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Two things.

First. Is anyone else annoyed that we don't even get to SEE Killigan's mom? 

Secondly, and maybe I'm reading too much into this but it seems like Head wizard Komoli and Killigan's mom were MORE than colleagues. I mean she give Killigan 1000 coins seemingly just because she worked with his mom.

I'm liking the story so far, the quick-time events not so much. Maybe I just suck at them but they seem WAY too easy to fail. 

So a Minotaurus? 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Is anyone else curious as to whether or not we will ever get to see Kota's brother Onsen? I know it's a long shot but loose ends like that bug me. 

Am I the only that thinks Kota looks like Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender? 

Everyone is kinda broken in some way. Asterion has it the worst given his backstory. I went for a Ruthless run once and it skeeved me out so much I couldn't go for the other ones. 

I don't normally like pig characters but Khenbish is adorable. If I were the MC and Khenbish asked me if I wanted him to make a meal for me I'd say "You know, I am in the mood for some Mongolian pork." Then I'd stare at him with a grin on my face until he gets it. Then I'd probably laugh and say "Sorry, I've been hanging around Luke too long." 

All of the routes have a modern shirt. When you go to the Bedrock Basin the first time and test the hotel's power you can create a neckerchief or bracelet for him. It's only the Speedrunner route that gets a specific gift for Asterion, the #1 Moo amulet. It has no bearing on the story whatsoever but it seems odd that only one route gets a specific gift. 

I know that, it just seems like there is no reason for him to be there. Unless I'm forgetting something. 

I feel like Wolf being able to talk would be the perfect excuse for him ending up in the hotel. He gets born into a pack and when he starts talking he gets kicked out. He tries to join other packs but when he talks he basically gets told GTFO. So he wanders around until he crosses into the hotel's sphere of influence. 

I think they mean Hangout like getting to know Asterion. Like you can with Luke, Kota, and Khenbish. 

I never hated Nikos. When I learned his backstory I started feeling bad for him. 

It seems to me that, in general, Visual Novels aren't getting finished because their Devs are working on like a dozen VNs at the same time. 

The "Placeholder" on the sprites is kinda distracting.

When it got to the scene in the hot springs I was like "Magis you cock-blocker."

According to Google Translate it says

"Attention, for whom the Russian language does not work, after you put it, poke in the place where the "start" button was, the story will begin already in the language that you have chosen and it remains not to forget to save, in the future this error will not be , if I did not explain clearly, then let me know, I will make an explanation with screenshots."

To be fair he looks like that pretty much all the time. 


I wonder if that red dragon is supposed to be Onsen. 

I liked it. The communal bath scene with the back and forth of a first person narrative from Nolan's perspective to a first person narrative from Nicolai's perspective kinda gave me whiplash though. 

O.O What is up with that face? 

I'd like to see stories about the other members of the Galaxias. I'd also like to get more of Neferu's backstory, mainly to find out why his family doesn't seem to like him that much. 

I'm trying to get one of the Hinterlands achievements that requires Speed runner but I keep getting this

Am I doing something wrong or is part of the code broken? 

I don't know if it was intentional or not but Kota(to me) gives off major Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender vibes.

I could see Nanoff's influence in some of the reactions of Knebish(doubt I spelled that right), Asterion, and Storm/Oscar. Did AntiDev work on this? Cause some of the facial expressions of P/Pedro and Luke are straight out of Brogulls.