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Darkk wolf

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win 11, hp envy x360 2 in 1, 8gb ram

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I downloaded in the itch pc app, and i don't get any crash messages, it just freezes and stops working. The first time, my pc mencioned a "plugin has stopped working" but that message stopped apearing. Now the game always freezes whenever i try to load any save, and new games always freezes on the log.

downloaded the game and it looks really cool and the story seems really interesting, but it keeps crashing in the "move closer" log choice. And i can't move foward, i've stuck there for some time now.

Anyone know where i can download previous versions like 0.08? I really wanna see how it used to look like

Help! Need a guide, i'm stuck or feel like i'm not making any progress. So if there is any guide available i'd be very thankfull

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Alon or Cooper i hope! Fuck teak, i used to think he was hot and wanted to fix him but now i just hate him. Give me that Cooper route, i bet it would be a cinnamon roll / vanilla slow burn route, and im here for it.

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Normally i find Cliff annoying  in the main Vn but in this shorts, his a true man of culture! Nichijou is soo underrated that seeing it being mencioned  in this short makes me very happy. Also Bluey, ma man scoring extra credit with me lol.

I'm very mad, DS3 is the best fromsoft game followed by elden ring and then bloodborne! Maybe bloodborne can come second but but DS3 is the best, this isn't a question it's just fact. 

I keep getting way to many errors, it starts in chapter 11, goes through chapter 12  (during chapter 12  it goes into the pool special chapter and that too gets errors),  and stops in chapter 13. Then after i decode de argos pages, when i tell him his from crete, it gives another error and  it remains as argos up to the end . I'll Upload all my saves in order to facilitate seeing the errors.

This post is great , despite being long or because it is, it conveys very well your thoughts. I want to shine a little bit of light on way i liked Brendam more after day 6, i think perfect characters are annoying and it's the flaws that make them great, the fact that you get this image of a dotting father with difficulty controlling  his urges as a small flaw and then you get the reveal that he struggles with alcohol made him more realistic in a way for me. It helps see that there is more to the character other then smut, and that the story can go many ways from there. Also i like to fix broken characters soo...

Anyway, to finish i just wanted to say that i'm loving the VN and the slow pace helps flashout the characters and the story, most VN's rush to fufill the expectations of the readers and end up collapsing on themselves, so please take your time, what matters is that your vision comes fourth and isn't tainted by our expectations.

When i open the VN it immediately closes, every single time!

Tried what you told me to do but it didn't work, i'll just wait for the next update. Thanks anyway

i'm in macsen's route, rude personality,  I've already tried loading different saves but nothing, reinstalling  the VN and also nothing, replaying the hole VN isn't an option.  It's always when i get to the point where macsen leaves and killigan has to get dressed that the equip bar doesn't come up, killigan says "i'm can't go out naked, i'm not in the forest anymore"  but when the U.I. desappears the equip bar says "i can't mess with the equipment yet" and then when i click on the notebook it also says something similar, and when i click on killigan it repeats  "i'm can't go out naked, i'm not in the forest anymore" and the process repeats.

i have a bug. when Killigan has to dress to meet with the others for brunch, the armor menu doesnt open. it keeps saying that i cant mess with the clothes

i have analised the gem in the bath and saved before he puts the gem in the eye socket but when i load the save file, it continues without rune putting the eye in. Is it a glitch? or do i need to start a new save? 

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how can i download previous versions of this VN? Like update 1.47

We'll bang okay, lol hahahahahaha Rune's embers and arts have the best names

Is it possible to save all dogs in Rune's night? If yes, how?

Already fixed it but thanks

i updated but when i get to the beginning of the update with the shot of shelter and the monster outside, the game ends and goes to the start menu. Help please

Awoooooooo "IT WAS INCREDIBLE", i better finish my time machine cause i can't wait for the next update! Btw not cool to tease the burry sex scene like that, tsk tsk.

Also i sense a One Piece theme in the credit's artworks, am i wrong? 

With all that out of the way, i have to say that this VN is amazing. The world building, the characters and their development, the artwork and everything else i haven't mentioned is just... wow, i hope there will be other works like this and/or in the same universe because i have a lot of questions. It'll be sad when this VN finishes, so in conclusion love your VN Raus and i hope that there will be more of your work in the future.

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I got the bug while playing the Windows version! It totally went over my head, I thought it was an artist choice even though it was a unusual one lol

wow i notice it too, but couldn't remember where was it from lol

is there a guide? i'm stuck on the rat with a shop, where the goblins keep buying everything!

Man this VN hits differently. From the dialogue to the ost, the only way i can describe this is as an experience, and an amazing one at that! Love the story, keep up the good work

is there Bara?

It has been a while since i have been scared like this. This VN is amazing, i hope there's more updates of it coming. Btw Grey and Mark remind me of JOJO's characters for some reason!

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Loved this update, can't wait for part 2. Btw only now i noticed the Steven Universe referrence that Raus sneaked into this update, and the windows error sound was priceless. Keep up the good work.

And that is exactly my point, thank you Chunkynuts for helping explain my train of thought.

*literally, and yeah but that doesn't change that  someone who doesn't know what is patreon and/or that it is a paid subscription site, may download this game believing that this is a free game that requires a account (similar to WoW or Epic game's fortnite) in order to play. I almost downloaded the game but because i know that patreon is a paid subscription site, i got confused and left that comment.

Will Kovle continue as route as well or will the VN focus more in Brymror in the future updates?

Why? If this is a demo for the game and the idea is to make people join the patreon to play the full game, isn't this supposed to be like a free trial to give a reason for the person to pay for the actual full game (even if the game is in it's development stage yet)? If i have to pay to play this game after it downloads then it isn't free. If it's a demo to showcase the potencial of the full game and convince the player to join the game's patreon, then making it "free download" but "pay to play" defeats the idea of "free game".

This VN is AWESOME, I LOVE IT! But i have a quest, i'm on chapter 18 but there's a "If you're doing QA, STOP HERE". It's my first play through and i'm doing the good master route, so i stopped playing. Can someone explain what's that about, it caught me by surprise and now i'm kinda scared to continue  (because of spoilers and such).

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It's a shame this is happening, i really want to see how this story unfolds. I hope that the delay means a bigger update (100k words minimum lol jk) and interesting story. Anyhow keep going and you'll succeed.

Will the VN remain text until it's finish or will art be introduce at some point in the near future? I am enjoying the story so far but despite liking VN's  I'm not a fan of text based games, it just doesn't do it for me. A core of a VN is the story and artwork that work together to tell a story in my opinion, so i hope some art (sprites at least) are introduce in the near future