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Chapter 19 reviews

A topic by TrinexxSlayer created 40 days ago Views: 813 Replies: 12
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So new update is out but it seems there is no poll. I guess I'll just be posting my first impressions here. And yes, there will be spoilers.

So, the old man from the beggining was revealed to be Poseidon. I don't recall why i got the impression he was Zeus, if it was a theory i've read on the forum, or if it had to do with how Hermes referred to him, i'm not entirely familiar with the olympians genealogy tree, it's been 2 years and MinoHotel still be pulling those switcheroos from chapter 18. I guess i don't have any real point here, but this is something of importance that contextualizes what exactly is going on. I did find that break of narration during the Hermes phone call agreement to terms rather amusing, given that has only been revealed in the ruthless route.

There is something i find rather immersion breaking with the main character and that is he doesn't really contest some rather critical things in my opinion. It's just 2 but still, the first one being in agreement to the gold armband terms from chapter 13, i did give it a pass due to the point of it being a proof of good willingness but personally i would have demanded for the contract to in case someone else coerced asterion in the valley not penalize the master if they had no fault or means to prevent it. The new one from this update, however, i find more concerning and that is he kind of just agreeing to Hermes request. Sure technically he has some time to think still, but i want to know why should the gods be helped? setting asterion free might be fine, but are we not unwittingly allowing for the olympians to restore their reing of tyranny over us mortals? in the myths they can be pretty brutal.

Now for a more uplifting note, I'll be gushing about my boy Pedro and him and Oscar morning cuddle session that's apparently been a thing for a while now from how casual they were about it, as if they were dating or something. Then Pedro gets rich and goes to a store and tells Marcelo "I'm DrUnK, AnD i'D lIkE tO pUrChAsE yOuR eVeRyThInG yOu HaVe FoR mY sUgAr BaBy~~~" and the occasional break to portuguese, porque também sou brasileiro e é legal ver os personagems falando a nossa língua. Also, I was glad for Themba to be there and getting some more exposition to him, i find both he and Robert to be very fascinating in concept, but i still feel like we don't have much of their characters known yet.

And thus we have the theme to the final arc of the story revealed, and it's very videogaymey. "defeat the 7 monsters, get their 7 gems, save the 12? princesses" this will be interesthing, the cast have many sorts of skills and i'm curious how these will be handled, what holes roles each one will be taking, how much we get to decide on strategies, it's a prime opportunity for some fun mechanics to be implemented.

Lastly, I couldn't tell for certain but is Kota supposed to be bottomless in the final scene? I wasn't sure if that was a case of japanese nudism or slits not being considered as nudity even though they are fetishized about (for good reason).


Do keep in mind that the MC promises to listen and conside Hermes's request, which he did. The promise has been fulfilled from his side. He did not promise to follow along with it, however :)

As it was before with the other mechanics, it will be up to the player to decide how much time and effort to dedicate to this task, if any at all, and how to approach it.

And yes, Kota is bottomless in that scene. He dresses like that when it's just him at his place with friends, we picked it based on our research of what lounge wear people were in Japan back in his time. Though I admit I don't recall the specifics off the top of my head, Nemo knows this part better.

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Sorry for the late response, i wanted to try out a bunch of different iterations to see what else i could find and got carried away reworking saves given rng aspects. The new things of note that I've found out, is that Kota doesn't always appear bottomless in the final scene (giving Themba's patterns flashbacks) , it was a bit weird considering his first impressions of Luke but it could be some cultural aspect i'm unfamiliar with. The other thing was with Lucas and Peter, and the heartache in the reason for those nicknames.

 Also, i'm aware mc didn't exactly promise to follow through with the request, but i thought in both scenes these were important points that weren't brought up, even if MC would still follow through without giving the player any choice. The talk with Hermes could even have been interrupted by Asterion feeling unconfortable with the topic, thus making it shown that some topics of it had to be postponed by "outside" force.

edit: oh, i guess i should specify, when i say bottomless i mean no underwear on.


While you do make a good point on the MC not contesting the terms in those two cases, I want to add that in the case of the armband, while you make a great point in there (since that's something I that myself would think to add) its not only a show of goodwill, it's also a promise of the master to protect Asterion. I don't remenber if that's explicitly stated, but as the contrat is right know, in the case that Asterion is made go into the Valley without the master being able to help in any way it would mean that we somehow failed our promise to protect him since that's the only way for that to happend (meaning that in reallity, there should never be a escenario were both Asterion is forced to go into the valley, and the master had no way of helping avoid it). And I think the master knows this, and that's why he doesn't contest in any way. It's his way of telling and showing Asterion that's he is willing to do anything to always protect him, even if he could find loopholes or arguments in order to make it easier for him, he chooses not to. Or that's what I thinks at least lol. And I fucking loved Pedro in this chapter. Like, I already loved Pedro, but my man stole the show for me this time. When He said "I'm a piece of shit and drunk enough to be a menace" to Themba i lost it lol. And as you said, using this chance to show more of Themba both with his conversation and inner monologe was something I really liked.

Could talk about this game for so long lol. But yeah, great chapter, great game


First time posting here (mostly been a lurker) but i gotta give praise to the amount of variance at play here! you werent kidding about that (nikos having different interactions in the kitchen depending on if kota/luke/khenbish is in the kitchen, khenbish himself having different dialouge if youve completed his route or not, same with kota when having a one on one with mc etc) sooo cool to see! Mustve taken alot of effort keeping track of it all

also, asterions star mark staying on...curious that no one remarked upon it. I have my theories about the starmark but im looking forward to where it leads to!


So far it seems to be trying TOO HARD to get me to drop Nick for Pete.  With Nick so eager to go back home and not much reason not to while Pete... may have some plans to go back but seems to be in a DEEP rough patch.

At least he's got Oscar.

I'm very mad, DS3 is the best fromsoft game followed by elden ring and then bloodborne! Maybe bloodborne can come second but but DS3 is the best, this isn't a question it's just fact. 

...?  Are you... in the wrong place?

Did you not see the Themba version of Pedro's segments in this chapter? Or are you just questioning their poor taste?

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Just making sure.

I've borrowed some Fromsoft games before.  The things they warned me about were a cakewalk while things they didn't warn me about walked all over me (unless they were traps.  I... have too much prior experience with spotting traps).

Might have decided to lend me those after hearing that I dodged a dragon for at least an hour (in a family friendly ARPG).

I replayed from the beginning, so it took me a bit of time, but I do love the main story development. Hermes going senile is an easy explanation for the way he talks about his old man, which could be Zeus, but also Poseidon and how he seems to get father figures confused. Might be why he had this whole weird confusion about Clemént or not? Old crazy men all overlapping in his memory? I'm a little curious how things are going to play out, bc retrieving the god's ichor that made the realm, would not JUST set Asterion free, it would unravel the realm itself, wouldn't it? No more magic hotel, no more immortal coil. Or is the realm's magic wholly it's own? Or are the seven monsters just seven of the twelve and the rest of them would still uphold the realm? I guess this is what Hermes meant with opening up negotiations. 

The thing I'm a bit sad about is the lack of time for side quests. And I mean in the hotel, not the Hinterlands stuff. I barely even managed to recruit Robert ("we could use some help with some contract stuff" he says to the demon *laughing so hard*) and have a talk with the characters maybe three times or so and get just a bit started on Asterion's project. I think spending a day with Themba before and after Pedro comes in would be quite different and I feel sad that I missed out, bc I was trying to get the gym project done first and left Themba in R&D. Having Khenbish cook up some food to help with the explorer stats could come in handy before the main story progresses to the monster hunting and Nikos's scouting mission, too.
It's only been a couple of months or so, apparently, so I guess not everything is possible to do, but I hope that we can still have some time later to get to at least most of the extra content there. At the end of ch19 it just goes back to the title menu and we can't really try things out without going back to a save point or replaying and trying some different projects in the limited time breaks we have. There was a lot of dedication given to the Hinterland intermissions and Pedro and Oscar's story, but I think doing Kota's personal quest line or just getting to build that swimming pool while still finding the shades and hints in the explorations isn't boring either and I'd love some more time for it within the scope of the mainstory rather than having to tack it on, esp since it changes the flavor for the conversation scenes or the talks we have with Kota and the others noticably.

To reply to some other things, I also think that the gold armband is a promise of the master to protect Asterion from being in the valley against his will and that it comes with the responsibility to protect him from whoever else might try to force it. In that regard Asterion isn't easily forced by anyone other than his designated Master anyway and not that easy to trick either, so I don't think it's a big oversight or unfair. With power comes responsibility, and consequences. Not leaving himself any wiggle room was the master's way of showing sincerity after all that gained Asterion's trust here.

I also kinda look forward to Pedro's reaction to finding out that they can just conjure anything he might want/need. Or mostly anything, with the material restrictions there are. But a set of drums or a musical theater stage or soundproof studio room shouldn't be a problem. Although there is a point to him fulfilling his promise and finally being able to BUY something for his boyfriend, the way he really wanted to.

I'm really sad we have to kinda choose between the troubled peacock and the slightly traumatized snake boy. (Having to live rough in the valley, with magic contract or not *is* traumatizing, it's why Asterion hates it so much after all. And Argos running around with that pelt? yeah, there's a reason he broke down in sobs after getting just a couple hugs.) Technically the hotel should be large enough to accomodate both. Or at least have an outbuilding for Nikos to visit and stay, if he wants to go back home or to school. (Because I do not think Pedro is safe to leave alone and Oscar is not well equipped to care for him, money or not. At least not for a while. And he has to do that video game night with Themba, that was precious.) (Also, the paths were you don't get Themba and all that side business stuff is just not there? I can only ever play artist paths, bc I love Khenbish and he needs the help as much as the designated lounge manager does, but Themba brings so much story bits and helps Asterion make some peace with the past, that missing him is just not a viable option anymore.) So yeah, having both Khenbish and Themba AND Nikos and Pedro are just my greedy little heart wanting them all, bc if even just one is missing it feels like failure more than closure. Or in Themba's case, like missing a chance for Asterion to make peace with what happened and find the connection to the people he lost back then.

All in all great update, please gimme me more hotel business days to play more than one side quest in full and maybe a codex to help figure out how many notes or clay tablets and what not we are missing or looking for and I'll be perfectly happy and set to wait for ch20.

I suspect something of Asterion's is at least one of the pillars holding the realm up.

allow me to clarify my issue with the gold armband and hermes request. i had those glaring concerns i've presented that were not addressed in those scenes. it's okay if the master wanted to do it as a promise or whatever, but i wanted for them to at least acknowledge that the terms would bring harm to him even if it wasn't his fault. then he could be like, "yeah, but i'm gonna do it anyway because promises". for the hermes is the same thing, i wasn't given a reason as to why the master did not inquire hermes further in, it didnt have to go there with the questions i still had, but at least the conversation could have had to be interrupted short to give us the sense that there were things that needed to be left unsaid for the time being.

if themba isn't in the hotel then luke will fill in that videogame talk, and as much as i love themba, i have to say that luke had the most heartfelt conversation with pedro for me. technically musical instruments aren't natural resources, so you'd have to teach the hotel to make them first, it can be probably done, but it's the sort of thing that might require an R&D task.

there is a codex, it only registers the things you found, but it's available to see from the main menu. it's called files and it registers everything you got in every playthrough. i also did post somewhere on this forum a files list with everything that can be found, assuming mine is complete. there's also an achievments menu to keep track of certain things you've done and hint at others.

but you will have to choose between arts background to recruit both themba and khenbish, or the leaders background to be able to recruit both pedro and nikos