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I always assumed that the labirynth was a point where different worlds intersect. Like, no matter where you are, if you need the hotel you will find it even across the worlds as it will guide you towards it. I also assumed that was the way the old gods disappeared, into other universes/planes of existence.

The moo is accepted with great joy.

It's truly refreshing to see a developer who possesses true understanding of such passion and also shares aforementionted passion with the fans.

I feel like I'm watching a new Star Wars movie being directed by true and dedicated admirers instead of J.J. an K.K. Usually you get a feeling that VN creators kinda hate their own stories, while here you can feel the love.

Hope it's not impeding your development process too much, you know, working with one hand and all.


Every day I come here, and every time I leave hyped even more.

Are there any limits to the power of the moo?

So, I know it'd be A LOT of work and that it's improbable that you'd do something like that but I'd love to be able to see the big bull's behind as well kinda like have him turn around. Maybe to see a nice back tattoo or a butt plug or simply taking in the sight of that thicc ass... Again I know it's too much but I've never seen a VN do that and it'd be such a nice feature. 

 I'm also wondering a bit about Asterion's lower parts. Even lower than that. Yeah, his legs. His feet to be exact. In CG we see that he has a pair of big ol' hooves down there but I know that I'm not speaking only for myself when I say that I'd love to massage some big burly minotaur feet ( like Chester has in DyneWulf's VN but in old Cursedmarked's style)

Not gonna suggest any clothing or accessories cause I prefer my bull boys wearing absolutely nothing.

Absolutely great work guys, I enjoyed every moment I've spent in the mysterious hotel and I'm obsessively observing your site ready to snatch the next build as soon as it comes out.