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Not sure about that but I think you have to repeat A once you've got all possible medals.

Almost wish Grey wore more so the other guys could have more stages of undress.

... Is everyone getting sub-routes?

I suspect something of Asterion's is at least one of the pillars holding the realm up.

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Just making sure.

I've borrowed some Fromsoft games before.  The things they warned me about were a cakewalk while things they didn't warn me about walked all over me (unless they were traps.  I... have too much prior experience with spotting traps).

Might have decided to lend me those after hearing that I dodged a dragon for at least an hour (in a family friendly ARPG).

...?  Are you... in the wrong place?

So far it seems to be trying TOO HARD to get me to drop Nick for Pete.  With Nick so eager to go back home and not much reason not to while Pete... may have some plans to go back but seems to be in a DEEP rough patch.

At least he's got Oscar.

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Blocked at the tarot reading.  ... Weird.  Now it isn't.

He's a book in braille but thanks.

Yeah, that one.

Missing one of Hoss's set, 1 of... the 8th man(?), and a trauma between day 10 and something in the pool.

Also bugged out when I got Hoss at the end of B.

... I need less ideal endings to get the last medals don't I?

And the gallery pics?

So day 17.  The word I wound up using was said by neither one.  That was Dave.

"Marrying" in what capacity though?  It's pretty far back in time.

I wish too but someone once said "I hate prequels.  You know the ending is going to be sad".

But can the protagonist be a power bottom?

That cutoff felt like one of those "buy the book" endings.  But this kind of is the book.

I'm reminded of a dragon once saying that answers kill all the wonder in the world.  I kind of get it but his constant question dodging makes me want to pinch his nose for an hour.

That's... rather thematically appropriate.  One of the cards calling for some was something about hibernation.

After seeing the gym I was kind of hoping all the minigames were going to be some kind of turn based.

I don't have to jog do I?  Like for energy zest?

"Going to have".  I didn't say it already has one.

Maybe it was just a random remark but... CAN we get a snack for the old man?

I was under the impression we were going to have some kind of turn limit... eventually to advance to... whatever the next part is going to be.

That guide would be appreciated though.

What kind of Isekai are these guys watching to think this is a "generic" one?

It's a bit like the ye olde ones I suppose (beast folk included) but not like the modern cheap power fantasy ones (so far) ... but maybe we had something to do with that crater?

Or it could be a story of the aftermath.  Like one interpretation of what Twin Peaks was supposed to be.  ... Or going for another Beastars.

I would expect a suffocating parent to get out of the car at least.  A middle ground parent maybe?

Also, I don't think we got word on how much area he knows.

Is the milking kit bolted to "home" or am I missing a "take with me" command somewhere?

Well okay.

I have this feeling I ought to say more about deck themes.  Well for anyone that cares to read it.  Not sure how relevant it will be here though.

Relentless assault: For the bold or the impatient.  Hitting hard and fast with no defenses of their own with the intent of short matches.

Turtle: At least half the deck is defense.  Kind of boring to be honest.

Resource screwing; Swapping between hand, shields, and mana or energy.

Sacrificial: Powerful when you know what you're doing otherwise you could end up kicking your own ass.  I guess you could call it a hard mode deck.

There's also "setup and payoff" but it's rare for games to have that.

Sticking to a theme would have been my advice for deck building.  Or that's how it goes for most card games.

Surprised that doc still has working sweat glands.

So that gym.  Is it going to be for starting defense and recovery (well weight loss) only?  Would love to build some support for that cushion.

All that fuss going on with D&D isn't impacting this at all is it?

Those meal plan options.  Argh and I dumped all my leftover money on rations.

"Buy max" seems to be using earlier prices than displayed.  Not sure if earlier version or earlier run though.

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Any way to get muscle growth added to the time skip?

Speaking of which is 12 the highest we can get muscle?

Could have sworn I got Lacky's number after the slumber party, but that one event still happened with the salesman.

Would have been nice if I could have seen the deck first.

Wish fitness raised the cap.  Just using them as shields seems so cheap to me and the current cap is underwhelming.

Version number got me thinking it was further along than it is.

Is that future mechanic going to be some other method of choices?  Or do you mean an expansion of what we've seen so far?  Or yet something else?

Sounding like bi.  At least since our arrival.

In a few months I would guess.  Here's hoping it's less than a season.

Really getting my hopes up with some of those skills.

Also, it turns out Mr. Bear is one of my types.  Still want more Makon though.

That too possibly.

Reading on either way.

And the musicians and artists (the picture making kind).

Is this staying just a role-playing story or is this going to go in some Knights of Pen and Paper shenanigans?