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An update: Twitch streamer Kenastion got a notification from Twitch stating that parts of his stream that use the song Kora Duet were muted. This wasn't a copyright strike, more like a preemptive action on Twitch's part to prevent the VoD from being susceptible to a DMCA takedown request should the copyright holder every try to issue one. It's an odd CYA thing on Twitch's part.

I didn't know that last fact about effecting future character appearance. That'll be interesting to see.

A reupload of this video.

Frostbyte over on Stream created an Achievement guide:

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Part 26

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Part 29

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Part 25

It's at Warwick's house at the beginning of the game.

It does load up properly when accessed through the Extras.

On the blacksmith screen, in the scaffolding.

On the blacksmith screen, in the scaffolding.

Use the book on a comatose Warrick.

In the help menu, the text for the full screen for windows is erroneously listed as CTRL + Enter for full screen instead of ALT + Enter.

The cinematic art for the scene with Selitrius' Back Rub does not display, it's just an empty box.

Both of these are present in both the Itch and Steam version.

Keep talking to him and exhausting his dialogue. Don't forget to do the blacksmith's quest of delivering the glass bread loaf to him.

The soap has nothing to do with the secret menu. Have you gotten him the flour that he asks you to carry for him?

This is a cute experience.

I can't wait to see more of these two projects.

To get Warrick to claim Calen, you need to go back to the Flame Peak and have Calen reflect on what he wants then go back to to Warrick. Afterwards, you can show Warrick the bar of soap to invite him to the bathhouse.

When you talk with him enough, he'll invite you to try his secret menu and tells you to come back after dusk.

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Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19

Part 20

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Part 15

I made a video of the mining node locations if anyone needs it.

You need to find the mushroom for Warrick's potion before that quest becomes available.

You need to find a hidden cove inside the cave in the forest. Calen will comment that he hears voices when you're near it. Listen to them talk repeatedly in the diamond hole until Drok'tar mentions he'll there's a good bakery in town. He'll show up in the bakery, talk to him until he'll mention he's going to the store for supplies. Drok'tar will then be in the merchant's store next door, talk to him again until he'll mention he's going to the tavern. Talk to him in the tavern. The next time you revisit the hidden cove in the cave, you'll see Drok'tar's scene.

Ah, maybe that's why.

At night in the forest, Shale will go in the second screen (South? It's the first intersection that you come across when entering the forest from the town.) You'll find Shale relieving himself by the wall, just have Calen approach him.

I don't know if there's a timer or if it's timed with relationship progressions with other characters but for me, I needed to talk to Arakarn to tell me that Warrick is awake after a day.

How do I do that? I showed him the tea coupon and the tea before. Do I have to do it more than once?

After Mandilitrio makes mention that he wants to make a statue of Calen, climb up in Mandilitrio's cave and in the nook over where he usually stands will be a WIP statue of Calen.

Not as far as I know but someone will likely write one now that it's out on Steam.

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With the new update, there's some new scenes to find. I have found all but one. I have no clue as to what the last one is since there is no accolade tied to it. The Spy on Shale doesn't either.

During Garret's conversation about how he lost his finger, when he asks Calen that there is one thing Calen could do for him, Calen is supposed to reply with "What?" but instead it's labeled for Garret and it even highlights his sprite.

A typo, during Mandilitrio's conversation about sizes among his people, this line sure be "The size of your body is impressive as it is..."

Update 0.69 huh?

Some issues I've had aside from the known Toby Undies and Blacksmith Door. I was unable to access the save and load menu until I deleted my old data from the Engaging Destiny Demo which seems to be known.

The sleep option was not working after giving the healer all three of the ingredients for the potion. No matter what sleep until option I selected, it would only spawn me at night. Closing the game and reloading the save did fix it however it now spawns me in a black screen despite all the assets being loaded up properly. I can progress to back into the main healer's house by walking blindly and clicking up until I find the door and it fixes the issue. But it continues whenever I rest.

I think I'm locked out of the game as no matter how many quest I've complete or how many days pass, the healer only tells me that the potion is not ready yet. I have not pursue him in conversations nor have I ever given him gifts prior to giving him all the ingredients. I cannot give him any of his gifts nor try to talk to him about anything other than the potion not being ready. I believe I've completed all the side quest except for the bard quest and finding the mining nodes (I have only found 5). Reloading my save to verify that now gives me the prompt that I'm exhausted and loads me in a room with an awaken Warrick but I'm unable to do any inputs and must hard shut down the game.

Greta by 13TitoAzazel.

A non-Pee version.

A commission I got from 13TitoAzazel of P and Storm during a certain event at the Anthill.

Time to get the tissues ready. Just a tool with multiple uses.

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Part 6

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Part 10

Drake Wing Gaming is doing a playthough of Minotaur Hotel.

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 
Part 4

Part 5 

That's what I absolutely adore about this game, it does its own thing and not only does it work but it makes for a fun and unique experience, especially for an adult game. This is most likely one of the best games that mixes puzzle games with adult content out there.