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True! This is quite the food for thought to chew on. I can't imagine how the writers are going to go about this, but i believe in them.

That sounds highly reasonable as well. Asterion finally getting his long awaited rest (even though he does enjoy his vision of the hotel). Only drawback I could see with him and the MC living on in Hades, is the hotel would more than likely cease to exist after Asterion passes from the living realm. I'm under the assumption it's existence is tied to him perpetually. 

And he enters the Hotel lobby singing the iconic 

馃幎 Winter-Spring, Summer and Fall 馃幎. 

I would Lose my sh!t

lol now that you said it, it will never be unseen

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Ive only played the ruthless route once. Wasn't that a fail safe elixir for tyrant rulers of the realm? 

The only immortal knowledge that I have is things like Dracula, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, True Blood, Vamp. Diaries. Etc. So I'm inclined to believe you on that, but that doesn't mean it can't be for MC and Asterion. I think peace in the realm is very achievable (as long as the old gods have actually died out other than Hades) and as long as we go on this quest without some casualties or maiming involved. Neither the MC nor Asterion truly desire a tyrannical rule of the realm (barring the Ruthless Route),

(Edit) This is still speculation and theory crafting but, I feel Hades out of all the Olympian's has the best chance of never fading away, due to his subjects actually being there and still giving him reverence in his realm. His power seem to differ from the rest of the hierarchy on Olympus. Maybe there is loop hole or even a surprise communication from the benevolent under lord instructing our cast further if Hermes doesn't survive the ordeal of waiting for the Ichor.

You can't help but love Asterion. Outside of him, I'd say my favorite characters are both Luke and Kota. Luke while seemingly so carefree has given the impression of a tender big brotherly side (given what content we can delve into), and it's adorable. Kota, coming across as the stoic fatherly side of the group, masking all those years of longing and pain immediately captured my heart in his story (and I hope all the best finding Onsen). 

Now all the other characters I still absolutely love, and I want to bear hug them dearly. I recently started shipping Khenbish with Nikos. I can see their personalities balancing each other out. And knowing what I know about Robert, I pair him with Luke lol.

Pedro and Oscar's dynamic are so perfect for their coming together. As long as Pedro continues to open up (which he's taken leaps and bounds in Chapter 19)

Themba is my wild card, I need a bit more of his back story (which in some ways,  Khenbish's father is just like his own) before I can put a pin in his number card. He just seems to be pleased as long as he's with his Uncle Asterion.

So I was going through another playthrough and this scene (pictured) stuck out to me. This seems to be in line with pleasing the gods, with how balanced the realm is running, to (maybe) eventually grant you a wish or desire (whether its Asterion's freedom, or your eternal life with him). Any thoughts?

No problem

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At the time there are no more "Luke" scenes specifically, as the creators haven't finished his routes just yet. But without being too spoilery, there are more scenes to be found.

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Chapter 19 is FIRE!!! It really brings it all together and ties up a lot of loose ends. I haven't checked in my recent replay if Luke's story is updated yet, but I can wait if not. This story is truly a master class in story telling. Glad it's my first VN experience.  (Side note: the new Sprites and animations look amazing and adds even more depth and life to the tale)

It's crazy how i was just on another "Sea Salted fragrances" tour and decided to check just now. What amazing timing. Literally, one of my all time favorite fantasy romance stories forever.

In keeping things simple and enjoyable:

1. Definitely missionary, while staring into each others eyes.

                A) as a kink, neck biting

2. Fingering is always a plus in media 

3. Nipple biting, using his furry body to rub MC's entire body

4. Sauna or bath house sound perfect

5. Idk maybe analingus

6. Holding on to his horns while pulling in for a dominating kiss, or, licking along the "gooch" line while staring into his eyes

7. Definitely Asterion doing more groping or guiding the MC's hands to where he wants them

8. Asterion seems to be fond of the MC natural musk (and vice versa)... that should definitely be remembered for the nsfw scenes