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I'm glad I'm not the only one who ships MC/Nikos.

Other conditions that I can recall is giving the pelt back then going to the shed and doing the cemetery on the last day; which will give you quite a variant on dialogue and might give you the skull.

I don't recall if doing both returning the pelt and doing the burial effects the last day of the cemetery and effects the collectables.

In regard to the incorrect content ID claim for the song Jato (The Lion) by David Gilden. When you dispute a copyright claim, YouTube has you pick from a list of categories as to why you're disputing a claim and unfortunately incorrect content ID is not an option. I picked the "Copyright exception such as fair use", type of reuse as game play and in the comment, explain that the song being claimed is Jato (The Lion) by David Gilden and not Everything by John Hanlon as the content ID is claiming. I'm actually surprise that it got responded to as fast as it did and didn't just lapse with the 30 day they have to respond.

I don't know how receptive these companies are to usage of their licensed music in game play so I don't know if trying to dispute all the claims would be viable or worth most people's time. It's just easier to avoid for most, I believe.

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Part 6 

Part 7 

Part 8

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 

Not a Video Essayist has a spoiler-rich weekly live stream going on during the weekends where he holds book club discussions with chat about the themes in Minotaur Hotel.

Part 21 

Part 22 

Part 23 

Part 24 

Part 25 

Part 16 

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Part 6 

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Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 

Here is a partial playthrough from Orgaysis.

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 - Chat had a lot of fun with the Fermented Mare Milk

Twitch streamer Kenastion did a first playthrough live stream of Minotaur Hotel. You can watch his VoD on his YouTube Channel.

Oof, I noticed the channel for this playlist got terminated. Whose channel was this?

1. I believe the Torn Illustrated page is a random valley reward. It's under Mementos so you might need a team whose memento stat is the highest.

2. Have you tried to go to the cemetery during the final day after having completed Nini's quest?

3. I'm also sure the typewriter scrap is also a valley reward though it's listed under other and not memento. I assume your team also need a high memento stat as well.

I've only seen the Dust and Silence ending. From my taking a peek at the script of the Ruthless Route, yes the endings are different from each other.

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Like a lot of us here, I adore Minotaur Hotel and want more people to know about his fantastic VN. Something I’ve come to enjoy from watching other Let’s Plays of MH is seeing different people’s perspectives on choices and seeing them experience MH in ways I haven't. One of the ways I see most content creators cover Minotaur Hotel is through Let’s Plays but something I’ve noticed that most who do the pre-recorded content is to either have the music turned down really low or just have it muted completely. Besides a choice of preference on the content creator’s part, I assume most do this to avoid having their videos flagged for the music. From my experience, some of the music in MH won’t cause any copyright strikes on a channel but it does prevent monetization for the creator. For smaller channels that are starting out, this might be disheartening to see.

As mentioned, most either mute the music or have it really low to not trip the content ID system which is an ok work around. The only issue I have with this solution is that I feel like audiences are missing out on the overall presentation of the MH as well as some of the beautiful original music in the game. So I wanted to put together a guide for any content creator to use who want to create Minotaur Hotel content but want to avoid any content ID flags while also being able to use as much of the music the team included in the game.

Some disclaimers: as someone who only very recently got accepted into YouTube’s Partner Program and creates content knowing ahead that it will never be “suitable for advertisers”; I don’t have the full experience with YouTube’s system. My experience is largely based on the observations made on my channel before being in the partner program. If you have any more insight that will help with this guide, please feel free to comment!  This list won’t be a complete list as MH is not complete as of yet; I’ll keep this list as updated as I can as new updates release. I also cannot guarantee that the list of music that is safe will remain that way as the artists/labels can later include their music on content ID trackers.

With all that being said, I hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to share Minotaur Hotel on their channels and streams!

YouTube Content ID

I uploaded a recording of the music menu (this was a huge help, thank you for including this feature dev team!) and looked at what songs were and weren’t claimed. All of these matched the claims on my 90+ hours of my re-uploaded VoDs from Twitch with the exception of two discrepancies. Out of the 45 tracks used in Minotaur Hotel as of, 17 songs will get claimed; all of which is licensed music. All 17 copyright claims will not cause copyright strikes but will prevent the video from being monetized by the creator and have all ad revenue paid to the song’s copyright owner. All original songs (13 as of used in Minotaur Hotel do not bring up copyright flags up.

Copyright Claimed Music

  1. Eagle’s Song by Andrew Jilin – used as Kota’s secondary theme. File name EaglesSong.ogg
  2. The Sorrow by Andrew Jilin – used as Kota’s main theme. File name TheSorrow.ogg
  3. Gymnopédie No 1 [(Titled in claim as Bonus track Gymnopedie No 1 (Satie)] by Daniel Bautista – used as Robert’s theme. File name Gymnopedie.ogg
  4. Lullaby (titled in claim as Lullaby-42852) by Daniel Bautista –used in various parts. File name Lullaby.ogg
  5. Dyngyldaj by Dayazell – used as Khenbish’s theme. File name Dyngyldaj.ogg
  6. Crossing The Astral Bridge by David Gilden – used in varies parts. File name CrossingTheAstralBridge.ogg
  7. Island Journey by David Gilden – used in various parts. File name IslandJourney.ogg
  8. Jato (The Lion) by David Gilden – This is one of my discrepancies, this song was not claimed in my upload test but has been claimed in my VoD’s. It’s also claimed as the wrong song, Everything by John Hanlon which sounds nothing alike. As far as I can tell, it looks like the only songs by David Gilden  that are claimed are from the album Ancestral Voices which this song is not from and would likely not get claimed. I’m trying to see if trying to dispute the claim will get me anywhere since it is the wrong song.  Update: I was able to dispute the claims on my videos for this claim and there was no follow up claim correctly ID'ing this song. So you could use this song knowing a ahead of time that you may need to dispute an incorrect ID claim. This song is used in various parts of the game. File name JatoTheLion.ogg
  9. Kora Duet by David Gilden – used in various parts. KoraDuet.ogg
  10. Savana Radio by Matt van de Heuvel (claim lists artist as The Color of a Dream) – used as Themba’s theme. File name SavannaRadio.ogg
  11. Red Distortion by Noise HiFi – used in various parts. File name RedDistortion.ogg
  12. 2 Virgule 4 by Oliostere – used as P’s theme. File name 2Virgule4.ogg
  13. Sign by Paolo Pavan – this song is split into two parts and used in various parts of the game. This is my second discrepancy as my upload test only flagged part 2 but it seems to flag part one in my VoD’s. File names Sign-1.ogg and Sign-2.ogg
  14. Talking About Petra by Paolo Pavan – used in various parts. File name TalkingAboutPetra.ogg
  15. Calliopeia [titled in claim as Calliopeia - kithara (Ancient Greek)] by Tim Rayborn – used at the beginning of the game and various parts. File name Calliopeia.ogg
  16. Foolish Child by Toni Castells – used in the deep labyrinth in chapter 16. File name FoolishChild.ogg

Safe Licensed Music

  1. Aberdeen Done It by Brain Bunk Trio – Used as Luke’s main theme. File name AberdeenDoneIt.ogg
  2. Solidarity by Brian Bunk Trio – Used as Luke’s secondary theme. File name Solidarity.ogg
  3. Vindallo Blues by Brian Bunker Trio – used in various parts. File name VindalooBlues.ogg
  4. Personal Elegy (instrumental) by Chris Field – used as Storm’s theme. File name PersonalElegy.ogg
  5. Ave Maria by Daniel Bautista – used as a selectable song in Hinterlands 3. File name AveMaria.ogg
  6. Greek Folk Song by David Gilden – used in various parts. GreekFolkSong.ogg
  7. After the Big Sky Falls by Fernwood – used as Wolf’s secondary theme. File name AfterTheBigSkyFalls.ogg
  8. Crossing The Divide by Fernwood – used as Wolf’s main theme. File name CrossingTheDivide.ogg
  9. Obviously by Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles – used as the cobalts’ theme. File name Obviously.ogg
  10. Seikilos Epithaph with the Lyre of Apollo by Lina Palera – used as MH’s main theme and used in some scenes where Asterion plays his lyre. File name seikilos.mp3
  11. Up There by Nurture Nurture - used as Storm’s secondary theme and as a selectable song in Hinterlands 3.  File name UpThere.ogg
  12. May It Begin by Ray Montford – used in various parts. File name MayItBegin_Full.ogg
  13. May It Begin (acoustic) by Ray Montford – used various parts. File name MayItBegin_Acoustic.ogg
  14. One Witness by Ray Montford – used as Argos’ theme. File name OneWitness.ogg
  15. When Darkness Takes Flight by Ray Montford – used as the Hinterlands theme. File name WhenDarknessTakesFlight.ogg

Original Music

  1. Asterion by ZanderWolfie – used in various parts. File name asterion.ogg
  2. Ariadne’s Thread by ZanderWolfie - used as the theme for the Hades flashbacks. File name ariadne.ogg
  3. Seikilos Guitar I by H*ck – used in various parts. File name heck-seikilos1.ogg
  4. Seikilos Guitar II by H*ck – used in various parts. File name heck-seikilos2.ogg
  5. Seikilos Guitar III by H*ck – used in various parts. File name heck-seikilos3.ogg
  6. Seikilos Guitar IV by H*ck – used in various parts. File name heck-seikilos4.ogg
  7. Hymn To Nemesis by Civ Valian – used in the Ruthless Route. File name HymnToNemesis.ogg
  8. Seikilos Jazz – Single by Civ Valian – used in various parts. File name SeikilosJazz-Single.ogg
  9. Seikilos Jazz – Pair by Civ Valian – used in various parts. File name SeikilosJazz-Pair.ogg
  10. Seikilos Jazz – Straight by Civ Valian – used in various parts. File name SeikilosJazz-Straight.ogg
  11. Seikilos Jazz – Four of a Kind by Civ Valian – used in various parts. File name SeikilosJazz-FourOfAKind.ogg
  12. Seikilos Jazz – Full House by Civ Valian – used in various parts. File name SeikilosJazz-FullHouse.ogg
  13. Seikilos Trumpet by Jake – used as the credits song (most have likely not seen the credit roll since it’s only viewable at the end of the Ruthless Route). File name Seikilos_Vocal.ogg


The main solution I can think of is to move or delete the songs that cause copyright claims out of the music folder of Minotaur Hotel so that the game can’t access them. This will make it to where the parts where those songs are used have no music but any of the copyright safe songs will still play as intended. Personally, I keep both the regular and SFW versions in their own files on my PC so anyone concerned with copyright strikes and just alter the SFW files and keep the NSFW version untouched for personal use.

Another solution I can think of is alter the copyright claimed songs so their much quieter than the rest of the music so it’s somewhat audible but not detectable by the content ID bot over the reading. That might take some trial and error to get it right.

The last solution I can think of is the most involved, replace the copyright songs that match the sound and feeling that those songs in the game evoke that you know doesn’t cause a claim.

Streaming on Twitch

From my experience of streaming the SFW version on Twitch, none of the music has been claimed on Twitch nor have I ever gotten any notification of a copyright claim or muting of my VoD’s.

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I would assume that this parody ad using Asterion's likeness would count as a shitpost.

There is also a slightly different version that uses a different song and parodies a different ad. I love that thumbnail.

Something else I thought about that I forgot to mention. I started to wonder if Grandpa P's death wasn't just some random act of violence. I'm not sure what the timeline of his death is but I feel like it might have occurred before the Coronal's death. Had it been around the same time as the Coronal's death, I might have dismissed it more as an opportunistic killing since the Coronal isn't around to protect Percy and was killed by someone who was prejudice at him just being a mythical. However, I'm starting to think that maybe Percy was getting closer to the truth of the missing children if he was still investigating or was maybe deemed to know too much. While I don't think this will become a murder mystery or a vengeance story, I'm wondering if Percy was killed by Zezé. If Nini wasn't bed ridden, I'd suspect her as possibly having something to do with his death as well. Based on the feather memories, it seems possible for Nini and Zezé to conspire, even if Nini doesn't know Zezé's true identity.

There's also the possibility that Percy's death was an assisted suicide, knowing that he would never be able to find the hotel and thought that this might give Pedro a chance at finding it and at least making his life better. I don't really think this is likely.

That's really cool that this game inspired to make your fursona. ❤️

I have to say that Hinterlands was one hell of an unforgettable journey in its first iteration and The Feathered Line cements that further. There were already hints of some dark history with Pedro and Oscar and the people directly and tangentially related to them and this really reveals more when you delve into the new content while also adding new elements that just left me bewildered but wanting to solve the mystery. Originally the shed scene left me to ponder if Pedro was abducted in his childhood as another victim of the plague of disappearing children and was rescued by this grandpa and now, I'm fairly certain that is likely the case. I'm still not clear as to what adult Pedro experienced at the shed, whether it was some shadow of the past he relived, a repressed memory coming to the surface or if part of his inheritance from grandpa P, Percy, is recalling a memory with a strong emotional connection without the use of a feather. Maybe even a rite master and student connection? I still have no idea what Pedro saw that he described as God.

I find it interesting that much of this new content brings out what a neglectful father and grandfather Percy was/could be when most of Pedro’s memories of him being positive with most of the negative being more from family history and mostly brought about by grandpa's obsession with finding the hotel. It seems Percy had other obsessions and vices. It goes to paint Percy as more complex and flawed than just someone who was correct about the hotel but who no one believes with just a streak of misfortunes. Though I can't help but recall what Mrs. Piedade said lying to oneself (Pedro) that the Hinterlands was the home of great men or wise women and that can easily apply to grandpa P.

This also sheds more light on Peleus’, P’s father, anger at the nun cheese as a reminder of the hinterlands. Not only was it Percy’s futile hunt for the hotel but him being neglectful as a father in general, especially in a dangerous land. Leaving him vulnerable to be tormented, possibly abused by the cabra cabriola that seem to stalk the hinterlands. Same with Pedro though why neither seem to share the same fate as the human children is unknown. Maybe it is as Mrs. Piedade speculates and the cabras don’t like the taste of mythicals. Though maybe they still get something out of instilling fear, trauma and torment into children? The feather that tells of Carol’s story leaves implications that Percy and Zeze were friends though if I had to take a guess, I don’t think Percy knew that Zeze was a mythical. It might explain why Pedro doesn’t remember him as someone who probably babysat him. And chilling, I think the implication is that, even if they’re not hungry for mythical meat, he might have sexually abused Pedro as a kid. The explanation is the charm and/or repressing trauma. I still don’t know why they would go after Carol as presumably an adult. She seemed to always be afraid that when she eventually did leave the brothel, it was disguised as a man. She and Percy must have been very close for a long time since she did have some comforting relationship with Peleus and Peleus did later check up on her after she left the Hinterlands. 

The Feathered Line also raises a major question that I don’t know if many people have asked themselves. How is that neither Percy nor Nini knew of Oscar? I sort of just assumed that it was just Percy’s really bad luck and recursion that conspired to even learn of Oscar’s existence even as false hope. However, it seems to come up more and more that Percy had to have known about Oscar. Mrs. Piedade knew about him and if Percy was looking into the child disappearances on and off, he would have as well. Most damning of all is the feather story of Helen and of Storm’s conception. Percy knew her and seemed to warn be trying to warn her. For as much as Pedro was sure that his grandfather would have helped Oscar out and prevented much of his childhood suffering based on his appearance, Pedro is wrong. His grandfather, for as much as Pedro talks him up was a piece of shit through and through. The question is why? Was Percy also using Oscar as bait for either the children nappers or for a hotel owning minotaur? Maybe he didn’t want to associate with Oscar because he knew that he was cursed and he had burnt his bridge with Skinless Tapir previously. 

The tapirs themselves are something I’d like to learn more of. Who are they? They’re described as dreameaters which is interesting because that’s a myth that’s tied to Asian Tapirs. I’m not aware of any cultural indigenous myths in the Americas that describe them as dreameaters as well but I’m not knowledgeable in the matter. I don’t know the history of the dispersal of tapirs it if all tapirs have a common ancestor, for Minotaur Hotel to imply, if the Asian myth that tapirs eat dreams, which Brazilian tapir mythicals native to the land have the same ability and are related to likely Asian tapir mythicals that spawn the myth is a nice touch. Like they were once of the same tribe that spread and were separated in the distant past and much like humans, we’re all still one people, despite living in different parts of the world. Though, what is up with that god in the cave? I don’t think it was the Skinless God though I wouldn’t put it past him to fuck with Pedro some more. Could it be the same god that Pedro sees at the Shed? They both require the salt curse to be lifted so they could be the same. Though I’m pretty sure it was the Skinless God that cursed Valéria/Helen into having Oscar the way he was born and it makes his apology for Oscar’s life make more sense. And there’s so many little details where with Oscar with what he says in some lines in TFL with previous content and in chapter 18 with details given in the cave that I could ramble about. 

Lastly, there are the curses that are added. I think the one inflicting the Coronal’s remains is likely because of eating the dreameaters, now he’s trapped in some waking dream. Then the olive tree which I still don’t fully understand. There’s some connection to everything that’s happening but I’m still not clear as to how. The dead baby (child?) tapir mythical is clear though I’m not sure how it got there. Did someone find it eventually and bury it or did the Cabras find it, chewed on it a little and just hid it there? Was it hiding there and that’s where it died? Then there’s that snail, why a snail? Symbolic of a thing that should be easily killed with all the salt around somehow still being alive and biting? Also, what was Oscar looking for? What connection could he have to a missing child from decades ago? Maybe someone related to his mother but I wouldn’t think he cared. 

 Those are some of those major things that stuck out to me from The Feathered Line content. I know most of this is likely incoherent rambling but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

Following the fix, if have previously seen everything as I have, reloading a save and going anywhere in the hinterlands seems to unlock it now. It's called This Darkened Earth.

All the variations and different lore drops for the many variations are so fascinating. Though I still struggle to decipher what any of it really means. Maybe re-reading it and giving it a few days to sink in will help.

The Skinless God in all his remaining glory. October is the perfect month for him to get some art loving. Art by 13TitoAzazel.

I know I can't be the only one that gets happier with Asterion. And hornier.

There are monster fuckers out there that would fuck even h̷̰͕̤͖̋͊̾͌̾͂̀̾̈́̔̅́̇̾i̶̢̤͚̘͉͖̥̩̻̥͒̅̌̾͑̋͂́̚̕͝͝m̴̡̫̩̖̠̱̺͈̏͌́̌̌̀̏̓̔͘.

"Some degenerate thinks I'm attractive enough to defile with their thoughts. OwO"

Will there more references to Brazilian folklore in later on? I'd enjoy seeing more references to things that may not be well known such as the cabra cabriola. Googling cabra cabriola primarily gives me Portugues results and translated results. To me, it seems interesting that some legends and folklores are still mostly unheard of by English speaking people. (A goat boogeyman more or less?)

Speaking of the cabra cabriola, will there be an eventual resolution to the missing children of the Hinterlands mystery or will that mystery be brought up again?

And for a fun question: if Minotaur Hotel got picked up for an adaptation episodic series (singles season adaptation from beginning to end) on a streaming service, what kind of medium would you all like to see it in, animation or live action? If animation, what kind of style? If live action, would the mythicals be mostly practical costumes and effects or CGI?

I'm so digging the new character sprites! I love Mrs. Piedade's design, it reminds me a lot of my grandmother. I can't wait to dive back into the Hinterlands!

Seeing these new models in action is getting me hyped! I can't wait to revisit the Hinterlands in this expansion!

Asterion has never paid taxes and never will.


This is a fun and sexy read. I can't wait to see more!

Ah, this! This is very useful to look at available hang outs at a glance.
Post by TrinexxSlayer in More Manegement Days -

That is why I'd like to see the MC reflect and maybe feel a bit of doubt in his current predicament following Chapter 18. While he's been in some danger before with needing to go out into the Valley for Argos' trial and the Effigy, the realm does bend to his will, and he's had the safety of the hotel to fall back on. This time, however, there was a threat inside the hotel and was a Greek god, a creator of said realm, so that would make more most people new to the existence of magic pause and wonder if they're in over their head. There's also room for the MC to doubt his leadership skills since Asterion takes control of the situation smoothly; more so if you didn't figure out Jean's identity. This would be a good opportunity to get support and reassurance from Asterion.

Ok, so that bit of Khenbish dialogue is currently inaccessible in game. :(

I thought the implication that Khenbish's mother may not be as accepting of homosexuality since she's more religious (likely because she doesn't have to personally deal with the curse) was a nice touch to balance Altan's tolerance of it. I imagine his mom would still love him and "accept" him but in that uncomfortable way where she thought he was going to hell regardless. Which is one of the reasons why Altan wanted Khenbish to find himself away for something that would weigh on him like that.

I noticed some of the changes in the drinking game when I played it following Khenbish' route though looking at the script, there seems to be one thing that was added in that doesn't seem possible which is in regard to a change in Khenbish's responds to Robert's drinking question. It doesn't seem possible to have Robert recruited and Khenbish' path fully completed before the drinking game, I seem to be two days short to be able to do it.

I haven't figured that out myself. Maybe because the curse is expected to not allow him that pleasurable experience? Though I want to say that maybe it's a "you totally won't go crazy for that musky man smelling mushroom, my straight alpha son of mine" implication.

I've kind of thought that maybe Athena's ichor (since he seems obsessed with the glory of Athens) might have had an influence in making the masters cruel which explains why you have the options that lead down the Ruthless route however that is the easy way out of holding the MC accountable for his actions. Even if there is an influence on him, it wouldn't explain why the MC has those thoughts of ordering unhealed Asterion around or thinking that it'd be ok to send Asterion to see Argos when merely hearing the flute gives him a panic attack just because Argos promises something that's clearly easily misconstrued so he could harm Asterion psychologically. That is the MC not being perfect, even in some innocent interpretations if he actually believes Argos' promise. We also do see the MC in some high-pressure situations like when he gets attacked by the Effigy, he panics at the situation and has the option to run away. If MC knows Argo's true identity, he's clearly angry at Jean for wanting to kill Argos; I interpret his order with anger. I also feel like a hyper-idealized MC wouldn't have needed to punch Jean to snap him out of his delusion. There are also his responds he could say to Luke if he is the first guest when he's hitting on Asterion and his responds to Luke and Kota budding heads when they first meet. He could be less professional or not want to step in like a leader should.

There's also another factor that I think you're forgetting when it comes to the MC's ability to be competent as a leader, the hotel is pretty much a post scarcity haven for anyone that isn't Asterion; a lot of the pressures of leadership come from allocating limited resources and the difficult choices that come with it. There is a lack of time and manpower during Argo's trial but that's a special circumstance. At any other point, why wouldn't the MC be a patient person? He's the owner of a magical hotel with adequate staff; he's likely not going to have too much difficulty meeting guest and staff needs. Altan even alludes to this when he talks about how it's easy for the MC to consider being accommodating towards Khenbish if his curse was an issue while working at the Hotel. As for keeping his head cool and not getting triggered during conflict resolution situations, that suggests that the MC having previous leadership experience (regardless of the player's chosen background). I would probably argue is something that does need to be established better as a part of any MC and in a way that doesn't make that seem like it should be limited to just the Leadership background (like rename the Leadership background to Business Manager?). As someone who has been in a leadership position, you learn to keep your cool otherwise you won't last long in those types of positions. Though personally, dealing with dangerous animals and unrealistic workloads was much easier for me as a leader than dealing with people and I no longer am a leader, having and using those skills I picked up still has people turning to me as a leader and looking to me even if I don't want it. It's why most leaders are charismatic even if they're not the most knowledgeable in their fields, which is why charisma is another trait you could infer of the MC.

Though one point you do have, and I hope we do see, is the MC reflecting with Asterion about any stress he's feeling about running the hotel. Especially after what happens at the end of chapter 18. Give the MC an option to reflect on that incident with Asterion rather than asking Asterion just his thoughts as he reflects on the events.