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Well to be honest I'm comparing them to the dad from Finding a Place.

Wasn't he pretty much kidnapped?  He was pretty reckless with the unknown ship though.  What brought up Adastra anyway?

I would have ducked out instead of snapping at Asterion.

This has been brought up so many times now.

I was kind of expecting this to be about the babel coin thing.

I was half expecting an "I can work with this" from Cass.

Something about him looking less like a cow before.  No clue what they were talking about.

That reminds me.  Someone seemed to be claiming Asterion used to have a different design.

Why they would be bringing it up now instead of whatever year that supposedly happened... well maybe they hadn't played in a really long time, but it would be nice to be able to check if they aren't just imagining it like I think they are.

At least once I'd seen Asterion get huffy after the drinking game.  I forget what choices I made to get there.

Not sure if that would get longer term consequences.

When I picked start it put me AFTER the argument, so it was an earlier chapter.

... That's what I meant by "approaching start from behind".

For some reason I'm reminded of a couple twists.

1. It turns out we (the player) were a possessor and not the character themselves.  This is actually surprisingly common.  Or that's how it looks to me.

2. Our character was a fake identity the whole time.  Well, okay that was only a twist once from what I can recall.  Technically it has been used more but not as a twist... for the audience anyway.

I actually kind of like these.  Except for cases of 1 where the character hates you.

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Could have put a warning on the front page or something.  That fast forward had me confused.

I kept expecting flashbacks to in between.

And now that I'm seeing the between this new set isn't looking as good as the old one.  ... Because of the floating heads.

Oh.  looks like approaching start from behind (playing from an earlier chapter) causes an error.

How would an information god work in this setting anyway?

There's a list but to know how much is LEFT to reach them... I think one of the backgrounds had that ability.

Oh.  Right.  Is an alt scene even written for that point?

Speaking of which did they say how long the "tasks" go for?

I have this weird impression it's going to turn out the wool was like weighted clothing just as much as it is itchy armor.

On another strand: how flexible are those affinity skills?  Like the ratkin one.

Pendant?  Is this about that one... puzzle?

The chart thingy they're using for that one hero game that slips my mind by the looks of it.

I heard about it from a video the other day.

With how contained the valley is either it's flat or the valley is like the plague pit from Defender's Quest or the crater from Krater.  I mean like a landmass sized hole.


The way narration described the stars we're in a different dimension at least.  Or a different layer that doesn't have OUR stars in it.  But it seems you end up on the same road regardless of point of origin so that rules out layers.

Did the gods even know what a planet is?

And not the flower shop mascot that will not be named.

It's not like a summoning spell... so far.  There's either an intervention, they have the "address", or they just arrive the way most do.

You mean his withered form used to be different before the snake was implemented?  How many years ago was that?

No one's asked about adding extra parts?  He already looks good as is of course.

The gods probably didn't consider the option of having more parts to remove.  Yes?

You're saying the energy can last longer than 1 day?

Oh right.  Is that town part getting a turn limit at some point?  It's kind of awkward stumbling infinitely... at least without having to sleep.

Too bad I never saw daylight during the investigation.

Did they have a sign out we could check whenever?  If so, I must have missed it.

How old of a design do you mean?  I haven't seen a design change in... the entire time I've been tracking this (which has been longer than months).

Granted I haven't checked the recent fix versions.  I didn't encounter bugs.

Everyone looks so thin... or am I missing someone?  At least they got the kind of balls I like.

All that?  I expected it shorter, but "goblins" wasn't working.

Oh.  Will there be more words about the whole truffle thing?  Like why they thought Kenny wouldn't be affected.

It was a passing theory.  I think he mentioned a smell.

Have you read the Robert conversations yet?

So, the master could have field trips the whole time and didn't try going out to that artwork they liked?

Closer to topic I kind of like their dad.  Funny how many complain about "vilifying" God when Noah's Ark is right there in print for all to see.

Bit stray but is everyone getting stuff like this before we see the next main chappy?

Have you already pinned how routes are going to work?

Would it be the old-fashioned extra time together kind?  The connection by alignment kind?

I didn't think Zad got enough material to hit the ranking.  Then again, a lot of characters haven't gotten much.

I won't claim what his rank is, but I really want more Makon.  Maybe more Arwan too.

Taking the 2 guards, I think.  For LFR at least.

Well, there was a VN where it turned out the villain had the reset button the whole time.  The leads remember because 1 of them was cursed and the other had a higher being for an ex-girlfriend.

That kind of thing sort of keeps the complexity down.

It's just that the protagonist kept pointing it out but okay.

Funny how the second city we get to has (correction insists that should be "have") such a starting area kind of name. Especially with how long it takes to get there.

Is it weird I expect some kind of lore explanation for the sprite changes and suddenly having a chapter title card after a long time of having no chapter indications?