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I assume you refer to Luke, his hasn't been reworked on yet. From chapter 14 onwards you get to do hangout scenes with the characters. These are optional but not elusive at all. If it's available, it will be there when you are doing the management of the day.

You are trans before you start transitioning. The question is more on wether it only accounts for the gender you are born in, or if it may recognize your gender's "soul". That's assuming souls aren't genderless and based on the notion that they can be seen by someone like Robert.

There's a devlog with a table showing it could go up to 30. I believe that's not really final though, could have more or could have less.

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Honestly, Asterion seems to be another case of Prometheus. In his myth, after Prometheus stole fire from the gods, he was condemned to eternal torture, being tied up and having his liver eaten by an eagle every day, regenerating after each session.

but with asterion it's a bit different. he died before being brought to the labyrinth. you cold say he's some kind of zombie or ghost, rather than someone who ended up getting an absurdly long lifespan

she wouldn't, the goddess of beauty isn't going to look like anything except gorgeous. but athena...

the main thing is that asterion is in a long ass borrowed time already. it'd be against the laws of mortality for him to be free from the hotel and alive aswell. as long as he is in the hotel, he can't be free. at best, there could be put a contract in place that the current master's death would release asterion. granted, i'm assuming the rules here. with this scenario, life and freedom should be in conflict. it's one or the other.

it's worth considering the effigy might not be tied to one of the gods, that would explain why it's different. similarly, there's an altar to a nameless god in the valley, this is explored in the ruthless route. still, we know there's at least 7 ichor drops to gather and no more than 17 should exist in the realm.

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The ruthless route really changes the perspective on Nikos. He is a good boy.

Supposedly there are only 7 beasts, and each god only donated but a single drop of ichor. It doesn't say that every god donated, so it could either be 13 from the olympus 12 + hades, or just 7 that voted in favor of the labyrinth. unless there could be more "gods" involved. 

What i do wonder though is that there is ichor elsewhere within the hotel. at least, i thought that's what it was anyway. there was this liquid dripping from an axe head that is related to asterion's  execution, and the crystal wall in the hermes altar. 

Anyway, it was a short update introducing this quest, so obviously they couldn't put all of the cards on the table right away. There is not much to do for now except be wary of what might be at stake on this request and we don't know.

yeah, the pattern he gets are dependant on a number of choices. There is no guide for it, but there are 2 passwords you can input on Jean's phone when he asks you to type your name. "Chaoskampf" will give you the gray pattern, and I don't remember where the password for the brown one can be found.

 Yeah, some games do that and i'm not really a fan. particularly due to how they are structured, "do all of the everything so that you can finally play the real route for real and this is the ultimate super mega route". That's to say, if there is a bestest true ending, then it should be possible to get in a single run. When you artificially lock the best ending behind the worser ones, it's like your first try doesn't even count, cause you need to beat the game once before you can play the "real" version. 

 Right now I can only see the do the hermes task or not endings, but that doesn't mean I think they are the only ones there will be. I just don't have quite enough information to be making educated guesses as to what other options there will be.

The ruthless route isn't really sadistic, there are like 4 chapters but it's played from our good boy Nikos' perspective. He is at his goodest self during this route. The chapters themselves are pretty much linear with very little variation, or quite similar bits at the very least, it just has 4 different outcomes. Aside from that, there's a good amount of lore reveals we don't get in the main route yet, including one way to free Asterion, which is one of the outcomes.

Personally though, I don't think MC has that much beef with the gods. Queer people tend to be at odds with religion, considering how the most popular ones currently are constantly used as an excuse to try and abolish us. But that doesn't mean religions are always this xenophobic. Greek myths themselves are quite queer, and that's just what survived various cultural erasures promoted over the centuries.

In the trials about half of the gods were agains the labyrinth, Athena being the main one to blame and potentially manipulate the votes. But more importantly, the talk with Robert about how hells and afterlife in general work, it's implied you go to the afterlife of your specific religion, so that's why if Asterion and MC are to meet in the afterlife, one of them might have to convert, and I don't see our bull boi doing that.

Technically Asterion was happy in Hades, and it should be possible for MC to go there if he "converted to the religion". I'm not sure how that works, but still. It may be true that greek myths tend to tragedies, but I do believe we will have a good ending. Just not an utopian one. This also comes down to personal preference, in that I find that bending the rules to force the narrative to become the perfectest ending is shallow and demeaning to the story I got invested in. Obstacles can be overcome or worked around. That's what makes a story worth telling, but if you just take the challenges away without proper resolution, they shouldn't have been introduced in the first place.

allow me to clarify my issue with the gold armband and hermes request. i had those glaring concerns i've presented that were not addressed in those scenes. it's okay if the master wanted to do it as a promise or whatever, but i wanted for them to at least acknowledge that the terms would bring harm to him even if it wasn't his fault. then he could be like, "yeah, but i'm gonna do it anyway because promises". for the hermes is the same thing, i wasn't given a reason as to why the master did not inquire hermes further in, it didnt have to go there with the questions i still had, but at least the conversation could have had to be interrupted short to give us the sense that there were things that needed to be left unsaid for the time being.

if themba isn't in the hotel then luke will fill in that videogame talk, and as much as i love themba, i have to say that luke had the most heartfelt conversation with pedro for me. technically musical instruments aren't natural resources, so you'd have to teach the hotel to make them first, it can be probably done, but it's the sort of thing that might require an R&D task.

there is a codex, it only registers the things you found, but it's available to see from the main menu. it's called files and it registers everything you got in every playthrough. i also did post somewhere on this forum a files list with everything that can be found, assuming mine is complete. there's also an achievments menu to keep track of certain things you've done and hint at others.

but you will have to choose between arts background to recruit both themba and khenbish, or the leaders background to be able to recruit both pedro and nikos

Did you not see the Themba version of Pedro's segments in this chapter? Or are you just questioning their poor taste?

You could try to make a copy of your save files to transfer them. you would have to find which folder your device stores roam data, ren'py uses that folder to store saves that then can be retrieved by the next update without you having to tell it to. That said, I did have to manually go through many of the previous lines this update when attempting some reruns.

Alternatively, you could go to the in game setting and activate "unseen text" in the skip options, but make sure you deactivate that once you catch up do a few more lines and save. If you forget that option is on, you could easily come across something you haven't seen and skip it by accident.

Honestly, I do think there will be a better ending than what I've proposed, but it's not going to be perfect, or at the very least, Asterion and MC are not going to get to live togheter forever. It's not really a suicide mission to gather ichor, it's just a matter of thinking of a way to transport it safely, Kota is a god, even if not as powerful, so maybe he could pick it up no problem. Also, much like the greek heroes turned demigods you've cited, taking down those monsters of legends isn't ever a feat of brute force alone, to stay in theme defeating them will involve cunning methods and solutions, it's not going to be something straightforward like making a bazooka, and the master's powers are very versatile in that regard. besides, the team does have plenty of mythical power, I don't imagine we will be able to defeat all 7 of them in whichever team configuration, so which ones you get to take down will probably be suitable to whoever is available. 

Asterion is the stuff of legends and has water affinity given he is a creation of Poseidon. The though part here is the valley is going to immediately target and attack him, but at the same time, he can recover from any injuries that should have been lethal. And he is going to have the most understanding of this realm than anyone else.

Luke is nearly indestructible and can fly, with military experience from the world wars. He's knowledgeable with stars, so it could be a great help with navigation.

Kota is a river god, and dragons often come with exceptional powers, he is confirmed to be much stronger than he looks.

Khenbish has wrestling and cooking expertise, his bad luck curse might be a problem, but he could do good for a supporting role.

Themba isn't explored to much, and i'm not too familiar with grootslangs, apparently his phisiology can have some kinky perks.

Wolf has sharp senses and is a predator, the hard part is figuring how to make him help since he is an animal.

Robert can see souls and has extra high body temperature, even if not outright breathing fire, that can still be very powerful. As a lawyer, he also has in depth understanding of contracts which is a core mechanic to how the realm functions.

Nikos has the knowledge of how to navigate and survive the valley both from his time there and from his predecessors' teachings. He might know some tricks to the realm even Asterion doesn't.

Pedro has his feathers with can be really good for monitoring and investigating from a distance, he is also adept at rites, even if they are not the flashy kind of magic.

Oscar also has water affinity, and brawn, perhaps naive but at least the valley might not actively try to kill him like it would Asterion.

The cobalts are also there, and being small would make them both sneaky and capable of reaching hard to get places. they might be infatile but should be able to do excellent teamwork when it really matters.

There's also going to be 3 others who should be able to join the hotel. so there still is more potential to join the table. I think one of them is going to be a medic too, and healers are invaluable to any party.

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Well, greek myths are notoriously tragic. If you think about it, Hermes task is that of retrieving the source of what created the labyrinth, so there's a risk that without it, the hotel might cease to be due to how unstabble this realm becomes. Another idea is that freeing Asterion from his sentence means that he will immedietaly have to go back to the realm of Hades. Afterall, he is already dead. Hermes said that the initial plan was to give them about 20 years or something before proposing his request, so it stands to reason there would be some motive to want to stall from making Asterion free right away. 

As the master of the hotel, MC already has a lot of power, and he has a bunch of mythicals to help with this task. So, I don't think there would be any reason to reward him a demigod status and even then, that could conflict with his ability to be the master, since it must be a male human (this reminds me of that non-binary mod. if this rule gives vital implications down the line, then it would make that mod incompatible with the lore). Then there is the idea that ichor, the blood of gods, is nocive to normal mortals. Even if he does indeed become a demigod, he still couldn't be made immortal, so it'd be no more than just a title.

So, right now, I see 2 possible outcomes: You don't do the task, Asterion becomes eternally bound to the realm and eventually turns into stone, or you do the task and the hotel ceases to be with Asterion being returned to Hades.

Basically, what i've found is that the Pedro's scenes will involve Themba or Luke, and Nikos will involve Khenbish or Kota

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Sorry for the late response, i wanted to try out a bunch of different iterations to see what else i could find and got carried away reworking saves given rng aspects. The new things of note that I've found out, is that Kota doesn't always appear bottomless in the final scene (giving Themba's patterns flashbacks) , it was a bit weird considering his first impressions of Luke but it could be some cultural aspect i'm unfamiliar with. The other thing was with Lucas and Peter, and the heartache in the reason for those nicknames.

 Also, i'm aware mc didn't exactly promise to follow through with the request, but i thought in both scenes these were important points that weren't brought up, even if MC would still follow through without giving the player any choice. The talk with Hermes could even have been interrupted by Asterion feeling unconfortable with the topic, thus making it shown that some topics of it had to be postponed by "outside" force.

edit: oh, i guess i should specify, when i say bottomless i mean no underwear on.

his buffness can be a bit out of character considering the time he spends isolated in the valley, or it could be interpreted as a hint that he wasn't living under malnourished conditions for that long. aesthetically i like buffness, but lore wise there's nothing on his known background to imply he'd have developed muscles

such a good boy and amazing actor he is

So new update is out but it seems there is no poll. I guess I'll just be posting my first impressions here. And yes, there will be spoilers.

So, the old man from the beggining was revealed to be Poseidon. I don't recall why i got the impression he was Zeus, if it was a theory i've read on the forum, or if it had to do with how Hermes referred to him, i'm not entirely familiar with the olympians genealogy tree, it's been 2 years and MinoHotel still be pulling those switcheroos from chapter 18. I guess i don't have any real point here, but this is something of importance that contextualizes what exactly is going on. I did find that break of narration during the Hermes phone call agreement to terms rather amusing, given that has only been revealed in the ruthless route.

There is something i find rather immersion breaking with the main character and that is he doesn't really contest some rather critical things in my opinion. It's just 2 but still, the first one being in agreement to the gold armband terms from chapter 13, i did give it a pass due to the point of it being a proof of good willingness but personally i would have demanded for the contract to in case someone else coerced asterion in the valley not penalize the master if they had no fault or means to prevent it. The new one from this update, however, i find more concerning and that is he kind of just agreeing to Hermes request. Sure technically he has some time to think still, but i want to know why should the gods be helped? setting asterion free might be fine, but are we not unwittingly allowing for the olympians to restore their reing of tyranny over us mortals? in the myths they can be pretty brutal.

Now for a more uplifting note, I'll be gushing about my boy Pedro and him and Oscar morning cuddle session that's apparently been a thing for a while now from how casual they were about it, as if they were dating or something. Then Pedro gets rich and goes to a store and tells Marcelo "I'm DrUnK, AnD i'D lIkE tO pUrChAsE yOuR eVeRyThInG yOu HaVe FoR mY sUgAr BaBy~~~" and the occasional break to portuguese, porque também sou brasileiro e é legal ver os personagems falando a nossa língua. Also, I was glad for Themba to be there and getting some more exposition to him, i find both he and Robert to be very fascinating in concept, but i still feel like we don't have much of their characters known yet.

And thus we have the theme to the final arc of the story revealed, and it's very videogaymey. "defeat the 7 monsters, get their 7 gems, save the 12? princesses" this will be interesthing, the cast have many sorts of skills and i'm curious how these will be handled, what holes roles each one will be taking, how much we get to decide on strategies, it's a prime opportunity for some fun mechanics to be implemented.

Lastly, I couldn't tell for certain but is Kota supposed to be bottomless in the final scene? I wasn't sure if that was a case of japanese nudism or slits not being considered as nudity even though they are fetishized about (for good reason).

arts background, you get a 2nd option later on out of khenbish, themba and wolf. you still have to sacrifice time to recruit robert. that said the leader background will allow to recruit both P and argos, so it's not an exclusive perk

It's here, and Khenbish is looking tastier than ever. i'll be having me some bacon this friday.

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you cannot recruit every character nor do all their projects/hangouts, that's by design. the idea is for you to try out multiple runs. we don't get to be completionists here.

that said your background may give you additional resources on certain aspects, but it still won't be enough to do everything in one single save file

there won't be anything like that. people ask this a lot, the short answer is too much work rewriting everything to account for that

inserting dominance

i just did a rerun of the game, my suspicion is that the scene you are thinking of doesn't have any choice, which in this case makes it awfully hard to find since you'd have to reread a lot of dialogue, or it's something else entirely and not a moo. the closest i've found was the hum or encourage option by chapter 14.

well, it's technically version 0.6.2 but the story wasn't expanded on yet. so i guess i've proved myself right afterall 

oh wow! the implication here is that asterion could have any kind of dick he wants or even a pussy.

to answer simply, yes it is. you get to see some reveals and lore info that are not present in the main story currently.

well, it's indiscernable when you zoom in

not from, before it. there's a panic attack scene and mc goes to "confort" asterion to keep appearances but it actually damages him psychologically even further. it's really fucked up. in some ways i find it's darker than when asterion gets thrown in the pit to be ripped to shreds

some stuff in the hinterlands can be quite horrifying. and there is a particular scene leading to the ruthless route i've found to be rather heart wrenching. i find that horror is a matter of tone setting, there are more than enough concepts present that could be spinned into a horror story. it just might not feel like it depending on the approach that the writing presents it. as far as i understand, minohotel main tone is about healing. if we were to pick at each of the characters traumas and devolved on them, there could have some very depressing results.

i don't know about image, but isn't this the one that you have to get translated via R&D? because even if there are actual words, if it's not identical to the translation then it's probably not canon.

now that would be a continuity error. i don't know that would be an easy fix for the devs though. if nanoff has to draw more art for it, then it might be too much trouble. but good catch on that.

the ruthless route is so rich with juicy info for those who are depraved brave enough to walk it

even then, i think i recall the hades judges claiming that king minos lineage has always been part bull. and robert's ability to see souls tells us that Asterion has a hybrid soul. Asterion's soul is half chaos, though, according to robert, it's like that half was stripped away from him. When we see his forehead birthmark appear, i believe it to be a sign that he is recovering that half of his soul, the direction of the story seems to be towards him embracing poseidon's heritage.

the question to consider is what being born of human parents mean. does it implies no mythical could ever hold the deed? or would someone from like the panoptes lineage which is said to be human in origin be eligible for it? would it be a more literal interpretation and go that parents must be humans, and, as you posed, do these parents have to be the ones who conceived them or will the ones that raised overrule?