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the one tactic that has worked for me was using the shortcut to reach Roushk, relieve him, go back the shortcut and relieve Xer, then go to north east corner to botter Rhot. i can't promise it will work but the 2 times i got him i did that, and some other subtle moves that would be too hard to explain

it's very integral to the plot. the name and implications give it a bad rep, but it's definitely worth going through

Rutheless Route

  • "Event: Training (Req: Xer won the contest, available during weekend when checking up with warriors in the ruins.)"

it says this event is supposed to unlock the "Training talk" but either i missed the event or the talk just isn't showing up

south exit of the munbury complex

if you done lizard good ending, then it's completable. you have to sleep until morning at night

i'm having the same problem, triggering these, i got Xeroth to win the contest and some new dialogue when meeting Rhot, but the Training talk and the Sleeping Issues quest aren't showing up

oh, so that's were you get specter boots? does it have to be before beating scar?

i think it's a random event at bandit's camp after you complete that questline

for standard enemies, you can throw love potions in combat to quickly improve your reputation

oh, you might need to improve your reputation a little, if it's too low the bandit pair is more likely to appear

"never told a lie", exactly what a liar would say

you guys have done too good of a job wrapping up this one. too many people are getting confused whether this is finished or not. maybe consider uploading a new version that makes it more explicit it will still be continued?

for the rutheless route you have to keep sending asterion to the valley, once there all 4 endings can be obtained within the choices on the route.

 as for speaking other languages, there is no such rules that i've ever heard of. some might just prefer to speak in the native languages of the developers, which isn't english.

i'm impressed. if i was shown this picture without knowledge of the cover image, i would totally believe it

as long as the project isn't abandoned without notice, then it's all good, with me at least

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Up to 2 years from now depending on how the updates schedule gets handled. This is a very long project and Richard's only begun. Granted, i'm only going by how consistently we got updates, i can't speak for DyneWulf on that.

i think it's illegal to sell? you can't exactly forbid people from including their bodily fluids to the food on their own home

as far as shapeshifters, i think only the greek gods have been mentioned. my question would be if the labyrinth forcing mythicals in their true form would have any effect on a werewolf like being, or if shapeshifting abilities are merely misinterpretations from people who are unaware of the existence charms.

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Well, they manage it poorly if cases like Storm are any common

ooohh, this looks like one of those greek urns

Well not everyone got that, mine was Asterion who did the punching

i think he is refering to the town plaza with the rambling woman

man this is good, and to Virgil i do think you are pretty, just haven't decided if i should be afraid yet.

honestly, i don't think it is, but i was only able to get different outcomes when i changed backgrounds. my main playthroughs are with math and it always got me gray. it could be something down the line that i would be more likely to trigger on a given background.

more or less, some choices are background exclusive. other than that there is the RD & Exploration stats, but that's harder to keep track off

So, you may know that Themba can come on 2 different patterns. The purpose of this topic is so that we try to find what determines which one you get. The only clue i have so far is for different backgrounds. Across my playthroughts i got:

Gray - Humanities; Tech; Math; Speedrunner

Brown - Leader; Arts

Lounge manager doesn't seems to be relevant from my runs

well then, i will start a new topic on that. since i have yet to see anyone talk about this

i do have a question, what determines the pattern of themba? i got both versions to appear but other than possibly depending on background i still have no clue

there will be more later

can't  you prevent covid spreading inside the hotel with contracts?

Zeus definitely voted against Asterion, however he wasn't keen in voting either way, he didn't want to be the decider. It's also been thousands of years, and it's very possible he came to regret that decision at some point. Although that's not confirmed.

unlikely, many of these characters are cameos not owned by him, plus this novel has been going for years. i'm sure dyne would rather move to a newer project.

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I never actually played D&D but here's what i think by looking up the class names

Asterion - Paladin

Luke - Ranger (Wolf as an animal companion)

Kota - Monk

Robert - Warlock

Argos - Rogue

P - Wizard

Storm - Bard

i don't know which is more dirty. this pizza or my mind for thinking what looks to have been done to it.

and now i want stand names for the crew

there are some loopholes then. can they come in if the master invites them in even if the master doesn't know they are gods? and can they manipulate the master to do so from outside?

maybe it's nothing, but we can't assume it's not possible

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every month the public gets 2 updates which means 2 new days, this month we are only getting 1 update/day except this is a housekeeping update. there's no new content, as it's mostly fixing things on earlier parts.

so yeah, seems like there's no new days for this month on the public version.

can't she be a god? what exactly is preventing that? clearly the overseer can get in just fine, could the hotel even make that distinction? what if they found a way in?

Considering P doesn't sleep, he must cry every night all night.