel can be improved and even offer kind words about the game.

As a final reminder, you can also offer your overall opinion on the game by leaving a review -- better yet if you leave a comment explaining what you like/dislike, so we can improve.

We announced the release date, it's 14th November.

We should have all the writing we need soon, on the next few days. Then it's off to the editors. If all goes well, Build 0.2 should be out in 7 to 14 days.

Build 0.1 had about 90 minutes of playtime for a lot of people. Going by that estimate, Build 0.2 should add something between 90 to 120 more minutes of playtime, which we hope will satisfy people for now.

W-we are g-grateful for your co-ontinued patronage
P-p-pwease don't b-break ou-our skulls open D-Doom Guy
Pwease I - I c-can't die just yet, m-my life's work...

Now that gives me quite a big think, buddy.

'Mirin that there juicy UI bro

N-no homo though h-haha

Thanks dude!

Hey, I had been meaning to talk with you! There's something I'd like to ask, remember I talked with you about your Bara Games list? So, could you add Killigan's Treasure to it? It would help us a lot in figuring out some stuff

Thanks! It means a lot to receive comments like this, and we are grateful you like our game so much that you'd be willing to contribute financially. But we don't have plans to make a Patreon and we'd prefer to keep Minotaur Hotel a non-profit passion project.

Oh yeah, I'm having the time of my life here. I've been writing fiction for years now and this is the project that's gripped me the most. This story about Asterion really is something I've been itching to tell for a while now and it has great personal significance to me. It means a lot to me that people are connecting to it and the whole team is quite passionate about it.

Thank you for your support.

Please accept this never before seen moo as a token of gratitude for your continued patronage.

Only Asterion is date-able, but there will be more characters and some can become guests in the hotel. Under certain conditions the hotel's guests can end up dating each other which unlocks special scenes.

We might get "a" musclegut minotaur... It just will be another character, not Asterion, and it will be way down the road.

Regardless we'll have musclegut boys, that's for sure. You can count on that.

If you like romantic scenes then I can safely say you will enjoy build 0.2 and what we have planned for Minotaur Hotel overall. As we progress we'll allow for more ways to treat Asterion well and he will open up.

Like him licking my hand to show his affection or him nuzzling my neck or something haha sorry.

Now that's a great idea, I'll take note of it.