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Whoa! I wasn't expecting this to have adult content! That was a fun surprise! <3 Very atmospheric start; I can't wait to read more!

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I finally got around to playing this game after two months of it being installed on my phone. I was expecting this game to be a happy-go-lucky dating sim similar to Willy Bear Beach. My expectations were blown away! I was not expecting this game be as lengthy and bring up some mental health issues. The sex parts are great but I've been craving more with it comes to relationships in video games and Extracurricular Activities is certainly scratching that itch. I also admire that sex is not the finish line. Admittedly, I've only played through the Coach's path but I've been so enthralled the past 2 days playing through it and I still can't wait to play through more of the other character's storyline. 

Aside from minor grammar errors, the only issue I really encountered was when playing the Android version, I had a lot of issues clicking out of the Coach's computer screen since I couldn't hit the X in the corner to exit; in fact, most of the text boxes were difficult to hit on that screen. I had to export my save file to PC, boot up that version, get past that screen and export the file back to my phone. (I should add that it was the 1.41 version so that might have been fixed by now.) Other than that, I do have to praise the fact that you've released an mobile version of this game and have utilize the touch features for that once sex was a nice touch (no pun intended.) Something about playing dating sims/visual novels on a mobile device is more appealing than on a PC.

I'm looking to seeing future up dates! I also picked up a Bear Belly shirt. <3