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Oh my! The drama is thickening! That probably won't be the only thing thickening; I'm terrible.

This was a fun read! I'm looking forward to more.

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For those who are curious about playing as a Ruthless Master but don't want to do it yourselves, I'll be uploading VoD's of my reading of it to this playlist.

I can see how the Hinterlands 3 can come across as avant-garde to some since it does seem on face value to derail the plot. However I don’t find it that much different from when other writing does it (JRR Tolkien comes to mind) where the author cuts away from the protagonist to look at other pieces set in motion by the plot or to world build in a way. Though personally, I found the Hinterlands far more engaging and entertaining than in something like The Hobbit (I really couldn’t get through Tolkien’s writing). I think the team struck a good balance of creating a mini Minotaur Hotel (MH? Minotaur Hinterlands?) set in the “real world” along with building on how magic in this narrative’s universe works, reiterating on themes and giving the audience an extended introduction into a character or two who will likely be key actors in the main narrative. I would attribute that to keeping it simple for the audience to pick up on and follow the themes. Themes and concepts don’t always have to be couched in heavy symbolism or abstractions since that makes it harder for an audience to engage with but you also don’t lay it out too much in the open as to make it a bore and lose any sense of mystery and wonder. I also think you all did a great job at mixing the right amount of joy, darkness and hope to keep the narrative from becoming devolving into happy-go-lucky or from becoming doom and gloom.

I wouldn’t call the earlier writing in MH bad or lesser, it captivated me immediately the first time I played version 0.1 and I kept on thinking about it for the year before I revisited it. There is, however, a noticeable improvement with the writing with the Hinterlands and I would also say to the rest of the content in 0.5 though I don’t think I could really articulate what it is. Maybe it’s seeing more simple writer’s tools being implicated like the immediate notice in perspective change in the Hinterlands 2 with switch to P as the narrator rather than an omniscient narrator (which I wonder if, given the nature of the world of MH, they’re supposed be diegetic in some way or non-diegetic) to make the events more personal to being more obvious with the mystery aspect of MH and having an actual investigation occurring when in contrast, the MC is passively learning more about Asterion, the Hotel, the past, etc. The later parts are more to do with the nature of VN’s, it’s difficult to not make a player character be more reactive than proactive since you’re writing for a variety of personalities vs writing for a set character with their own motivations and goals. I can really see now how the Hinterlands section did provide more room to flex some writer muscles that may not have been getting enough of a work out with the main narrative. As far as the writing coming of as non-English speaking or American, I did have someone comment in chat during a stream asking if the writer was a non-English speaker because to them, the writing seemed too descriptive. I disagreed with the commenter that being too descriptive with writing is a sign of being of a foreign tongue necessarily. It may be a Visual Novel, but it is a novel and VN’s aren’t that dependent on their visuals like other visual medias. To me, the writing comes off as someone who is not American (or at the very least, someone who didn’t grow up in America or the UK) from small stuff like the themes being explored I’m not really used to seeing in much American media to bigger stuff like a lot of the details in the Hinterlands 3 seemingly coming from a place of personal experience that I feel like can’t really be found in a stereotypical “developed nation.”

One of the reasons why I found the Hinterlands sections so fascinating is because it hits me on a personal level, I’ve been to and grew up in a similar place and seen the same things. While my Mexican hinterlands was geographically thousands of miles away from the Brazilian hinterlands and don’t share the same landscape, they seem to share similar cultural similarities that I can only assume have to do with the effects of Catholic missions in the new world had. And, well, the darker side of humanity has no regional limits. To me, it’s so surprising to see a story set in an environment that I’ve rarely ever seen represented in any form of media, let alone in a furry VN and have it be so poignant especially with the dark themes, double for the theme of recursion. The poverty, the superstitiousness, the political criminals, the bigotry, the overall sense of hopelessness it all has and yet there is a sense of wonder and mystery to the land so isolated from the rest of the world. Even as someone as logical as me, it’s hard not to want to believe there is magic in the world when out under the stars surrounded by fireflies or monsters in the wilderness when you hear the dogs barking at wildlife to keep them away from the farm as you drift to sleep. Though most of the folklore I grew up was pretty much ghost tales and tales influenced by Catholicism, I think the only fantastical creatures in them were el Cucuí and la Llorona, nothing as cool as la Cabra Cabriola. But I digress; the fact that the Hinterlands invoked my Latin American past tells me that you succeeded in telling a Latin American story.

I really appreciate the work that went into creating this section that is more complex than the rest of the chapters. The change from narrator gives it a more personal feel to the stakes and mystery. The small touches are really good without being too on the nose (the sus salt was a good one to get me to go to a place I didn’t see a point to going originally.) The chemistry with P and Storm is so good. I love cuntiness of P mixed with the younger tough acting but very good at heart Storm. They're so much fun to see banter with each other. The take on mystery here is one of my favorite ones in terms of (despite it being a tried phrase) it’s the journey and not the destination. While regular mysteries can be fun, they do get boring and repetitive over time. Usually, the fun is finding out the how and the why something happened, especially if it delves into different themes of humanity. One mystery game that comes to mind with what you described is Her Story. For those who are unaware, Her Story has you look at a police database of various interviews with a woman over her husband’s death which were recorded decades ago and broken up into segments when it was converted digitally. You look up words based on what you might want to learn after watching one segment which will lead to others. Eventually, it becomes less about figuring out if this woman had something to do with her husband’s death and more to do about whom she is, what her history is and why things happened the way things happened. The game doesn’t end in any way either that makes it clear that you found the correct answers, it will just ask you if you understand why she did what she did and end the game when you click yes. It never confirms if the game you played inside your head is correct but it does leave a powerful experience of having interacted with it and the thought you put into it. Minotaur Hotel invokes the same feeling and it’s what makes it so interesting.

Despite reading it on stream, I’m having so much fun re-reading it on my own time at my own pace. It’s so interesting catching things in past chapters that come up again in newer ones and seeing the text from a new perspective. Something was hesitant on exploring is that Ruthless path and though it best to leave it unexplored similar to the genocide path of Undertale but there was quite a bit of interest from chat to have me read it on stream. Having read here that Minotaur Hotel would be incomplete thematically without it has me really wanting to read it. Another thing I’d be interested in reading is some of the cut content from the Hinterlands that didn’t make it in to the game but could still be canonical but not necessary like P’s adventure to the Hinterlands prior to finding Storm as sort of bonus material. Though definitely not if ideas may later be recycled into later chapters.

There is still so much for me to explore at this point with MH but I just had to make my feelings know about how much I love this section and how much it means to me. Thank you to the whole team for bringing a wonderful game like Minotaur Hotel to life.

It's not necessary that P's mom couldn't have another child, it could have also been an issue with her new husband shooting blanks. Though I think you're right about a possible half brother being on his father side since P's talk about his mother doesn't make it seem like she remarried. Though doesn't mean she didn't have another child out of wetlock or just because she's hitting up P for money she wouldn't be hitting up another possible son of hers for money as well.

As well as that for a brother to be in P's life, it would likely have to be from his father's side. And that definitely wouldn't be a cousin from his grandma since she wanted nothing to do with his family any more though a cousin could be as close as siblings if the hinterlands of Brazil anything like the hinterlands of Mexico. As for that drawing, I didn't occur to me that it could be a brother. I thought it might have been either him and his father or grandpa. Or it could have been his father and grandpa. Though could that childish drawing been based on something that actually happened rather than a child's imagination?

I really want to know more about the legends of these Tapir and Goat people.

I supposed now that I think about it, the member could be of Grandpa P saving is son, Pedro's father, from the incident. Could also explain some added resentment towards the relationship between Grandpa P and Pedro's father. And there seems to be some PTSD at the sight of the Hinterland cheese they got from the nun. Though I'd lean towards it being Pedro possible having a direct connection there since he spoke in a voice that wasn't his then spoke in a voice that was his.

I might be misremember but I feel like I recall P mentioning he had a brother and I'm sure I'm not confusing that with him making Storm his brother as a cover story. When I first read the section where P visit's his grandpa's home, I was wonder why there was no mention of his brother in the photos but, again, I could have just been misremembering. It is likely however, that P might have half siblings if bloodlines and heirs among peacocks are a thing (I bet there's likely some resentment towards P by his father for that as well) from both his parents.

Agree! And this being 2019, now would be a great time for a Speedrunner MC to get in on the vtuber streams before everyone else gets in on it like a hipster.

Oh wow, that was a thing that happened. I honestly wouldn't have put two and two together about the butterflies no longer being around after helping the Tapir god. I still have a lot to of mysteries to explore of the Hinterlands. I'm actually not sure what to make of what happened there. A shadow of memory who's emotions were relived through Pedro of something that happened involving mythical being, maybe through the perspective of Grandpa P? But as of know, I have no clue as to what any of it means besides likely related to the local missing children.

I thought the missing children was a red herring that adds more darkness to the region in a (sadly) very real way. Between going to the church and reading in the non-fiction section of the library the possible explanation to the missing children can likely be a less magical reason and more dark reason that serves as a commentary on the dark side of humanity. I honestly don't know which would be worse (not as in writing but in evil in the world), a mythical being being behind the missing children for some unknown but sinister reason or just kidnapping and sex trafficking's done by regular humans. Though there isn't a reason why it couldn't be both or both in one. I don't know if the intent was to think about that potential real and dark topic but if it was, kudos for taking the risk of broaching a topic that most would rather avoid and pretend doesn't exist.

Keeping that dark place in my mind, I almost want to hypothesize that Pedro relieved briefly an incident where Grandpa P was investigating the shed as a lead on the missing kids, something involving magic happened and Grandpa P saved a child. Even a darker though would be that maybe Pedro was abducted and rescued by Grandpa P but has suppressed the traumatic memory.

A more cheerful but less likely hypothesis is that the missing children ran away from terrible lives living in the Hinterlands and many of them found their way to the hotel where they started new happy lives for the times that the hotel was in operation and never looked back.

It so did not occur to me to use the phone entering name segment to call Jean out on my suspicions. I just thought it was a meant to have some potential funny pay off later in the story since I had no doubt that Jean knows the MC's name despite what he says. "Nice to see you again Mr. Chungus!"

Heh, Robert was only a red herring for me in a sense that he's a big and intellectual demon who is a hottie. (Pun not intended but totally appropriate).

This topic does make me wonder if one of the themes of Minotaur Hotel, whether intentional or not, how much trust one puts into the social contracts. (Really appropriate term now that I think of it.) While we don't expect everyone to tell us their whole lives story upfront and as honestly from their perspective, we do have an expectation of honest that even the smallest and basic amount of information exchanged is the truth. We see this a few times with names such as with P and Jean but we also see it openly challenged a few times by Asterion, albeit playfully most of the time. Why is Asterion under any obligation to outright tell the MC the whole truth and nothing but the truth unless he's forced by his contract? And even then, he is able to find loopholes to withhold information as he pleases. There's also the story about the pyrite crucifix which reveals a lot about how cunning Asterion is with being able to bend truths which I highly enjoyed.

This narrative makes me question this aspect of our social contract in humans though one does also have to be careful not to fall too hard the other direction and start to question every single thing presented. There is a mystery to the narrative but I haven't been giving a reason to suspect that we have an unreliable narrator (though I do question if the narrator outside of the Hinterlands chapters is just a narrator or an in universe omniscient character) so I don't tend to question every single word presented in that sense. I also don't quite question what the characters present of themselves unless I'm given a reason to (the mysterious vibe and some of the things Jean says or doesn't seem to say makes me question his identity for example.) In addition, just because a character doesn't present the whole truth doesn't mean their actively being deceptive, they could just not have the whole truth themselves. (Something I suspect when it comes to Asterion and the topic of his sentence.)

I'm not sure if I got my thoughts across but I feel like if I go one, I'd just be rambling. 

TL;DR: Questioning the humanity's social contract one of the themes? I trust Robert to top him or bottom for him without getting burned. 🙃

Thanks for sharing my playlist! <3

I'll probably start doing a live reading of the Ruthless path sometime closer to the end of the month since I'm now intrigued as much as it might hurt to see Asterion go through it. I want to spend more time on the non-Ruthless content of 0.5. before doing such a reading.

I think you did a good job with the mystery of Jean. While one of my initial thoughts was that he is an agent of Hermes, I didn't speculate that he  himself would be Hermes until closer to the reveal. I was overanalyzing Jean so much that one of my lesser hypothesis was that Jean might just be a red herring with that fact hidden in plan sight with his red shirt and he would just be a regular human and everything around him would just be a complete coincidence. Another thing I had considered was that maybe Jean was an agent of Aphrodite and he's actually Cupid/Eros playing matchmaker by gathering certain people to the hotel after his poking and prodding of Asterion and the MC's relationship. That conversation now makes me wonder which of his children was Jean talking about? I'm speculating it's Hermaphroditus.

This game has gotten me more into researching ancient Greek literature and mythology than my all of my life's schooling.

Pre 0.5 thoughts. Asterion is by far my favorite character but he is the focus of the story. I love the gentle soul he seems to be which makes his entire backstory so heart breaking. My favorite thing about how we interact with Asterion is the realistic take that you can't just walk into Asterion's life and treat him with basic humanity for a few days and expect everything to be good for him now. The exploration of Asterion's dark thoughts brought on by the distress of being treated with basic dignity and respect and his fear of the future with the MC. It's so poignant but I don't think it's something most people would really take into consideration. It also makes all the moments where we make Asterion smile all the most rewarding. Chapter 13 was a particularly heavy chapter on the subject but it's also my favorite because it starts to address the power dynamic that the MC has over Asterion, whether he wants to or not. Getting all the internalization of Asterion's thoughts as he tries to put on a smile while being social is relatable. I want more of this, more of Asterion being open with the MC about the darkness that has been eating away at him.

On the lighter side, Luke is another character I enjoy. His lewd humor is entertaining and reading about the other guest reacting to his over the top Americana is amusing. Two characters that I think are likely underrated are Greta and Ismael. I enjoyed their small inclusion as an example of how human guest would react to stumbling across the hotel. Seeing the average guest accept the hotel, its magic and the other mythical guest relatively quickly and either jump in to help out around the hotel or go back to focusing on their own issues is a nice touch. I enjoyed Greta's contemplation on what the hotel's existence and power could mean to the world. I wouldn't mind seeing these two again and seeing if Ismael takes the MC's advice and works on his relationship with Greta; whatever that would look like. I'd like to see more minor characters like them to support the concept of the hotel having guest coming and going and taking something away from their experience there. The Cobalts are cute and see what their story is.

In terms of least favorite characters, I'd say Kota and Argos fall into this. That's not to say I don't like them, quite the opposite, I like them. I'd just say that Kota is just a bit of a prude for me which makes me like other characters more. Though I do want to learn more about him. Argos is an antagonist (or is he?) which makes his presence fell me with dread as he rains on my minotaur parade which is why he ranks low for me. Still, I enjoy interacting with him and I'm curious to see what he's deal is.

I see a lot of people bring up Jean, he seems cool. I don't think too much about him since he's rather shrouded in mystery and there are other characters that overshadow his presences for me. But I do look forward to unraveling the mystery of his identity. So far, all the characters are likable in their own way. I can't wait to see what's in store for them and for us in 0.5!

Or a very form fitting butler outfit.

Very cleaver with P's feathers and the Brazilian flag! It took me a while to see it since my pareidolia makes me just see what reminds me of the evil eye. Given the Greek nature of the premise of MH, that dual design really works out.

I love that idea and I can understand what you're saying. It's a "you had to be there moment." Even if it's just a telling of the story that anyone can do afterwards, what is hard to replicate and impart is the matter that the initial storytelling occurred. The natural gathering of a group of people and whatever naturally lead to the story being told in the first place. The energy of the people around the campfire and their interactions with the storyteller who then in turn interacts with their words. It's just like Asterion remembering the good times he had talking the night away with guest. He can tell you about it and you can empathies with the way the memory clearly changes his mood and body language but the tale will not have the same magic as it did for him.

Though the more you talk about it, the more I really get intrigued from a creator working with a muse aspect and how online experiences like boards can inspire such a captivated piece of media. I think despite how much the internet is a big part of most of the world's lives, most would dismiss such experiences and interactions as pointless or a way to pass the time when it was absolutely necessary to the creation of something like Minotaur Hotel. To see you talk about it so passionately about those times and seeing you and the rest of the team put so much heart and soul into MH, it's inspiring in itself.

I'm sure as with most creators, you may look back on the writing itself and cringe a little; not because you're ashamed of what you created but because you've grown as a writer and it could be better with "rules of storytelling and writing" (though I'm sure given the limitations of the medium of an image board, it's likely the key source of the structure that could be better.) I would still be very interested in seeing a comparison of characters and plot points or maybe even reading it myself someday but yeah, I don't want spoilers. That's why my request was for future people once MH is completed. You also can't really do an accurate comparison if one half of the content being compared isn't complete.

Something else I should have originally commented in regards to the question of how much adult content would be in build 0.5, is that I appreciate not forcing any NSFW content in the build for the sake of having sex content in your adult visual novel. That's not to say I don't like seeing that content (I love me my sexual content) but I always appreciate when the sexual content is woven into a narrative naturally rather than being there for the sake of it. Like Luke's sex scene informs his character and doesn't seem force. The casual nudity with Kota is more of an adult mature thing rather than sexual. The build up to a relationship with Asterion feels like it would be more fulfilling than just banging him. I'm really enjoying more of the casual build up of potential sexual tension with Asterion such as the long looks and the lingering touches. I'm sure there'll be more of this and that's enough for me. We'll get to the banging when we get to it. 

Though the quest being a raunchy version of the MH might make a good read someday (maybe we should distinguish the two by dubbing the imageboard quest as Minotaur Quest?) in a future where MH is complete. I'm sort of jokingly picturing Asterion having a conversation with the MC on a serious topic while the MC is riding Asterion. Did the quest have equally dark themes and tones in it like MH does? Or were the some of the more darker aspects just not as focused on?

That's a really good way to look at how to make sure your players don't just end up sticking to one way to play the game when you've given them a wide range of choices from. I think you're on the right track when making choices come off as neutral as possible and avoiding them as "the good or bad, nice or mean, right or wrong" choice. It encourages the player to make the choices they want to, using whatever reason they want without falling to that tired binary or just plain want to explore the choices that are possible. It's an odd concept to imagine, by removing choices and outcomes, you unintuitively create more variety among your players' playthroughs and increase their freedom to make the choices they want rather than the choices they may feel compelled to make because it's "the right one."

I'm enjoying going through this game blind on my primary file and sticking to things that may seem like "mistakes." Argos is a good example. I sort of noticed the clause to challenged but figured that even the wording there didn't make sense or supersede the rules of the land so I instead challenged clause that gave him an hour to clear out his farm if the contracted is broken and his stuff would disappear. I wanted to kill him with kindness and wanted to give him more time (that's probably my animal welfare career talking) and hope that treating him nicely would confuse him. Learning later that I was correct in my initial observation and my choice made may allow Argos to enter the hotel made me intrigued to see if this would later cause trouble or maybe get the chance to kill him with kindness and have him stay as a guest for a few days while treating him so nicely that I scared him away or something.

And speaking of Argos, I can't imagine MH without him! He brings a bit of a lingering menace to break up, the best way I can put this, the sense of wonder one can get lost in discovering more about the magical hotel and positive relationship building with Asterion to snap us back to the reality of the situation and remind us that this is place was meant to be a dark place with a dark purpose. Every time I see the text describing a flute, I can't help but think "oh crap, it's Argos." And while I'm reminded of my shitpost meme of a quadruped griffin with a thong pasted on him, it would have been odd to explain how Luke can do the things he does with on all fours. He'd either have to prop himself up and use his front legs all the time or be very talented with his beak (heh).

The football shirt immediately gave me that Latin American impression, more so South American. I should have gone with that instinct and read Storm with an accent from that region. Granted, I don't think I can pull it off but it does make me want to try to practice reading P and Storm's sections in Spanish, which is something I've never done but I like the idea of it as a way to practice my Spanish skills more. I know P and Storm would likely speak Portuguese but I'll stick to butchering the languages I already know before the ones that I don't.

That's an insightful Q&A! I'm so hyped for 0.5!

As to my question about everyone finding happiness, while it's sad that you can't please everyone in one go, I actually like that idea that makes the story and choices more grounded rather than too "video gamey." It also (ironically following my previous statement) makes the game more replayable and more tailored to the player's choices.

As for my other question, I'm think I get what you're putting down: the tablets. I did find some on my playthrough that gives me more of an idea of what he did to earn his eternal punishment... which is still not deserved but the gods are assholes. I won't state what I've pieced together here to avoid spoilers for those who may not want them.

I also have to say that EB150N said it best, it's so great that a game like this exists for the reasons you stated you're making them. One other thing I really appreciate is how the team has gone out of the way to include representation from cultures around the world to make the characters, not only diverse, as accurate and real to the parts of the world they're from. It feels good as a person from a Latin American background to see characters who share a similar background in niche media like this and I hope others from different backgrounds can experience that feeling as well. The effort in research that goes into that aspect of the writing is very much appreciated.

Something mentioned in some of these answers and something I've learned from reading other threads and the wiki is that Minotaur Hotel was original an imageboard game of some sort? (I have no idea how that works, other than playing tag with suggestions like a choose your own adventure?) I'm intrigued to want to read the original iteration of MH, assuming that it still exists in some form. Though at the same time, I kind of don't want to spoil the story for myself. And on the other hand, I would love to read about content from the original iteration that didn't make it into the game for whatever reason (like who is this JoJo and what was their story?). I love reading about the creative processes, drafts and cutting room floor content. A request to MH fans who are familiar with both iterations in the future when MH is complete: write a wiki page about the differences in the iterations. Pretty please? :)

In closing, I love all the effort and work the whole team has put into this game and I look forward to seeing future content. <3

Is there more to why Asterion has been sentenced to eternal torture than has been revealed as of yet?

Someone's read Matydos' hot fan fic.

Another hypothesis I have involves an aspect of the magic in the MH universe. P mentions that magic seems to be weaker in places that have the internet. I think having introduced the internet to the Labyrinth will have related consequence in weakening the magic (and maybe freeing Asterion?). I don't think it's the internet in itself that weakens the magic but more the knowledge that it brings. The true power of magic is the lack of knowledge in how the universe works and the belief in that the universe works by magic is what powers magic. As more people become knowledgeable in how the world works, it leads to people becoming less superstitious and weakens magic. This is what eventually happened to the Greek gods, for all their power people stopped worshipping and believing in them that they lost power and faded away. Having a few people (Argos for example) isn't enough to keep the gods in power but it is enough to keep them alive in a way. This also makes me wonder if Argos is actually keeping the hotel alive by praying and worshipping the gods and keeping their power alive. It could one other reason why he had the Master act pious to gods that they clearly don't believe in. If the gods disappear completely, so to does their last ounce of power and presence, like the Labyrinth.

Will all the characters eventually find love and happiness in their lives in one form or another?

Falling into a rabbit hole of Greek mythology on Wikipedia one night (I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject), I stumbled across a genealogy tree that lists King Minos as a distant descendent of Zeus and Lo which made me think of something regarding Storm's father's lineage. The story of that pairing involved Lo getting turned into a heifer. Given the odd workings of Greek god genetics and curses, what if that experience left an impression on Lo's genes and passed down to future generations, including King Minos? Thus also being passed down through Minos' children and their descendants. This includes Strom's paternal parent, whether he was a human or a person who also was the seven son (etc) and had the bull gene expressed and was using a passport to pass as human when he had a one night stand with Storm's mother. It might make a connection to between Asterion and Storm if Storm was a descendant of one of Asterion's half siblings.

Though a more similar explanation could also be that Asterion had sex with a woman at some point, maybe even a previous master, and had a human looking child and Storm lost the cosmic lottery with his situation.

A question I have, that I'm sure has been asked before, is does the team know where the story is going? Are there major story beats that the team knows/wants to happen/write in, even if the details haven't been worked out? And, of course, does the team have an idea of how the story will end (ruthless playthrough, not included)?

TL;DR: is there a roadmap for how the story will go and end? [No specifics needed nor wanted (I'm enjoying the anticipation)]

Oh Storm. I do have a theory about his lineage which I might have to write up in that theory thread.

If it makes you feel any better, I have a friend who's a math professor and is also a furry.

Though if we're on the topic on backgrounds, one critique I'd have is that Math and Technology could likely have been condensed into one background as I feel you'd need some skill with math to be good with modern technology. I'm sure you could have also condensed Leadership and Humanitarian into one as well. I read somewhere (the wiki probably) that you did want more layman backgrounds. Some similar backgrounds that don't necessarily require as much schooling but are nonetheless important and require a lot of skills would be some sort of business manager (lower down the chain like retail or restaurant) or running with Naughty Sparkle's idea of an athletic background, a construction worker or a foreman. 

I can see what you were going for in terms of coming up with these backgrounds and how to make it relevant to the game, it's story and making the player more customizable in a way that isn't just an aesthetic. I also understand being too deep to make major changes like combining backgrounds and adding new ones. That might be something more to do when the story and the game is close to or is pretty much complete from beginning to end so you can step back and see what worked and what didn't. If there is an opportunity to refine Minotaur Hotel, then maybe the team can refine the backgrounds. Either way, it's a good learning experience to take if you all  work on a new project in the future.


Oh wow! It's looking like things are coming together and the next build is going to be huge in content. I can't wait to experience all there is! (Well, maybe not so much the ruthless ending; it'll be like the genocide run of Undertale to me. But I love the fact that it's there as an option.) I also love the idea of an achievement system to see possible alternatives that are easily miss with the story. I missed Argos' hug my first playthrough and I only knew about it from reading the wiki.

I see how the rank mechanic is especially useful to accurately gauge how players are interacting with your work and the unintended issue that it caused. I felt that myself but when I deduced what it was that I could have done differently, my choices weren't that big of a deal and my relationship with Asterion wouldn't have changed at all. And given the choices themselves, I likely wouldn't have done things that differently. Getting rid of that phrasing would be a good way to avoid that confusion. The only other thing I can think of is making the ranking really cryptic and not easily as straight forward to how "high or low" it is. Maybe keeping the character icon as one tell but rather than metal colors, try neutral colors?

The touch up to Storm and P are looking good. I especially love Storm's slight sassiness to his hips. That fan are is really good.

As for when the release date for the next build, as much as I want to get my hands on it I prefer you all take as much time as you need with it so you can take care of yourselves in your personal life. I also know the feeling of being hard hit during the pandemic during the summer months in my own line of work so take it easy. And always, thank you so much for such an awesome piece of engaging media. <3

I'm looking forward to playing more! It's been a fun time reading the SFW version of this on stream and I want to read more. Still, take as much time as you need to make sure the next release is where you all want it to be.

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Oh sweet! I love seeing this game get updates. I'm still working on that review and I mention some of these things I'd like to see in MA or in future projects and I'm so happy to see you looking to improve your projects. <3

They both look great but I'm leaning towards vest.

Thanks! These were the last two that I needed!

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I finally got around to playing this game after two months of it being installed on my phone. I was expecting this game to be a happy-go-lucky dating sim similar to Willy Bear Beach. My expectations were blown away! I was not expecting this game be as lengthy and bring up some mental health issues. The sex parts are great but I've been craving more with it comes to relationships in video games and Extracurricular Activities is certainly scratching that itch. I also admire that sex is not the finish line. Admittedly, I've only played through the Coach's path but I've been so enthralled the past 2 days playing through it and I still can't wait to play through more of the other character's storyline. 

Aside from minor grammar errors, the only issue I really encountered was when playing the Android version, I had a lot of issues clicking out of the Coach's computer screen since I couldn't hit the X in the corner to exit; in fact, most of the text boxes were difficult to hit on that screen. I had to export my save file to PC, boot up that version, get past that screen and export the file back to my phone. (I should add that it was the 1.41 version so that might have been fixed by now.) Other than that, I do have to praise the fact that you've released an mobile version of this game and have utilize the touch features for that once sex was a nice touch (no pun intended.) Something about playing dating sims/visual novels on a mobile device is more appealing than on a PC.

I'm looking to seeing future up dates! I also picked up a Bear Belly shirt. <3