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Here are some more songs I enjoyed recently. I hope it pleases you guys as well.

Might be worthwhile following the artist in this video, Bettina Joy de Guzman.

Bold of you to assume she can be categorized together with carbon-based lifeforms.

Absolutely gorgeous. I think "redoings of classical art with Minotaur Hotel characters" has become one of my favorite things in the world, thank you so much.

I came across a few more songs I'd like to share, here are a few:

And, of course, this very Minotaur-related song:

Asterion is tied to stars, I wonder if Oscar has a connection to one of the other ones... Oh, who knows!

It's actually the opposite. For now we're doing some work on the staff's stories. We have a good production-based reason for it, it's because when we have more hangout scenes in the game it'll change the typical in-game day's pacing and we'd rather have that now so we can hit the right proportion between side content and Asterion's story.

There's also another reason, and it's simply that doing work on the side stories is very liberating creatively. It's giving us some fresh eyes that'll help when we tackle the next main story chapters.

I'm fucking dead

I was wondering how long it'd take for someone to notice

I'm yet to play this game but lemme just say that, from the trailer alone, this game (and its characters in particular) feels to me like what my gay brain wanted out of Star Fox. Not the Star Fox that exists in consoles, mind you, I mean the more atmospheric Star Fox that years of nostalgia built up in my head. The one where Wolf O'Donnel isn't an unrepentant, fucked up criminal and where I could just float through space while this song plays.

And the colors remind me of a more cyberpunk/space age Hyper Light Drifter.

Sorry if I'm rambling. I should play this game soon-ish and have actual impressions to share. Let's see how far off my initial assumptions were!

Last night I was dying because I couldn't find a song that had been ringing inside my head. It isn't an ancient song, but I was so happy when I found it and so glad it was just like I remembered that I feel like sharing it.

I'm a sucker for the lyrics. Hopefully you'll feel how it can touch a bit, even if distantly, on some moods/ideas we have in the game.

And another one from the same artist for good measure.

Precious baby boy

Minotaur Hotel would, provably, not exist without Creative Commons culture and Lawrence Lessig's work in particular. Such is the power of The CC.

Ah, yes. Such is the magic, the grace, the glory of royalty-free pictures available online. God bless those copyleft enthusiasts and their shenanigans.

And they are relevant to the game, too! Just imagine the old man at the start of the game saying this:

(1 edit)

fucking hell it's perfect, you're just too based

can I post it on Twitter?

Yeah, when we upload the next update (0.5.2) we'll make that clearer.

You know it sure is funny that it ends so well that people don't get the memo. I feel kind of proud of that, in a roundabout way.

Hi, wufke. There'll be more content, it's just not ready yet. And yes, you'll be able to hang out with the guests and help them through their issues.

In summary, the game's still in development and there's much to go through still.

Since we are getting Chapter 2 later this week I think it's time for another selection of juicy songs.

A truest work of art

Don't mind me, just posting some songs from the original game to hopefully enhance your enjoyment of this one.

Parts 5 and 6:

Parts 3 and 4:

Ruthless Route by Chapomon, part 1 and 2:

What do you mean by 2.0? We don't have a version with that number.

And the other two:

I might post other historically-appropriate songs in the future!

I just realized I could embed the videos here directly, so here it goes. That should make it easier to listen to them while playing.

Sadly, the engine Your Lancer uses isn't very good with handling music (if it handles it at all, actually), so...

In case you want a musical backdrop while reading the story I went ahead and selected a handful of historically-authentic tracks.

MVSICA ROMANA I, IIIII (my favorite)

PVGNATE II (the first half of this one kills me)


Twenty fifth part:

Twenty fourth part:

Twenty third part:

Twenty second part:

Twenty first part:

Twentieth part:

Nineteenth part:

I hereby take this first comment to post this highly relevant video.

Congratulations on the release!

It's a mystery! Someone will have to find it out.

Eighteenth part:

Seventeenth part:

Sixteenth part:

Fifteenth part:

Fourteenth part: