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Thoughts on possible immortality for MC (Semi-Spoiler)

A topic by Corbenix created 21 days ago Views: 277 Replies: 6
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So I was going through another playthrough and this scene (pictured) stuck out to me. This seems to be in line with pleasing the gods, with how balanced the realm is running, to (maybe) eventually grant you a wish or desire (whether its Asterion's freedom, or your eternal life with him). Any thoughts?

in the ruthless route mc drinks a potion of immortality, but it turns out that is poisonous to mortals. even the gods seem to be expiring, and asterion is technically not really alive. i doubt immortality can be achievable without a catch to it, and also is not a really good way to end things. no story that includes immortality ever goes well for the immortals.

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Ive only played the ruthless route once. Wasn't that a fail safe elixir for tyrant rulers of the realm? 

The only immortal knowledge that I have is things like Dracula, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, True Blood, Vamp. Diaries. Etc. So I'm inclined to believe you on that, but that doesn't mean it can't be for MC and Asterion. I think peace in the realm is very achievable (as long as the old gods have actually died out other than Hades) and as long as we go on this quest without some casualties or maiming involved. Neither the MC nor Asterion truly desire a tyrannical rule of the realm (barring the Ruthless Route),

(Edit) This is still speculation and theory crafting but, I feel Hades out of all the Olympian's has the best chance of never fading away, due to his subjects actually being there and still giving him reverence in his realm. His power seem to differ from the rest of the hierarchy on Olympus. Maybe there is loop hole or even a surprise communication from the benevolent under lord instructing our cast further if Hermes doesn't survive the ordeal of waiting for the Ichor.

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Technically since we know for sure that the afterlife does exist in the MinoHotel universe the MC, like Asterion, has an immortal soul so they can be together forever in the Elysian Fields.

Edit: although an apotheosis ending sounds intriguing too...

That sounds highly reasonable as well. Asterion finally getting his long awaited rest (even though he does enjoy his vision of the hotel). Only drawback I could see with him and the MC living on in Hades, is the hotel would more than likely cease to exist after Asterion passes from the living realm. I'm under the assumption it's existence is tied to him perpetually. 

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maybe not, the labyrinth was created to hold many more children of poseidon as prisoners, but athena got foiled on that. also the realm stays there even when asterion moves away in some of the ruthless endings. the question is if the hotel can be kept running if the realm doesn't have a master, or if there can be a master if there are no prisoners.

however, considering hermes request, it's quite possible you might destroy the realm inadvertly. but it could be just one of many endings there will be.

True! This is quite the food for thought to chew on. I can't imagine how the writers are going to go about this, but i believe in them.