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classy VS rowdy choice implications?

A topic by GrayMech created Aug 26, 2021 Views: 773 Replies: 8
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I recently started playing the game again after not having touched it in a long time (life happens eh) I got to the choice where you can pick between "Classy and scenic, but strict." or "Fun and rowdy... perhaps even horny." does this affect the overall mood of the hotel later in the game or does this choice only affect the first guest that shows up? I'm more a fan of the character design shown for the classy option but I'm worried that picking it will make the atmosphere more strict and stifling later on which I really don't want.

If this choice does affect the future of the hotel I'm willing to deal with the other characters design to end up with a more fun and lighthearted feeling within the hotel but if it only changes which guest shows up I'd rather go with the first option. what exactly does this choice impact?


It's a very important choice. You will get both characters, but the first one you get takes over the hotel's lounge. The dragon will turn it into a high-end restaurant, the gryphon will turn it into a nightclub. Pretty much every scene with either character plays out differently depending on who gets chosen first.

There will be two staff members in future builds that only appear depending on which you pick first. Asterion can get an optional uniform later that depends on this choice. Just go with whichever character you like more.

in that case I'll have to go with the gryphon since a nightclub sounds like more fun to me

I didn't know that last fact about effecting future character appearance. That'll be interesting to see.

Kota seriously gave me law faction vibes... but at least he isn't the sort to behead you for rubbernecking... I think.

Am I the only that thinks Kota looks like Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender? 

lol now that you said it, it will never be unseen

What if uncle Iroh was actually Onsen wearing a charm all along?

And he enters the Hotel lobby singing the iconic 

馃幎 Winter-Spring, Summer and Fall 馃幎. 

I would Lose my sh!t