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Wolf Discussion

A topic by ali_ath72 created Jul 27, 2022 Views: 528 Replies: 6
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While Wolf is goodest boy,  I felt like his presence was lackluster. There wasn't much protection the hotel needed, given MC's powers and Asterion's massive fist flying into Jean's face. I absolutely adore Wolf's face whenever he's there, and I acknowledge that he cannot speak. However, not speaking is no excuse for a poorly written character! There's many good characters in media and even in other Furry VN's that do little to no speaking. I think it's important to highlight how other characters would interact with Wolf,  such as having  previous experience with wild animals, or even having a fear of dogs. A little bit of this was explored with only Asterion and Luke, (although that might just be Luke's lack of self-preservation).  Wolf's prelude was all about earning trust and trusting humans, crossing the boundary between species in the midst of harsh survival mindset, yet there was no trust to ever be established between MC and Wolf. Nevertheless, he is a good boy that is just happy to be there. <3


This will be explored in wolf's content, which is still being written.


he is only a pupy who just arrived

plz give him time 2 meet evry1 uwu

I feel like Wolf being able to talk would be the perfect excuse for him ending up in the hotel. He gets born into a pack and when he starts talking he gets kicked out. He tries to join other packs but when he talks he basically gets told GTFO. So he wanders around until he crosses into the hotel's sphere of influence. 

what are you talking about? we know how he ended up in the hotel, that's like 99% of his content currently.

I know that, it just seems like there is no reason for him to be there. Unless I'm forgetting something. 


Wolf is there because they is unable to form symbiotic relationships with both humans and other wolves. They're "lost" and probably able to find solace with being around MC and Asterion for the time being.