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as i said, you don't have to think of mc as a self insert. it wouldn't be you

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you don't have to think of the mc as a self insert, besides the ruthless chapters aren't about hurting asterion, most of it is played from the perspective of good boi argos, and it contains some neat lore info that makes it interesting to check out.

anything non-human (or other normal living things) is a mythical. while there can be divine or chaotic inclined mythicals, the term goes to all of them. that said, evil is a lot more complex in this, as it's the gods that are shown to do some of the most vile acts in the story. however the very fact that they are gods means that morality isn't quite applicable to them.

why not? it's a different argos everytime, and depending on mc this one does no harm to asterion

yeah, there was 3 more i found. it's been added to the list

You see, P's tail feathers work as spare eyes. He can set them up elsewhere as a security camera of sorts, this is why P's family have a tradition of working in the police force. Another neat thing, is that it seems they can pass down memories too, the flashback you see when you get in the shed is actually a memory from his grandpa's feather that was left there.

probably not, in talks about making the side contents more accessible, the devs said there were too many variables to have them playable in isolation

Must. Protect. Gabe.

something that will be implemented later most likely. it's been there for many builds, but there are no items of that category yet.

if i recall it right, ruthless chapter 1 has one 3 choice prompt that determinates what ending you get, except if you are particularly evil, then you get the 4th ending no matter what.

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well, yes. i did that, but i'm not as much looking for a guide on how to do it. i just wanted to know if bronze boar was a real rank in the first place.

Nice, Echo Project yet again expanding their capabilities in a VN. The water physics are so pretty, the animated panels coming through are a nice stylization, the comedic timing is great, and the subversions to the cliches of a superhero origin story are on point.

i know from the official walkthrough, the logic that not rubbing wine is the nicer decision, is that you would be being overbearing. like, you just met the guy, give him some space. but that's not the matter to the topic, the devs already expressed they don't want the rank system as a metric for how well you are doing in the game. my concern is that i'm not sure if i'm misremembering my previous rank, if it got removed during some of the newer updates, or if i'm just failing to get it again.

No, i understood alright. What i meant is that there aren't many female NPCs. It basically becomes a straight game with female MC. The game is focused on male content, as in you date mostly men.

no, the game just doesn't have many female characters.

it is, you unlock it if you find the cow bell in the valley. but it's hard to find, i think rng prioritizes other items first

no, it wasn't you. many others on the forum seem to think that the platinum wolf is the current max rank, but i recall getting a bronze boar, which should be higher. problem is, i can't replicate it to prove it, so i've confused myself with it. i'm mostly hoping for one of the devs to clarify what might have happened, or at the very least confirm if it wasn't a thing to begin with.

Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Bronze Boar

So, back when build 0.5 was released, i recall being able to somehow get a Bronze Boar rank on my first runs. Now i see people posting Platinum Wolf as if it is the max rank possible, and yet, i haven't been able to reproduce my previous rank on subsequent runs. As such i've been left wondering if i really did get a Bronze Boar, or if it was removed, or if it was a bug. What are the current max ranks for each background in build 0.6?

Asterion is the only one we know to be famous enough that there would be porn claiming to be him, but seeing as he is literally the stuff of legends, it wouldn't look quite like the real thing. We have to consider that while furry porn is canon, doesn't mean Minotaur Hotel VN is. So it's not like the characters would be seeing the fan art we have done of them, nor the official art by Nanoff.

well, that is an angle i haven't considered before. i assumed the idea is that he'd turn to stone and his conciousness cease to exist, but if he becomes a living statue then that's far more concerning. as for the gods, i think reading to the end of the current build will give you a better understanding.

yeah, furry porn is canon in universe

This project is still going. it doesn't update as often as others but it has never been abandoned. There's a very recent dev log stating that after next update's hinterlands expansion, the update after that will continue the history from chapter 19. Argos has been confirmed as a potential guest to the hotel. But the old man might not be who you think it is. Still, Asterion should have been dead for thousands of years, becoming stone might just be the best outcome for him.

nah, that's not a red flag, we are way past those. if anything, that's evidence.

note to self: never hide something in a huge package on a house full of queers. that's the first place they will look. :p

it is specifically called normal

i suppose i missed it because it wasn't reiterated in the R&D section of the log

i can't believe you did not include in the notes that the speed runner background would change the swimming pool event like that

eh, unless that's some kind of 100% reward that kills of the whole point of having different paths. but the problem with 100% rewards is that they become worthless because you've done everything already.

yes, that's the one. i wasn't home, so looking it up was a little annoying

That's correct. It's impossible to do both in the same playthrough. I posted somewhere in the forum a calendar for management days 

i would recommend to just do a new story altogether, even if heavily inspired by this. reviving a dead project without explicit approval is... well, let's just say it raises some red flags.

yeah, i remember that conversation. my conclusion is that they meant for asterion to stay similar to his scrawny sprite you meet early on, cause i think i joined the VN either on build 1 or 2 and there wasn't really any major changes to sprites besides kota

it could be a high fantasy. as in, it takes place in it's own world. if it were to take place in the real world, you'd have to consider where hoss studied when the shooting happened, and that kind of narrows it down to US.

i know, reading this comment also gave me an urge to drink coffee

It just so happens that the cost for making a self insert causes a lack in personality that i don't find relatable. In a sense it still fails as an insert, so might aswell add some flavor and fail in style. Also it breaks the immersion to have this empty vessel being of vital importance to the plot. Feels like pandering for the sake of it, rather than something they earned.

from my experience reading vns, i find it best to have a protagonist with their own personality. i know people love the idea of self inserts but it just fails to me, because it means the protagonist has very generic traits that don't really matter and usually makes me forget they are even there. i was much more keen to connect with P in the hinterlands, (and guess who i ended up making fan art of). i understand the novelty of putting yourself in the story with a custom character, but as far as i've experienced it just can't ever be good enough customization to satisfy me (besides maybe appearance) and in the end i get a non character. now, i won't say you should course correct, this kind of thing will always result in backlash, and it's not like i have any stakes on MC. as is, he's effectively non existent to me.

1- olympus might not exist anymore, with the lack of worshippers it just couldn't keep functionig as a home for the gods.

2- why would hermes even bother to do that? seems like too elaborate a scheme to pretend to be someone else when PC wouldn't have anyway of knowing anything by that point.

3- it really wasn't that fast, the gods have been degrading for a long time, hermes is just starting to show more severe symptoms, but he was certainly much weaker than in his prime when the story begins. don't let his composure fool you.

it's by design that you can't do everything, so technically you are performing well regardless of what you do