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What are your favorite characters, and why?

A topic by Minoh Workshop created Aug 19, 2021 Views: 1,060 Replies: 16
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The title says it all! What are your favorite characters in the game, and why?

And if that's not enough, how about:

  • What do you expect for your favorite character's story, and what would you want to happen?
  • What's your favorite moment relating to the character?
  • What's your least favorite character, and why?
  • What kind of interactions would you want to see between characters?

This thread is meant to be fun and relaxed, so feel free to make yourself at home!


Given how much attention and focus is put on him, it's hard for Asterion not to be my favorite character. He's just so well written. What I expect for his story is....complicated, I hope to see greater conflict with the MC, particularly surrounding the armband promise, and whether or not the MC is tricked into breaking the promise or is forced into an ultimatum where he might have to(both likely involving a wily snake). If there were interactions I'd like to see between characters, I'd love to see something like Kota and Luke trading off the Cobalts for half the week with each other like a divorced couple taking turns watching the kids. 


Pre 0.5 thoughts. Asterion is by far my favorite character but he is the focus of the story. I love the gentle soul he seems to be which makes his entire backstory so heart breaking. My favorite thing about how we interact with Asterion is the realistic take that you can't just walk into Asterion's life and treat him with basic humanity for a few days and expect everything to be good for him now. The exploration of Asterion's dark thoughts brought on by the distress of being treated with basic dignity and respect and his fear of the future with the MC. It's so poignant but I don't think it's something most people would really take into consideration. It also makes all the moments where we make Asterion smile all the most rewarding. Chapter 13 was a particularly heavy chapter on the subject but it's also my favorite because it starts to address the power dynamic that the MC has over Asterion, whether he wants to or not. Getting all the internalization of Asterion's thoughts as he tries to put on a smile while being social is relatable. I want more of this, more of Asterion being open with the MC about the darkness that has been eating away at him.

On the lighter side, Luke is another character I enjoy. His lewd humor is entertaining and reading about the other guest reacting to his over the top Americana is amusing. Two characters that I think are likely underrated are Greta and Ismael. I enjoyed their small inclusion as an example of how human guest would react to stumbling across the hotel. Seeing the average guest accept the hotel, its magic and the other mythical guest relatively quickly and either jump in to help out around the hotel or go back to focusing on their own issues is a nice touch. I enjoyed Greta's contemplation on what the hotel's existence and power could mean to the world. I wouldn't mind seeing these two again and seeing if Ismael takes the MC's advice and works on his relationship with Greta; whatever that would look like. I'd like to see more minor characters like them to support the concept of the hotel having guest coming and going and taking something away from their experience there. The Cobalts are cute and see what their story is.

In terms of least favorite characters, I'd say Kota and Argos fall into this. That's not to say I don't like them, quite the opposite, I like them. I'd just say that Kota is just a bit of a prude for me which makes me like other characters more. Though I do want to learn more about him. Argos is an antagonist (or is he?) which makes his presence fell me with dread as he rains on my minotaur parade which is why he ranks low for me. Still, I enjoy interacting with him and I'm curious to see what he's deal is.

I see a lot of people bring up Jean, he seems cool. I don't think too much about him since he's rather shrouded in mystery and there are other characters that overshadow his presences for me. But I do look forward to unraveling the mystery of his identity. So far, all the characters are likable in their own way. I can't wait to see what's in store for them and for us in 0.5!


So much happened in 0.5 and now that I've gotten most of the content in it, I think I can reflect on how my opinions have changed.

Asterion is still our number one moo. It is great to see so him a bit more at ease (though some of that tension is still there and rightfully so) and it's so great to see him have a lot of fun moments. Whether it's interacting with other characters or reminiscing about the past with artifacts found in the valley, it's just so great to see Asterion talk more about himself. Something I really enjoy about Asterion is his sense of humor and some of that trickster in him. It highlights just how clever he is and how lighthearted he still is even after everything he's been through. My favorite parts to read out loud is whenever Asterion is trying to impersonate Luke, it's just funny to think of Asterion who comes off as calm and reserve being bombastic and vocally lewd as Luke.

Luke is still Luke and I love getting to hang out with him and learning more about him. For all he's flaws or what most people would consider flaws, he's a good man. Kota warmed up to me a lot more since we got some one-on-one scenes with MC and Asterion being very frank about their relationship with each other. Especially, Kota being a very mature wingman and mentor is great. I hope we get to see more of this from him.

The biggest turn around on opinion is Argos. Just wow. It a plot twist I did not see coming the way it did. Learning who he is, and his perspective was a fun mystery to unravel. In the ruthless path that I played, it's great to see him essentially becoming the protagonist. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this snake. Jean, not surprising but that climax was tense in a great way. His trickster moment with Asterion, the MC and Robert was really funny though I do want to know more about his son, which did seem very genuine (I think I know what it's referring to, I'm interested to see how that myth is reconciled from his perspective to seem good if it's what I'm thinking). The Cobalts make cute helpers to have around. They're like children trying to be helpful while being raised by a group of dads.

While we don't get to spend too much time with some of the new characters, they've all had something interesting about them. Robert is so fascinating, and I like how intellectually curious he is. Khenbish seems like a sweet guy wanting to please people, but his bad luck gets in the way. I also get the feeling that he's got some repressed emotions that as his elder child status in his family, responsibility, social status and bad luck don't allow him the luxury to sort out. I really like Themba's past relationship with Asterion; it's great to meet a character from the past that has a positive connect to Asterion. Themba also seems to have a fun playful side to him while also taking his work for the hotel seriously. I'd like to see more of Themba and Asterion spending time together to catch up, reflect on all that's happened to them and the hotel and maybe get into some mischief. With Wolf, it's amusing to see the concept of the hotel from the perspective of an animal, and I would assume any pets brought to the hotel under less unusual circumstances (he's also seemingly the only one not directly lead to the hotel by Jean) would also feel some disorientation in the hotel at first. It was brutal to see the quite literal dog eat dog life he's had to contrast to what new life he might lead in the hotel. Asterion having a pet "dog" is a very fun idea. I'm looking forward learning more about all of them and more about their respective origin mythologies if applicable.

Lastly, there's my two favorite maybe couple, Pedro and Oscar. Oscar is relatively well adjusted for the shit he's gone through. It's heartwarming that he hasn't let the hatred he's endured poison him. I also like that he acts his age, still young enough to have fantasies about how the world is like, even if they're very inaccurate. He's also got that passion for music; I wonder how that'll factor into his relationship with Asterion. (Ancient Greek inspired rock music?) And then there's Pedro, he's likely my favorite character outside of Asterion. Though, a lot of that can be attributed to most of his story being narrated in the first person. I love the inner turmoil that are his thoughts. His constant struggle of his self-doubt, dark thoughts about himself and initial impulse reactions with his battle to untrain himself from the hateful learned behaviors he has and striving to be a better person and being his best self just makes him so relatable. Despite being a mythical and practitioner of the occult, Pedro feels the most grounded and most human character. I just can't help but see a lot of myself in Pedro.

A rather late reaction but I thought it worth sharing. Let's see how further versions shape my opinion about the fantastical characters.


Argos is amazing, if you learn more... (Route specific info maybe?...) Snek is precious

And he's so adorable in a turtleneck sweater.


>Can sustain themselves entirely out of Minotaur Hotel™ Grape Juice
>Have the most sex appeal out of anyone in the cast with zero effort
>Elevate other characters through their sheer presence
>Usurp the PoV to elevate the story too because the former wasn't enough
>Aren't even in the game yet

Black chads just can't stop WINNING

My least favorite character is Jean. He seems like kind of a cunt.


For me, that would be Argos. As controversial as he is, I feel he has the most potential for growth out of all the characters we have seen so far(prehaps even more than Storm) All the characters in Minotaur hotel are searching for a purpose and a place to belong, except him, who gladly flaunt it.  Seeing how he reacts to the master, who in his kindness to Asterion makes him obsolete, will be so interesting to see. Will he cling on his intended purpose? Will he learn he can be more than that? There are so many way you can take this character and that really excite me for the future. Plus that scene where he hugs the master was really cute.

Well warming up to Nick it's like a 3 way tie.  The other 2 are the minotaurs.  What I want to happen?  Something of a band I guess.

The duet and... I can't decide between street drumming or the paycheck celebration (I mean that whole day).

Early game I would have said Kota (gives me law faction vibes) but I suppose I would go with Ismael.


I chose Leadership, Luke, and Themba, so there are at least two characters I haven't met, but plan to.


Asterion is, unsurprisingly, a favorite. He is complex, and refuses to let things be less than complex due to everything that he's been wrongfully forced to suffer through. My favorite moment of his is probably:

 "I want. I want...? (Black screen) I want."

I cried just at the Chapter 18 title screen because of how much that first moment hit me lmao. So THANKS.


Luke is a favorite. He probably has the most Nanoff energy in terms of expressions and I adore how over the top he is. My favorite thing about the series is how despite being one of the darker and more emotionally complex VNs I've read, it's also simultaneously the funniest. Luke is a big part of that.


I won't go into too much on these ones, but P and Storm as a unit, Argos, and Themba are all interesting and complex characters. You bet I hugged one of them when given the chance and my character was much harsher than I was, although I also believe it wasn't me that should be hearing these things. Themba is such a natural addition to the cast and his optional backstory was subtle, but raw.

I'll give a special shoutout to Robert and what his backstory adds to the mythos. Robert kicks ass.


My least favorite is probably, well, You. I don't have a great grasp on them. Where they came from. The dialogue options sometimes feel out of character, especially talking to Luke early on. However, I don't think that's necessarily a negative. The neckerchief you can make for Asterion gives me some thoughts about where we've potentially come from. And even without that, it's necessary for all the possible routes and backgrounds.

What I'll say is Undertale is not worse off because the MC doesn't have dialogue outside of your choices. Although I do wonder if it would have been stronger if it was the same here, but that would rob us of moments like you and drunk Kota talking about the power you have so overall it's a net positive. But when talking about MCs, most other series I've read leave a stronger impression, despite few of them matching the complexity and background of everyone else. I think maybe that's partially it for me, too. Every other character has such a rich and thought-out background and personality that ours feels vague in comparison. 


The only thing I want to see is a scene with Luke and P doing their laughing sprites with each other, since P is so reserved about it, whereas Luke is in a constant state of almost choking. 

okay, some of what I originally posted has changed. Mainly my thoughts on "You". But mainly when thinking about what sort of interactions I'd want, I was thinking about Storm and P. It would be interesting if we found out P requested a feather be sewn into the back of the jacket. His reasoning would be to find "the kid" if he ran off, but really it was so he could watch over him. Alternatively, since there are two Peacock feathers left by his grandfather, he gives one to Storm as both protection and a sign of affection. Not dissimilar to the armbands, but obviously with fewer asterisks attached. 


That was actually something I considered adding to the Hinterlands, but we cut it because it sounded too premature. It might happen later in the game if and when they are closer.

We have some cute ideas for it, it'll be fun.


Cute is good. I like cute. I would go so far as to say I even support cute.

If and when cute opportunities arise. 

I don't normally like pig characters but Khenbish is adorable. If I were the MC and Khenbish asked me if I wanted him to make a meal for me I'd say "You know, I am in the mood for some Mongolian pork." Then I'd stare at him with a grin on my face until he gets it. Then I'd probably laugh and say "Sorry, I've been hanging around Luke too long." 

I love Panoptes (Pedro and Argos), they both have good sprites (emotions), interesting backstory and very cool charisma. (also why creators want to pair them up every time?)
As a least favourite character I would choose Themba. I don't have quite a real reason to hate him, but he's just worst among the additional trio.

You can't help but love Asterion. Outside of him, I'd say my favorite characters are both Luke and Kota. Luke while seemingly so carefree has given the impression of a tender big brotherly side (given what content we can delve into), and it's adorable. Kota, coming across as the stoic fatherly side of the group, masking all those years of longing and pain immediately captured my heart in his story (and I hope all the best finding Onsen). 

Now all the other characters I still absolutely love, and I want to bear hug them dearly. I recently started shipping Khenbish with Nikos. I can see their personalities balancing each other out. And knowing what I know about Robert, I pair him with Luke lol.

Pedro and Oscar's dynamic are so perfect for their coming together. As long as Pedro continues to open up (which he's taken leaps and bounds in Chapter 19)

Themba is my wild card, I need a bit more of his back story (which in some ways,  Khenbish's father is just like his own) before I can put a pin in his number card. He just seems to be pleased as long as he's with his Uncle Asterion.

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wait, i never responded to this? well then, i stated in the forums before and my favorite character has to be pedro. he is smart, he is naughty, he is an ass, but he is caring. a fuck up trying to do good in life in the limited capacity he can, like most people, but with superpowers. 

what i want and expect of him, is one - to go back to the hinterlands and solve the problem with the secret shed and goats. two - see more interactions with him and the rest of the cast, i really liked his hangout with luke in the music shop. it was really sweet the kinship they formed with the brothers name.

it's hard to pick a specific moment, so many things happen in "hinterlands 3". the mysteries, the flirtings, the ant hills, just the moments of understanding that people are imperfect and that's okay.

my least favorite characters are the kobold triplets. i don't feel like they have much of a role in the story other than causing a ruckus and being "cute". the cute mascot archetype is a bad match to my preferences, as it is, they might aswell not be there.

i think we need a moment in that everyone in the cast realizes they are all gay. some of them seem to be tip toeing in eggshells about it still, and i want a pride parade to be run in the hotel, or something