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Well, I'm expecting him to snap.

I was under the impression about half of them died in each route and yet here they are.

Then again did they have the balls back then or were those from the 90s?

The way the mouse controls the space whatsits game it's more like the arcade machine is using one of those balls instead of a stick.

Almost there I would guess.  Next stop maybe?

And that threshold is the absolute maximum?

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Could use a scroll bar on the upgrades.  Or make more columns.

Speaking of upgrades: Is it normal for them to get delisted?  Like when I turned some cops into blanks.

The left side.  Probably.

His left I mean.  Thought I saw something about the eye itself while I was looking.

By what stretch?  There's a shorts scene but not much is happening.

Worse than when my "enter" gets stubborn?

I think you just need to stand down on any one of the early caring choices.  I rub the wine and it's fine.
The bath is where I stand down.

Got them.

How many plates do you guys need spinning at once?

But this is great.  Well, they all are.

Mac doesn't hang around as much?

Would be something to see a project run with it.  Doesn't have to be you of course.

It stopped opening for me.  And the day after I got the Sid scenes too.

Still missing two pics.  I don't have to be mean to the little magic sweety for them do I?

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So, undies don't count as cover?  The scratchy shorts I mean.

Has anyone made playlists of this?  I can only find some "intro" thing.

I'll take anything but I'm mostly hoping for a soundtrack one.  Especially the summit tracks.

What about Mac returning the favor and getting bolder through it?  Massaging Killigan I mean.

Wonder if his banner outfit is going to be for real.

It would appear there is.  Not entirely sure how I got it.

I choose the ray options last on both activities lists (sleeping arrangements and skewers) and freindzoned Mac.  Could be one or both.

I'm wondering who that Banni guy is.  Also are all the romance options going to be like the 5th party members in Persona 1?

Having to turn each one down for a chance to pick a different one I mean.

What's the scaling for charm?  Because those ones look as hard as always.

Oh.  It's possible on the noble side.

Or they awkwardly jitter to where they belong.  Some games do that.

We can't cross the second notch in either direction yet, can we?  The noble/barbarian alignment thing I mean.

What engine is it?  Because I haven't seen other games have that problem.

And thanks.

On a replay I somehow got Mac naked in his first appearance.  Connected to messing with the gallery beforehand?

Also, characters sometimes don't move all the way into position when fast forwarding.  Sometimes causing one or more conversation members to stay off screen.

So, we're having vision quests now?  Or maybe not since we're still Killigan instead of some stranger we handle the gameplay of for a few minutes.

One notch deep in barbarian, I think.

Anyone out there have an alignment guide in the works?

Bit of a delayed reaction problem.  Got the title screen, options, and I guess the opening line all overlapping.

Well to be honest I'm comparing them to the dad from Finding a Place.

Wasn't he pretty much kidnapped?  He was pretty reckless with the unknown ship though.  What brought up Adastra anyway?

I would have ducked out instead of snapping at Asterion.

This has been brought up so many times now.

I was kind of expecting this to be about the babel coin thing.

I was half expecting an "I can work with this" from Cass.

Something about him looking less like a cow before.  No clue what they were talking about.

That reminds me.  Someone seemed to be claiming Asterion used to have a different design.

Why they would be bringing it up now instead of whatever year that supposedly happened... well maybe they hadn't played in a really long time, but it would be nice to be able to check if they aren't just imagining it like I think they are.

At least once I'd seen Asterion get huffy after the drinking game.  I forget what choices I made to get there.

Not sure if that would get longer term consequences.

When I picked start it put me AFTER the argument, so it was an earlier chapter.